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    The Best Deals On Home Stuff From Amazon Canada You’re Gonna Find On Cyber Monday

    Major sales on desks, kitchen gadgets, decor, and more!

    It's offically Cyber Monday, which means it's finally time to score epic deals on all kinds of things for your home. If you've been looking to spruce things up for the holidays, you're in luck — we've rounded up all of the best deals from around the web just for you!

    1. 43% off a set of can-shaped glasses for more casual drinking affairs. Pick up some matching glass straws to complete the ~aesthetic~ (they're on sale, too!).

    one of the glasses with soda and a lemon with ice in it

    2. Up to 33% off a set of pet stairs that'll help your furry friend get onto the couch or bed. It'll be better on their hips and joints since they won't have to jump up and down to cuddle with you.

    a sog sitting beside the stairs that are next to a couch

    3. Up to 48% off an industrial-chic desk that's just plain practical for anyone who works from home. It has a built-in shelving unit so you can fill it with your stationery bits 'n' bobs, books, files, and whatever else you need to get down to business.

    The desk in a bedroom with a bunch of gadgets on it

    4. 20% off a shoe rack with two shelves where you can store your growing collection of kicks. As an added bonus, you can also use it as a seat when you've got more people than chairs at your next party.

    A person sitting on the shoe bench while tying their shoes

    5. 25% off a Casper pillow that'll help you get a good night's rest. It's soft-yet-supportive firmness is perfect for any sleep position, and it's made of breathable materials to keep you comfortable while you snooze (night sweaters, rejoice).

    a top-down view of a person hugging the casper pillow

    6. 41% off a hanging photo display that you can use to showcase some of your favourite memories. You can mount it horizontally or diagonally to fit whatever space you have.

    the photo frames hung diagonally along the bottom of a set of stairs

    7. 40% off a home security camera so you can keep a watchful eye on your place. It's got incredible resolution and night vision, so you'll never miss a thing.

    an outdoor security camera hung on a tree

    8. Up to 42% off a power bar with seven three-prong outlets and three USB ports, so you can actually plug in all your gadgets and doodads at once. It has a five-foot cord, making it easy to snake behind your desk or couch.

    Several gadgets plugged into the power bar

    9. 21% off a panini press if you wanna take your sandwich game to the next level. It has nonstick plates, so you won't have to worry about your BLTs gettin' destroyed.

    A panini in the press on a counter

    10. 20% off a pack of leaf-shaped window decals that'll reflect ultraviolet sunlight to stop birds from crashing into your windows. They're almost invisible to the human eye, so they won't mess with your home decor vibes.

    Four leaf decals on a window

    11. 20% off a tropical print tapestry that'll inject some beachy vibes into your urban abode. You can even use it as a tablecloth or stylish curtain if that's more your vibe.

    a tropical print tapestry hung behind the headboard of a bed

    12. Up to 25% off a Dash egg bite maker that'll give you sous-vide style oeufs in a flash. It'll be perfect for meal prepping breakfasts for the week, and you can even take the moulds out if you're craving a delish breakfast sandwich instead.

    the cooker next to a plate of egg bites with a plain background

    13. 20% off a bookshelf that'll keep your lil' library from eating up valuable floor space in your living room. Some reviewers even use it as an organizer for extra clothes, so it could also come in handy if you're lacking closet space.

    Several books on the book tree, a plant is next to it

    14. Up to 33% off a fluffy stool that'll make the perfect seat for your vanity. The top pops open to reveal a little bit of extra storage, and the brass legs give it a glam vintage look.

    A fluffy stool sitting on a plush rug in a large closet

    15. 47% off an Echo Show that'll be the main hub for all your smart home accessories. You can also use it to listen to music, stream shows, make video calls, and more.

    an echo show being used for a video call

    16. 33% off a ⭐stellar⭐ light projector that'll transport you to a galaxy far, far away. Reviewers love that the projected stars gently rotate around a cosmic nebula, which means it'll never look boring or potentially aggravate anyone who's photosensitive.

    17. 20% off a Ninja blender that'll help you make smoothies, sauces, and soups in a jiffy. It's on the smaller side, so you can tuck it away in a cupboard when you aren't using it.

    a ninja blender with three cup attachments

    18. 20% off a smart air purifier if you need something a little more heavy-duty. It'll cleanse your home of pet dander, dirt particles, and any other grossness that's floating around — reviewers say it even works wonders on cigarette smoke.

    The air purifier on a table in front of a person sitting on a couch

    19. Up to 25% off a pair of refillable soap bottles that'll look so. dang. good. perched up on your countertops. They come with a cute tray and are already labelled, so you won't accidentally scrub your paws with dish soap (again).

