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    I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Ordering These Things From Amazon Canada This Cyber Monday

    From savings on everyday essentials to splurge-y steals.

    Happy Cyber Monday! Now's your *last chance* to grab any goodies you've had your eye on while they're majorly discounted. Since Amazon Canada is truly comin' thru with the hot deals, I'd suggest acting fast while quantities last.

    1. Up to 58% off an automatic soap dispenser that has a touch-free pump, so you won't have to get it all wet and sudsy when you reach for more. It's nice and sleek, so it'll look super chic in your bathroom or kitchen.

    someone reaching under the soap dispenser

    2. Or up to 25% off a pair of refillable soap bottles that'll look so. dang. good. perched up on your countertops. They come with a cute tray and are already labelled, so you won't accidentally scrub your paws with dish soap (again).

    A pair of minimalist soap dispensers on a sink edge and labelled hands and dishes

    3. 43% off a sleek electric spice mill perfect for anyone who's sick to death of working hard for a little fresh ground seasoning. The ceramic grinding core will never rust, dull, or taint the flavour, which means you can even grind coarse salt if you want.

    A person grinds salt onto a thick slab of steak

    4. 34% off an electric lint remover that'll trim those annoying pills and lint off your favourite sweaters. I love that the adjustable cap helps prevent snags, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging your fave sweaters. Just make sure you use it on a flat surface!

    5. 20% off a portable garment steamer that'll bust wrinkles without leaving your clothing sopping wet in the process. You can use it horizontally or vertically, so it'll be perfect for doing linens and curtains, too.

    6. 23% off a 27-inch Samsung monitor for your WFH space. Reviewers love the barely-there border, the crystal-clear resolution, and how lightweight it is.

    the monitor on a desk with a keyboard and mouse in front of it

    7. 36% off a pack of rug grippers that are backed with tiny suction pores and will keep your carpet from sliding around on your hardwood. They'll also stop the edges from curling up, keeping everything looking sleek.

    A person applying a gripper to the back of their rug

    8. 34% off the Revlon One-Step Root Booster brush that's low-key a dupe for the Dyson Airwrap round brush attachment. It's a smaller and rounder than its volumizing sibling, but that's what makes it great for short-haired folks or anyone with bangs.

    May holding the brush

    9. 20% off a foldable exercise bike that'll be perfect for a small space, since it won't take up too much room. It has an LCD display that'll show you things like distance, time, and speed.

    10. 62% off a magnetic falsies set that'll give you luscious lashes without the stickiness and mess of using glue. The magnetic liner is a pigmented black colour, so it's basically a two-fer!

    the lashes in the case

    11. 25% off a charging stand that'll prop your phone up, so you can watch videos or make FaceTime calls while simultaneously juicing up your battery. Reviewers love that it's compatible with different phones, so everyone in the fam can take turns using it.

    The phone stand surrounded by phones

    12. 40% off a copy of the Burn After Writing journal that’ll give you an outlet to get things off your chest and let 'em go in burning flames. Reviewers love the thought-provoking questions and say it feels very therapeutic.

    the book on a tray on top of a bed and another copy open on the bed

    13. 18% off a Philips One toothbrush so you can gently polish your teeth with little pulsating vibrations that won't tear up your sensitive gums. It comes with a sleek carrying case that'll only take up a sliver of your travel bag.

    someone holding the toothbrush

    14. Up to 28% off a faux plant pot litter box so your cat's bathroom won't cramp the aesthetic of your space. Pop this in the corner of a room behind some furniture and nobody will suspect that your kitty is doing their business beneath the palm leaves.

    a cat jumping out of the plant pot litter box

    15. Up to 50% off Skullcandy wireless headphones if you don't want anything super fancy but still want a good pair of over-ears. Reviewers can't stop raving about the bass on these babies, and they say they're comfortable, too (no ear squashing!).

    two people wearing the headphones in four different photo shots

    16. Up to 30% off a heated blanket if you wanna be absolutely cocooned in warmth this season. It'll automatically turn off after six hours, so you won't have to worry about it.

