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    If You're Looking For Cyber Monday Tech Deals, Here Are All The Best Ones You Can Get On Amazon Canada

    Time to tech those halls, bbs!

    Cyber Monday has arrived at last, and so have these amazing deals on all the tech you've been wanting. Whether you're in the market for a new blender, some fun high-tech decor, or just want to upgrade your device chargers, there's *tons* to explore — and they won't hang around long, so get 'em while they're on sale!

    1. 54% off a heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage your face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help you block out the outside world, so you can really chill out.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    2. 43% off a sleek electric spice mill perfect for anyone who's sick to death of working hard for a little fresh ground seasoning. The ceramic grinding core will never rust, dull, or taint the flavour, which means you can even grind coarse salt if you want.

    A person grinds salt onto a thick slab of steak

    3. 33% off a Philips sunrise alarm clock that'll gently rouse you from your slumber by playing gentle nature sounds, so you can start your days off on the right foot. It can even help you fall asleep faster, too.

    a person touching the top of the sunrise alarm clock

    4. 34% off the Revlon One-Step Root Booster brush that's low-key a dupe for the Dyson Airwrap round brush attachment. It's a smaller and rounder than its volumizing sibling, but that's what makes it great for short-haired folks or anyone with bangs.

    May holding the brush

    5. 20% off a flickering flame speaker if you're looking for something both fun and functional to add to your decor. It'll mimic real fire while pumping sweet tunage, and you can even take it outside if the mood strikes.

    the flickering flame speaker next to a phone and a glass of wine

    6. Up to 33% off a handheld vacuum so you can suck up tiny dirt particles and debris without dragging out your full-sized cleaning equipment. It even comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool, so crumbs won't have anywhere to hide.

    a person using the vacuum to clean up spilled candy

    7. 30% off a surge-protected power bar that'll keep your tech from blasting into space any time there's anything ~wonky~ happening on the power grid. It has 12 plugs, giving you ample space to juice up all your tech.

    the three-sided surge protected power bar plugged into a wall

    8. 40% off a petite Bluetooth keyboard that won't monopolize your workspace. Reviewers say it's incredibly receptive, doesn't lag, and love that it can connect seamlessly to three devices simultaneously.

    9. 54% off a ring light that'll protect you from unflattering shadows and help you look flawless on camera. The light is dimmable and adjustable, so you can choose your perfect brightness and angle.

    10. Up to 45% off a NutriBullet blender that'll help you whip up smoothies, dressings, and even your own nut butters. It's got super powerful blades that'll slice through basically anything so you can go ahead and get creative.

    someone using the nutribullet to blend up fruits and veggies for a smoothie

    11. 47% off an Echo Show that you can use to multitask like a freakin' pro. Whether it's video chatting with family, controlling your smart devices, or just updating your packed calendar, this gadget will make it happen. Just say the magic word — Alexa!

    The Echo Show on a kitchen counter with a photo of a island on the display screen

    12. Up to 38% off a silicone Apple Watch charging stand that'll give your gadget a home on your desk or bedside table. Reviewers love that there's space inside for extra cord, so it'll reduce clutter, too.

    The stand on a bedside table with an apple watch on it

    13. 33% off a Wi-Fi range extender that'll keep your signal strong and steady all day long. It's easy to integrate into your existing setup so you don't need to be a tech genius to stay connected.

    Someone pressing a button on the front of the wifi extender

    14. 30% off a treat-tossing Furbo camera if you've got a pup with serious separation anxiety. Thanks to the barking sensor and two-way audio, you'll know when they start making a racket (and you'll be able to tell them to chill the heck out, too).

    A corgi getting a treat from the Furbo

    15. 35% off a set of neon rope lights you can twist into any shape you can dream up. Sync 'em up with your tunes or adjust the settings with a simple command (Alexa, turn up the brightness!).

    Various rope lights

    16. 23% off a smartphone stabilizer that'll help you take some seriously pro-level vidz. It has a spring clip that'll keep your phone securely locked in (with three shoe mounts and two universal threads for attaching the rest of your filming equipment).

    someone filming a person skateboarding while using the stabilizing rig

    17. 20% off a KitchenAid countertop oven that can be used to bake, broil, toast, warm, reheat, and roast (among other things). Reviewers say it comes in super handy when they want to cook quick and easy meals for two, but don't want to fire up their gigantic oven.

    A person pulling a tray of veggies out of the oven

    18. Up to 29% off an instant-read meat thermometer that'll let you know when the roast is done. Some of reviewers' fave features include the backlit screen (*chef's kiss* for nighttime barbecuing), pop-out probe, and magnetic backing.

    Someone inserting the meat thermometer into a freshly roasted chicken

    19. 42% off a stylish Fitbit fitness tracker that'll help you stay on top of your health stats. It'll keep tabs on all your important metrics, like heart and breathing rates and sleep quality, so you'll always know where you might need a smidge of improvement.

    A person wearing the fitness tracker on their left arm

    20. Up to 17% off a battery-operated Philips Sonicare toothbrush that'll scrub your chompers better than your old one ever could. It costs a fraction of its expensive electric cousins and even comes with a cute carrying case for dental care on the go.

