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    The Best Gifts You Can Get On Sale From Amazon Canada This Cyber Monday

    Why pay full price when you can snag 'em for a deal right now?

    ATTENTION! Cyber Week is coming to an end, and you're going to want to grab some great gifts while the sale is still 🔥blazing🔥. Amazon Canada knows how to do Cyber Monday like a champ, so I'd take advantage of these steals if I were you. Plus, you can finish your holiday shopping early for once!

    1. 34% off a Coca-Cola toaster made specifically for hot dogs and buns. It has different heat settings, so they'll be able to warm 'em up to the perfect level of toastiness.

    the toaster with hot dogs and buns popping out

    2. 20% off a laptop stand that'll prop up their computer, so they can look up at their screen instead of down, which will help prevent poor posture. It also has a little storage tray where they can keep their pen, phone, notepad, or earbuds.

    a laptop on the stand and someone typing

    3. 30% off a pack of Reese's half-pound cups that are filled with peanut buttery goodness and bits of Reese's Pieces for some added ~crunch~. They'll make the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

    the chocolate in the wrapper on a desk

    4. Or 40% off a Reese's chocolate assortment if they're a die-hard Reese's lover. It includes eight treats in a cute gift box that's already holiday-ready.

    5. 20% off a luxe-looking balsam and cedar candle that'll fill their home with a woodsy scent. It'll make a great lil' decorative accent, too.

    the candle and the box against a plain background

    6. Up to 20% off a pair of magnetic key holders that'll look super aesthetic, especially compared to their boring old key hook. They're magnetic, too, so attaching their bundle will be easy and convenient.

    7. 30% off a Revlon hair waver that'll give them some beachy-lookin' waves in no time. Since it has three barrels, it'll cover more area at once and speed up their styling time.

    someone using the wand in their hair

    8. 22% off a bathtub caddy tray that'll hold their tablet, phone, wine glass, snacks, books, and whatever else they need to get into relaxation mode. It has extendable arms, so you won't have to worry if it'll fit their tub or not.

    a person relaxing in the tub while watching a show on the tablet perched on their tub caddy

    9. Up to 20% off a Lindt chocolate holiday assortment filled with four flavours that'll satisfy their sweet tooth. Besides the creamy, smooth, decadent chocolate, the packaging is truly the best part of this gift.

    snowman lindt chocoalte

    10. 30% off a Melissa & Doug wooden activity board for kiddos with six different latches that'll get them problem-solving. Behind every door, they'll find a fun surprise that'll encourage them not to give up.

    Two kids playing with the board on a carpet

    11. And 20% off a hair stylist dress-up set if your kid is absolutely fascinated by the salon. It comes with a hair dryer, non-cutting scissors, a headband, a plastic hand mirror, and, of course, an apron that'll save them from getting covered in (invisible) trimmings.

    One kid pretending to cut another kid's hair as they sit on a stool in a playroom

    12. Up to 28% off a stainless steel Brita water bottle that'll filter each sip of water, so they can fill it with tap water without hesitation. It's also well-insulated, so it'll keep their H2O ice-cold for hours.

    13. 20% off a set of style guidebooks that cover four major fashion houses: Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Dior. They're packed with inspo and can be used as stylish coffee table books, too.

    the four books stacked on top of each other on a table

    14. Up to 26% off a duffel bag with a separate compartment for shoes, so their dirty soles won't touch their clean clothes. It'll hold all of their necessities and then some (plus, it's a stellar dupe for the Béis Weekender Bag).

    a three-way picture of people wearing the weekender bag

    15. 20% off a ruched handbag made of vegan leather that'll feel luxurious as ever. It has a magnetic closure, so they won't even need to fumble around with a zipper.

    person holding the bag with sunglasses and a blazer on

    16. 22% off a portable Apple Watch charger so they can juice up their device when they're on the go. Now they won't have to worry about their device dying before they get a chance to close their rings.

    A watch on the charger

    17. 25% off a mini projector that they can easily use in any room if they feel like switching up their viewing sitch. And the sound quality is clear as day, thanks to the built-in stereo speaker.

    a family watching a movie in their living room from a projector on a table

    18. 20% off a productivity notepad with spots to jot down appointments, fitness goals, to-do's, water intake, and other inspiring things. It'll encourage them to stay on track and remain in a positive mindset each and every day.