    a person wearing the heated blanket

    17. 33% off a bestselling cookware set that reviewers say are absolutely gorgeous, easy to clean, and are actually non-stick. They also say that their heat distribution is excellent, unlike cheaper alternatives that can leave you with unevenly-cooked dishes.

    a ten-piece cookware set on a blank background

    18. 16% off a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera so you can snap your fave memories and have a physical copy in a matter of seconds. It's great if you're a sentimental person who loves to scrapbook or create photo albums for the sake of ~nostalgia~.

    the camera on a desk beside instant photos

    19. 33% off a pack of LED curtain lights that'll make your whole place ✨shimmer✨. They have eight flashing modes (including waves, twinkles, and slow fades) so you can set the ~mood~ for relaxing or partying.

    The lights on a curtain

    20. Up to 33% off a handheld vacuum so you can suck up tiny dirt particles and debris without dragging out your full-sized cleaning equipment. It even comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool, so crumbs won't have anywhere to hide.

    a person using the vacuum to clean up spilled candy

    21. 28% off a Cricut Joy cutting machine for anyone who loves to DIY, but doesn't have the room for another gadget. Its compact size means you can easily pack it away, and you can use it to make hundreds of custom projects, including iron-on clothing transfers, vinyl decals, and one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

    22. Up to 29% off a petite pet hammock that'll give your furry friend a comfy spot to lounge in. Reviewers love that the pad is machine-washable, which means you won't have to devote your entire Sunday afternoon to cleaning your pet's messes.

    a cat lounging in the mounted hammock

    23. 22% off a microwaveable popcorn bowl so you can make a killer movie snack without the extra trash. The lid doubles as a measuring tool for your kernels, so you won't accidentally overflow the darn thing.

    four steps of how to use the popcorn bowl

    24. 22% off a car seat cover that'll only take up half your backseat and will keep your dog's stray hairs and muddy paws from ruining your upholstery. It's water- and stain-resistant, plus it has pockets where you can tuck their leash, treats, and toys.

    a dog sitting in the car seat cover

    25. 29% off a smokeless hot pot and grill you can use to cook up anything from breakfast to desserts. Reviewers say it heats up quickly, which is perfect if you're entertaining hungry guests.

    The hot pot on a table

    26. 15% off a pack of transparent pimple patches that'll de-juice your zits overnight. Reviewers say they work miracles on cystic acne and love that foundation and concealer glide right over them.

    27. 20% off a wireless charger so you'll no longer have to fuss around with tangly cords. It'll even juice up your AirPods case!

    the charger with an airpods case on it

    28. Or up to 20% off a MagSafe charger with a built-in kickstand that'll keep your device powered up and perfectly propped. Thanks to some pretty swanky cooling tech, it won't crap out if things get ~heated~ (plus, it's small enough to toss in your bag).

    29. Up to 23% off a floor lamp that'll fit your minimalistic aesthetic while brightening up your space. Use it with an Edison bulb to really set the mood.

    the floor lamp next to a couch

    30. 42% off Fitbit Luxe with a sleek design, so you can track your fitness and wellness stats without wearing something bulky. It'll help them keep tabs on your sleeping habits, heart rate, breathing, and more!

    someone wearing the fitbit on one wrist and a bracelet on the other

    31. 43% off a KitchenAid blender that won't look bulky on your counters. If you have stainless steel appliances, it'll blend right in.

    32. 22% off a wall clock if you're into minimalist decor. You can scale it to any size you want to fit the look or space that you're working with.

    the clock on a wall

    33. 38% off a ladder shelf that you can throw your collection of cozy blankets on instead of cluttering up the couch. It has hooks to hang little doodads and a storage basket at the base that you can use for laundry or throws.

    The ladder leaning on a wall with a towel hanging out of its basket

    34. 30% off a treat-tossing Furbo camera that'll let you stalk your dog when you're not at home (and feed them snacks, too). It has a barking sensor and will send you notifications when your dog is acting up — you can even use the two-way audio to tell them to cut it out!

