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    63 Random Things That May Just Make Your Life Infinitely Better

    Most of them are under $25!

    1. A pizza lanyard that you can use to tote around a slice of 'za when you're on the go. It'll keep your precious snack safe and reviewers say it can hold almost a quarter of a pizza (so you can carry around more than a tiny sliver).

    2. A tub of Kinky-Curly curl custard gel that'll keep your hair shiny and moisturized, and holds curls like a dream. Reviewers recommend using it on wet hair for best results and say it does an awesome job at fighting frizz.

    Five tubs of curling custard in a metal basket

    3. A towel seat cover that'll stop you from getting sand and sweat all over your car seats (my nightmare, tbh). Reviewers say it's also great for keeping your seats free of dog hair and paw marks, if you frequently travel with your four-legged friend.

    A towel seat cover on the driver's seat of a car

    4. A pack of non-toxic sticky traps that'll trap unwanted pests and look cute doing it. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, so whether you're suffering from a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen or an aphid onslaught in your garden, these are sure to come in handy.

    5. A pack of stick-on banana eyeshadow shields that'll save you from covering your face in fallout. Thanks to these, you won't get stuck having to do your foundation, concealer, and bronzer for a second time, because sparkles magically found their way under your eyes.

    6. A patio umbrella light that'll illuminate your outdoor seating situation after the sun goes down. You can easily adjust its brightness with the click of a button and you don't need any tools to install it — just clamp it onto your umbrella pole and you'll be good to go!

    7. A blingy USB charger that'll add a little glam to your car and charge your devices while you cruise. The steel tip that plugs into your console is able to break car windows, so it can be used as an emergency hammer, in case of an accident.

    The USB charger being plugged into the console of a car

    8. A silicone storage caddy to store your hot tools in while they cool down. You can clip it to your towel rack or bring it with your on the go. Now, you won't accidentally melt anything or worry about burning your house down.

    9. A bottle of Canadian-made habanero hot sauce that's a little bit fancier than Tabasco or Cholula (not knocking those, they're amazing). It's not so spicy that it'll singe your tastebuds, but packs a seriously punch in the flavour department.

    A bottle of hot sauce sitting on a rock

    10. A holographic grapefruit peel-off mask infused with Vitamin C that'll leave you with smooth, glowing skin. The tube has a silicone tip that makes the product super easy (and mess free) to apply.

    11. A pair of Sneaker Balls to keep your shoes from getting stinky after you've worked up a sweat. They're packed with a powerful detergent that masks tough odours and keeps footwear smelling fresh.

    A pair of soccer Sneaker Balls inside soccer cleats

    12. A stylish metallic bracelet that's also holder for hair ties. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave an indent in their wrists like elastics do on their own.

    13. A set of pull-out bottle organizing drawers to keep your nail polishes and essential oils neat and tidy. The unit can fit up to 36 bottles, so you'll have plenty of room to store the itty bitty containers that are currently eating up space on your vanity.

    14. A portable drink holder that sticks right to the wall of your shower or bathtub so that you can caffeinate (or pregame) while you get clean. It can fit everything from a mug to a wine glass, and can suction on to tile, glass, and mirrored surfaces.

    Two portable drink holders holding cans on the edge of a hot tub

    15. A vertical chicken roaster that'll drain off unwanted fat and leave you with a perfectly-cooked bird every time. It's non stick, so you don't need to worry about your chicken getting stuck to it after a thorough roasting.

    16. A pair of blackhead tweezers that'll help you skillfully extract gross build-up from your pores (reviewers say they're the best for small, hard-to-get-at bumps). If you're constantly poking and pinching your face to no avail, you probably need these in your life.

    Someone pulling a blackhead out of their skin with the tweezers

    17. An ice bandana for your dog that'll keep your canine companion cool as a cucumber when it's sweltering hot out. Using it is simple: Just soak the bandana in water and let the special material work its magic. Reviewers say it's perfect for dogs who get too frosty in a cooling vest.

    An ice bandana in its packaging

    18. A bottle of vitamin C serum that's packed with good-for-you ingredients, like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and dandelion extract that'll help to banish fine lines and rejuvenate your skin. Reviewers say it's the perfect lightweight serum to wear under makeup.

    A person holding a bottle of vitamin C serum

    19. A copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, so that you finally understand all the turnip and bell memes on Instagram. The game allows you to completely customize your character and island, and has zero high-stress missions or tasks, so it'll keep you zen.

    20. A pack of OG Lip Smackers that'll bring you back to your youth and keep your lips from cracking. TBH, they probably smell better than whatever pricey lip balm you're rocking right now, anyway.