    A person writing on the notepad on a marble desk

    19. 17% off a charcuterie board set with a magnetic cheese knife holder that’ll help them serve up some tasty nibbles. It also comes with an added bamboo fruit tray and two ceramic bowls for extra serving space.

    the charcuterie board and fruit tray filled with foods beside wine glasses

    20. 62% off a magnetic falsies set that'll give them luscious lashes without the stickiness and mess of using glue. The magnetic liner is a pigmented black colour, so it's basically a two-fer!

    the lashes in the case

    21. Or up to 28% off a pack of half lashes that'll give their eyes some extra ~oomph~ without all the hassle of applying full sets. Reviewers say they're foolproof and super comfortable, so your pal won't have to stress about weighed-down lids.

    The pack of lashes surrounded by lashes and flower petals

    22. 15% off a Ninja air fryer with two baskets, so they can say goodbye to back-to-back cooking and delayed dinners. They'll be able to simultaneously cook two different foods (at two different temperatures, too)!

    a person putting asparagus into one of the air fryer baskets

    23. 40% off a copy of the Burn After Writing journal that’ll give them an outlet to get things off their chest and release 'em in burning flames. Reviewers love the thought-provoking questions and say it feels very therapeutic.

    the book on a tray on top of a bed and another copy open on the bed

    24. 35% off a desktop humidifier that'll sprinkle a lil' moisture into the air when things are feeling dry. It has a colourful light if they want some ambiance, and reviewers say it's nice and quiet, too.

    the humidifier on a stump of wood

    25. 22% off a cake pop maker that’ll cook up delicious little balls of pastry goodness. Reviewers love how quickly it bakes, which means they won't have to wait ages to chow down on their tasty treats.

    the cake pop maker beside cake pops and filled with cake pops

    26. 20% off an earring cuff set complete with a pair of huggies and studs that'll help them jazz up their ear stack. Reviewers say they don't tarnish or irritate their ears (they're hypoallergenic).

    the set of cuffs/earrings on a white cloth

    27. 26% off a bath crayon set that'll encourage the littles in your life to express their artistic side (without making a mess, ideally). Now they can make the tub walls their canvas, and you can wash away their artwork in a snap.

    a kid in the bath using the crayons to draw on the tub

    28. 21% off a frozen treat maker so they can make yummy ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. It comes with a recipe book, so they won't have to do any Googlin' beforehand.

    the ice cream maker on a counter next to a plate of ice cream

    29. 20% off a pair of Sony over-ear headphones that are majorly in right now. Reviewers convinced me of their impressive sound clarity, impeccable noise control, nifty touch controls, and, of course, their stylish edge — now that I own them, I can confirm anyone would LOVE these.

    30. Or 20% off a pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds that won't pop out when they least expect them to (like in the middle of a run). Reviewers say their noise-cancelling power is unparalleled and that they're so comfy, they can even wear them to sleep.

    Alice holding the earbuds in their case

    31. 35% off a pack of highly-detailed Hot Wheels if you have a car enthusiast in your life who would appreciate these teeny collectibles. The vehicles will vary with each package, so it'll be like opening a lil' surprise!

    32. 22% off a microwave popcorn popper that'll help them make movie theatre-level snacks in the comfort of their own home. It has a butter melter built into the lid, so they won't need to dirty any extra dishes to elevate their kernels.

    The popcorn popper filled with popcorn

    33. 23% off The New York Times Crossword Page-A-Day Calendar that'll bless them with a new puzzle every day.

    The calendar on a blank background

    34. 25% off a Conair foot spa that'll give their tootsies the TLC they deserve. It has massaging foot rollers, a bubble setting, and even heats up.

    The foot spa on a blank background

    35. 31% off a pair of plush slippers that'll save them from freezing their feet off this winter. Thanks to the textured rubber sole, they can even pop out and grab the mail while wearing them and not end up with sopping wet feet.

    The slippers on a faux fur blanket

    36. 31% off a candy melting pot that they can use the next time a sugar craving hits. Reviewers also love using it to make chocolate fondue, if that's more their jam.

    A person dipping a marshmallow into the pot filled with chocolate

    37. 50% off a 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help them learn more about their family tree. They'll even be able explore traits, like their freckles and hair colour, and learn what their DNA has to say about their preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    the dna test against a plain background

    38. 50% off a 4K Fire TV stick that'll let them access all of their fave streaming platforms in one place. Since it's Alexa-enabled, they'll be able to pause, play, or simply search for a show without having to scroll for ages.

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    39. And lastly, 16% off a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera so they can snap candids of their fave moments and have a physical copy in a matter of seconds. It's great if they're a sentimental person who loves to scrapbook or create photo albums for the sake of ~nostalgia~.

    the camera on a desk beside instant photos

    Go ahead, buy one for them and one for yourself.

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