    A corgi getting a treat from the Furbo

    35. 20% off a pair of smart plugs you can control through an app, so you won't have to go up and down the stairs if you forget to turn off a light. Plus, if you can't remember if you switched your hair tools off, you can take a peek at the app for peace of mind.

    a person holding a phone, controlling the smart plug plugged into the wall outlet

    36. 24% off a cool mist humidifier if you can't stand the dry winter air. Reviewers say it's super quiet, which is fab for anyone who intends on sleeping with it while it's on.

    a humidifier in a living room on a low table

    37. Up to 50% off a dual-ended snow brush with a squishy foam handle and an ice scraper that'll help you clear your car off on those chilly winter mornings.

    38. 29% off a Ring doorbell camera to help keep you safe, so you can see who's at the door before choosing to answer it or not. You can also keep tabs on the house while you're out and about.

    people waving at the ring

    39. Up to 38% off a silicone Apple Watch charging stand that'll give your gadget a home on your desk or bedside table. Reviewers love that there's space inside for extra cord, so it'll reduce clutter, too.

    The stand on a bedside table with an apple watch on it

    40. 20% off a shiatsu foot massager that'll relieve built-up tension and pain by hitting pressure points, which will definitely help you unwind. Reviewers say it's super easy to use and love the options for different intensities and heat.

    A person at a desk with their feet in a massager

    41. 21% off a panini press if you wanna take your sandwich game to the next level. It has nonstick plates, so you won't have to worry about your BLTs gettin' destroyed.

    A panini in the press

    42. 21% off a digital thermometer that'll instantly tell you the internal temperature of whatever meat you're cooking. Its probe is teeny-tiny, so you won't lose too much juicy goodness when you use it.

    a person using the thermometer to check the temperature of their steak

    43. 20% off a bottle of OPI Espresso Your Inner Self nail polish if you live for a neutral mani.

    A person with their nails painted and their hand on a sketchbook beside a cup of coffee

    44. 35% off an ice mould that you can fill with skincare ingredients and/or essential oils to refresh your skin. Reviewers say it helps wake them up and that it relieves itchiness and redness like none other.

    the ice roller with rose petals in it

    45. 30% off a salt spreader that'll help you get rid of every last inch of snow and ice on your sidewalk. It has a locking mechanism in the lid so you won't have to worry about it making a mess in your house if it gets knocked over.

    A person using the the salt spreader to shake salt onto the ground

    46. 33% off a sunrise-simulating clock that's much less annoying than a beeping alarm. If you live in a basement apartment (or have a super dark bedroom), this will make waking up a lot easier.

    The alarm clock on a bedside table

    47. 27% off an industrial-chic flip-top end table with a built-in charging station that'll save you from having to create a web of cords around your living room. It has two standard outlets and two USB ports, meaning you'll be able to juice up several gadgets at once.

    48. 18% off a bestselling tortilla press that'll give your Taco Tuesday celebrations a serious upgrade. Reviewers love how heavy-duty it is and recommend that you use parchment paper to keep your station from getting gunked up.

    The tortilla press surrounded by cooking supplies

    49. 43% off a set of can-shaped glasses for more casual drinking affairs. Pick up some matching glass straws to complete the ~aesthetic~ (they're on sale, too!).

    one of the glasses with soda and a lemon with ice in it

    50. 47% off an AncestryDNA kit for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their family history. Once you send your sample in you'll be able to build your digital family tree. Who knows...maybe you have long lost cousins that can't wait to connect with you!

    the kit next to a phone against a plain background

    51. 31% off a frameless mirror that'll add some ~aesthetic~ oomph to your dull 'n' boring apartment. Reviewers love that it's small enough to keep on their desks, so they can do sneaky makeup touchups at work without scooting to the bathroom.

    The mirror looking aesthetic as heck in various rooms

    52. 39% off a pet water fountain that's way more useful than the boring bowls you have to pour agua into into yourself. It has three flow modes, plus a triple filtration system to ensure your four-legged pal is getting the freshest, cleanest drinky drinks possible.

    A cat reading from the water fountain

    53. And finally, up to 50% off a table lamp that has three USB ports and two three-prong outlets built right into it. Now you won't have to clutter up your bedside table or desk with a power bar or massive charging base.

    The lamp on a bed side table beside a mug and two charging phones

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