    Someone holding the battery operated toothbrush

    21. 37% off a portable white noise machine that'll drown out unpleasant sounds, ease your tinnitus, and help you catch some z's. Reviewers say it has richer and deeper tones than similar gizmos on the market and that it puts babies to sleep in a snap.

    Someone hanging the white noise machine on a door handle

    22. 27% off a mopping robot that'll clean your floors so you won't have to. It's whisper-quiet and, thanks to its square shape, can easily get all the grime hiding in the corners of your home.

    The robot mop cleaning a hardwood floor; two feet are visible for size reference

    23. 30% off a drawing tablet so you can translate your art into digital masterpieces. It has over 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity that'll help you tailor your strokes, plus a super-precise pen that won't die on you during long sessions.

    a person using the drawing tablet

    24. Up to 30% off a heated blanket if you wanna be absolutely cocooned in warmth this season. It'll automatically turn off after six hours, so you won't have to worry about it.

    a person wearing the heated blanket

    25. Up to 40% off a Bluetooth computer mouse that'll adjust to the curve of your hand, keeping your wrist pain-free while you're working. Once you're done, just snap it flat and tuck it into your laptop bag!

    26. 34% off an electric lint remover that'll trim those annoying pills and lint off your favourite sweaters. I love that the adjustable cap helps prevent snags, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging your fave sweaters. Just make sure you use it on a flat surface!

    27. 20% off a motion-detecting toilet bowl light that'll help you see what you're doing the next time you get up for a nighttime pee. It even comes equipped with a dimmer so you won't startle yourself awake with glaring lights.

    A toilet bowl lit up from within

    28. 25% off a flexible reading light if turning on the overheads is a no-go. Since it's designed to drape over your neck, you won't have to strain your wrists the next time you're powering through a particularly juicy chapter.

    a person reading a tablet in bed while wearing the neck light

    29. 20% off a four-ended charging cord so you can keep all your devices at 100%, even if there's only one plug available at the moment. It's equipped with all the major connectors (like micro-USB, lightning, and dual iP) and has an indicator light so you'll know when your phone is good to go.

    a set of four people each charging a device on the four-ended cable

    30. 20% off a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll help you tune out (and chill out) en route to your destination. They have squishy cushioning that'll cradle your ears, instead of compressing them into your head.

    Bianca wearing the noice cancelling over ear headphones

    31. 35% off a mini ring light you can clip right onto your laptop. It has adjustable brightness and temperature hue, so you can customize it to find your perfect lighting.

    A person using the ring light on their laptop;

    32. 17% off a SodaStream that'll transform boring tap water into sparkling water in less than 30 seconds. It has three carbonation levels, so your dad can decide just how *fizzy* they want their drink.

    33. Up to 20% off a MagSafe charger with a built-in kickstand that'll keep your device powered up and perfectly propped. Thanks to some pretty swanky cooling tech, it won't crap out if things get ~heated~ (plus, it's small enough to toss in your bag).

    34. 34% off a straightening brush that you can use to straighten and smooth out your tresses. Reviewers say it's even effective on thick, curly hair and that it keeps their strands from frizzing up.

    35. 24% off a Cuisinart stand mixer that'll be your new favourite kitchen appliance. Reviewers are super impressed with the quality, saying it's on par (maybe even better) than models from more expensive brands.

    The mixer on a counter next to a flat bread

    36. 30% off a colour-shifting accent light if your home is missing a lil' ~je ne sais quois~. It can cycle through millions of sweet shades, filling your space with soothing, ambient light (rather than flashes and twinkles).

    a circular ambient light on a bookshelf

    37. 15% off a vacuum sealer that'll help your food stay fresh for a lot longer. You can even choose the setting depending on what you're storing (hint: use the "short" function to seal up dry, brittle foods like chips, crackers, or dehydrated veggies).

    the vacuum sealer closing a bag of fresh salmon

    38. 15% off a set of touch-activated puck lights so you can stop rummaging around in dark closets. They're battery-operated and equipped with extra-strong adhesive backings, which means you can slap 'em up wherever you like (and not just where the outlets are).

    39. 29% off a pair of colour-changing smart bulbs that'll make you wonder why you ever used anything else. You can adjust the brightness, use voice commands to change settings, or even set them to change colours depending on the time of day.

    a pair of colour-changing bulbs inside lampshades

    40. Up to 25% off a gaming keyboard that's fast enough to keep up with your RPGs and racing games. It's more receptive than standard keyboards and is water-resistant, so you won't have to stress if you spill your piping-hot java.

    The keyboard on a desk

    41. 20% off a 2-in-1 MagSafe charging dock that'll keep your phone perfectly propped, so you can stay in the Zoom meeting while your device juices up. It's even fast charge-enabled and will protect your tech from overheating in the process (courtesy of a petite built-in fan).

    someone putting their phone on the 2-in-1 charging doc

    42. 20% off a portable garment steamer that'll bust wrinkles without leaving your clothing sopping wet in the process. You can use it horizontally or vertically, so it'll be perfect for doing linens and curtains, too.

    43. And lastly, 15% off a KitchenAid food processor that you can use to blitz your ingredients, saving you tons of time slicing and dicing. It can fit a full seven cups of food, so you can use it to make enough salsa or soup for everyone in your fam.

    The food processor with ingredients for apple pie inside of it

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