    A pair of minimalist soap dispensers on a sink edge and labelled hands and dishes

    20. 31% off a golden moon phase banner that'll add some 🌙lunar energy🌙 to whatever room you hang it in. The metallic charms will glisten whenever the moonlight hits them just right.

    The banner hanging over a couch

    21. 18% off a bestselling tortilla press that'll give your Taco Tuesday celebrations a serious upgrade. Reviewers love how heavy-duty it is and recommend that you use parchment paper to keep your station from getting gunked up.

    The tortilla press surrounded by cooking supplies

    22. Up to 22% off a set of glass food storage containers that'll make meal prepping a dream. It comes with 24 leakproof containers that'll finally replace all of the random, stained, plastic ones that have long since seen the end of their days.

    a set of glass food storage containers on a kitchen counter

    23. 22% off a narrow console table if you’re short on space, but not on style. It has wired shelves that'll be great for storing muddy shoes or your entryway ~accoutrements~ (like your keys and sunglasses).

    The console table holding books, a lamp, and other objects while it sits behind a couch

    24. 33% off a weather-resistant smart plug that's designed to be used in the great outdoors. You can control it from your phone with the help of a free app or pair it with Alexa (if you prefer talking to your gadgets).

    A person controlling the plug with their phone

    25. Up to 28% off a faux plant pot litter box so your cat's bathroom won't cramp the aesthetic of your space. Pop this in the corner of a room behind some furniture and nobody will suspect that your kitty is doing their business beneath the palm leaves.

    a cat jumping out of the plant pot litter box

    26. 40% off a set of space-saving pants hangers that’ll free up some room in your overstuffed closet. Each one can fit up to five pairs of trousers, meaning you can ditch the many, many (many!) hangers in favour of just one.

    pants hanging on the hanger in a closet

    27. 43% off a Kitchenaid blender that won't look bulky on your counters. If you have stainless steel appliances, it'll blend right in.

    28. 27% off an over-the-toilet storage shelf for all the stuff you can’t cram under your sink. Reviewers say it's a must if you have a teeny bathroom, and they love that the bottom shelf is tall enough that they can still access their toilet tank.

    the storage shelf over a toilet in a trendy bathroom

    29. 20% off a stylish storage cabinet that deserves a spot in your living room or kitchen. The middle and top shelves are open so you can use them to display decor and books, while the doors will conceal any mess you don't want people to see.

    The unit in a living room

    30. 38% off a trio of hanging planters that'll display your beloved pothos collection or keep fresh herbs handy in the kitchen while you're cooking. Reviewers love that they don't have to worry about them crashing down during watering since they're so lightweight.

    The planters hanging from a window

    31. Up to 35% off a set of adhesive caddy shelves you can stick anywhere you need a little extra storage. You won't need to drill any holes to hang them up, either, making them perfect for renters.

    The caddy shelves hung up on a tile wall in a bathroom

    32. 20% off a veggie chopper that'll make prepping ingredients a total breeze. It comes with every bell and whistle you could ever need, so you'll be able to slice, dice, spiral, and grate without adding a ton of new tools to your kitchen's junk drawers.

    a person using the veggie chopper on onions

    33. 30% off a wall mount hook that'll give your mop or broom a home so it never goes MIA again. It has a strong adhesive backing, meaning you won't even have to bust out a drill to install it.

    A person hanging the mount hooks on a wall

    34. 20% off a set of stackable jewellery organizers that'll keep your tiny treasures from getting tangled. You can spread them out in a drawer or stack them together to save space.

    Several pieces of jewellery in the boxes

    35. 30% off a Tushy bidet because your butt deserves better than toilet paper. You can adjust the angle and water pressure, too, so you won't accidentally blast your bottom (and the rest of your bathrooom) with a powerful stream.

    a top down view of the bidet installed on a toilet

    36. 21% off an arc lamp that'll illuminate your space, wirelessly charge your phone, and play music (we love a triple threat). Reviewers love that it saves them space on their bedside tables and say that it's bright enough that they can use it for reading at night.

    A phone on the charging pad of the lamp

    37. Up to 30% off a storage shelf to keep all of your kiddo's belongings in order. It can be used in a toy room, a closet, or you can fill it with replacement school supplies they can easily access when they forget to bring home their pencil case.

    the storage shelf in a hallway filled with school supplies

    38. And finally, 24% off an L-shaped desk if you need more space for your various doodads. It even has a raised section that runs around the entire thing where you can mount your monitors.

    The desk with two monitors on it

    When you can redecorate every room in your home thanks to stellar deals:

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