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    If You Want To ~Zuzh~ Up Your Apartment, These 32 Products Will Do The Trick

    Because you deserve to live in a pretty place.

    1. An eggy bath mat, so you won't take a dive on your slippery bathroom floor when you step out of the shower. It has rubber backing, so it'll stay firmly in place while you shake off extra water and whip your hair back and forth.

    2. This curvy incense holder with a wacky, wavy design. Not only will it spruce up your space, but if you grab some incense sticks, you can use it make your apartment smell 110 times better.

    The holder with an incense stick inside

    3. A banana leaf tapestry that'll give your room a healthy dose of greenery, without giving you the responsibility of becoming a plant parent. You can also use it as a tablecloth, if you want to spruce up your spread.

    A bed in front of the banana leaf tapestry on a bedroom wall

    4. A faux leather plant hanger that'll free up table or window sill space, if you got a little overzealous on your last trip to the garden centre. It'll also make your pothos and philodendron look heckin' stylish.

    Three plants in faux leather hangers

    5. A pack of adhesive peach wall decals that'll make it look like you actually spent hours wallpapering your apartment. Reviewers love how easy it is to reposition them, so they can constantly switch things up.

    The decals on a bathroom wall

    6. A sunset lamp that'll make your space look a dreamy tropical escape, even when the rain is getting you down. If your apartment has harsh lighting, this baby's warm glow will be a welcome addition to your life.

    The sunset lamp projecting a halo of light onto a wall

    7. A set of gold double-glide shower hooks that'll make your dollar store shower curtain look a little more chic. They'll hang your curtain and liner on different prongs, making them easier to remove or switch out.

    A set of gold shower hooks holding up a shower curtain

    8. A pair of apothecary bottles, if all the mismatched, multicoloured bottles in your shower drive you bonkers. They have wide mouths, so you'll easily be able to decant your shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and soaps into them.

    Two apothecary bottles behind a sink

    9. A pack of glitter paint additive that you can use to make your walls or ceiling sparkle. It's simple to apply: just mix it in with your paint of choice and get down to business with your brush.

    10. A roll of decorative window film that'll block out harmful UV rays and keep your nosy neighbours from peeping into your home. It's translucent enough to let the light in, so you can actually enjoy the sunshine when the clouds have disappeared.

    The film on a window

    11. This multi-hook coat rack that'll keep jackets from piling up on your chairs. The five hooks can be flipped back into the base when you're not using them, so it'll look chic and streamlined when it's not holding your gear.

    A bag and jacket hanging from the rack

    12. A set of sturdy hairpin table legs that'll instantly turn your boring coffee table or vanity into an actual work of art. Reviewers say they're easy to install and that they're strong enough to hold heavy tabletops and dressers.

    The hairpin table legs on a vanity and stool set

    13. An end table with a magazine rack underneath where you can tuck your books and newspapers. It'll also give you a place to rest your snacks and coffee, so you won't have to risk balancing them on a couch cushion.

    14. A bubble cube candle, if you want to make a subtle, but adorable home decor change for spring. It's time to put those holiday candles into storage and upgrade to something pretty and pastel.

    Four bubble candles

    15. A velvet shell chair that'll add a pop of colour to your living room. A ton of reviewers have purchased it for their makeshift home offices and love that they can sit cross-legged in it.

    The chair beside a window

    16. This wireless bamboo charger that's large enough to fit two of your gadgets at once. Reviewers love that it doesn't clash with their decor and say that it charges their phones and earbuds super fast.

    A phone and AirPods on the charging pad

    17. A translucent mug that's so cute, you'll want to display it on your countertop. Thanks to the see-through design, you'll be able to create those soothing coffee-making TikToks with it, too.

    A person holding three stacked mugs

    18. A set of prism wall decorations, if you're on the hunt for fun wall decor alternative to tapestries and canvases. Pro tip: They look even more awesome if you weave a few air plants into them.

    The prisms on a wall above a bed

    19. A set of wood and marble coasters that are so pretty, you'll actually remember to use them. Now you won't risk getting rings on your furniture or have to rely on folded-up paper towels to do the job.

    A stack of wooden coasters tied up with twine.

    20. A pack of glowing fairy lights that will make your bedroom or living room look downright dreamy. They're remote controlled, so you don't even need to get up to make them twinkle.

    Fairy lights and photos hanging on a wall behind a bed

    21. A flower collage kit that'll give you some new artwork to show off in your home. This little display is super easy to assemble and is a crafty solution for your lack of a green thumb.

    A person putting together the collage

    22. A perforated umbrella stand that'll keep your bumbershoots organized and in one place. It's equipped with a handy drip tray that'll save your floors from getting covered in rainwater.

    Several umbrellas in the holder

    23. A botanical quilt set that'll give your sleeping situation a refresh. Reviewers love that it's lightweight enough to use in the warmer months, so you won't have to swap it for a sheet in the summer.

    The quilt on a bed

    24. A set of bottle-shaped pantry jars that'll make your cupboards look more Pinterest-worthy than ever before. They're made of borosilicate glass and have cork stoppers, making them more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives.

    A person putting the jars into their cupboard

    25. A wooden book tree that'll keep your collection of novels, magazines, and textbooks from eating up valuable floor space in your living room.

    The tree with books on it

    26. A resin vanity tray that'll make your bathroom counter or toilet tank look a lot fancier. It's great for holding lotions and potions or displaying your favourite pieces of jewellery on.

    Several pieces of jewellery on two resin trays

    27. A rustic-chic wooden sign inspired by The Beatles' most famous lyrics. It'll look great on any wall in your apartment and help brighten up those less-than-sunny days.

    A person holding the sign

    28. A set of cement succulent pots that will inspire you to grow a garden in your apartment. They have drainage holes in their bottoms to keep your plants healthy and come with bamboo saucers, so no excess dirt or water will find its way onto your furniture.

    six succulents inside the cement succulent pots

    29. A modern mirror and storage unit that'll help hide all those beauty products that normally hang out on your bathroom counter. It's also a great entryway accessory, offering a concealed spot to stash your wallet and keys.

    The mirror and cabinet unity in a bathroom with products inside

    30. A bamboo monitor riser with built-in slots for your phone, mug, and office supplies. Reviewers say it keeps their computer screen at eye level, so it might help alleviate stress on your neck, too.

    The monitor riser with various things in the slots

    31. A convertible sofa bed that'll turn your living room or office into a guest room in mere minutes. The velvet and tufted details also make it look a lot more stylish than your classic futon and reviewers say it's super comfortable to sleep on.

    32. And finally, a set of oversized cactus wall stickers that'll make your room look like the most gorgeous desert you ever did see. Reviewers say the decals are super sticky, but easy to reposition, if you want to switch up their placement.

    Four cactus wall decals on a bedroom wall behind a bed and nightstand

    You looking at all your new home decor:

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