    Lip Smackers displayed on a table

    21. A pack of silicone door bumpers that'll stop your door handle from bashing into your wall every time you dramatically enter a room. Reviewers say they're almost invisible, but can stop even heavy doors from putting dings and dents in walls.

    22. A universal umbrella sand anchor that'll keep your beach parasol from flying away in a gust of wind. Reviewers love how it's lightweight and easy it is to set up (all you do is screw it into the sand).

    23. A mini felt letter board for your desk that'll make your workspace the envy of everyone in your Zoom meetings. It comes with 160 letters, numbers, and symbols, so you'll have everything you need to craft your message.

    A mini felt letter board with a bag filled with letters and symbols

    24. A portable fan that clips right onto your smartphone and will keep you cool while you scroll through TikTok. Reviewers love that it doubles as a phone stand and keeps their devices from overheating, too.

    A person playing a game on their phone with the fan attached

    25. A set of durable bag holders that make stowing shopping bags, purses, and garment bags in your car a cinch. They clip right onto your headrests and will ensure that your backseat doesn't turn into a floordrobe.

    A shopping bag and a purse hanging from two bag holders

    26. A four-pound YETI ice pack that'll keep your cooler colder than the North Pole for hours on end. It's impact resistant (meaning it won't break if it gets banged up) and is designed to freeze faster than your average ice pack.

    A person putting YETI ice packs into a cooler

    27. A pack of anti-slip glasses pads that stick right onto the bridge of your specs to make them more comfortable. They'll eliminate pinching and keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, even when you're sweaty.

    Eyeglass nose pads on a pair of glasses

    28. A basketball beverage sleeve that'll keep your drink ice cold and your hands condensation free. The foam is textured like an actual basketball to give you a better grip, so you'll never drop your drink again.

    A basketball beverage holder with a drink inside

    29. A rose gold accessory hanger with 12 hooks to store your belts, scarves, purses, and accessories. It's super strong (meaning it can hold a lot) and will save you valuable shelf real estate in your closet.

    An accessory hanger with three belts hanging from it

    30. An ultra-lightweight throw blanket that is super soft and has a different texture on each side. Reviewers say it's the perfect blanket for summer because it'll keep you covered, without making you feel too hot.

    A throw blanket draped over a couch

    31. A bottle of NYX matte finishing spray that'll keep your face from getting glossy when the temperature rises. Reviewers say it keeps makeup in place through humidity and doesn't feel sticky or heavy.

    32. A press-operated soap dispenser that pumps the perfect amount of soap onto your sponge with the touch of a hand. It also works as a sponge holder, so it'll help declutter your countertop, too.

    A person pressing a sponge onto the soap dispenser

    33. A set of satin pillow cases that'll make you feel like you're staying at a five-star hotel instead of your apartment. They stay cooler than cotton, making them great for sweaty summer nights.

    34. A bottle of seaweed-infused soil enhancer that's packed with deep-sea nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Consider this treating your indoor garden to a sushi dinner, every week — they will love you for it.

    35. A stretching device that isolates your lower leg muscles, tendons, and ligaments to give you the best stretch of your life. It has over 1,000 positive reviews and people say it works wonders for aches and pains in their calves and feet.

    A person with their foot in the stretching device

    36. An eyelash-enhancing kit that will give you the look of falsies without the extra fuss. Reviewers say the fibre formula takes a bit of practice to get right, but once you get the technique down, the results are unparalleled.

    The gel mascara, fibre mascara, and nourishing mascara surrounded by gems

    37. A fully-adjustable skipping rope that you can lengthen or shorten to perfectly fit your height. The handles are non slip, so you won't cause any accidental injuries by flailing it across the park or living room.

    38. A banana leaf tapestry that'll turn your meh bedroom into a boho oasis without any nails or hooks (you're welcome, landlord). You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    39. A bestselling water bottle holder for your bike, so that you can stay hydrated while you cycle. Reviewers love how tightly it hugs bottles, and say they don't get knocked out of place, even on bumpy roads.

    The water bottle holder on the frame of a bike

    40. A collapsable bread box that adjusts to fit your loaf perfectly and will keep it fresher for longer. The lid also folds down to act as a cutting board, so you don't need to create additional dishes when you want a piece of toast.

    A loaf of bread in a collapsable bread box

    41. A pack of eyebrow razors that'll shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin (a triple whammy)! Reviewers say they're also awesome for removing peach fuzz and won't irritate sensitive skin.

    42. A slice of plush cat toast that is the purrr-fect resting place for your snoozy feline. It has an elastic sponge core that may actually be more comfortable than your own mattress (your pet deserves the best, after all).

    A cat lying on a slice of cat toast

    43. A set of wallet-sized pastel highlighters that'll easily fit into smaller pockets and pencil cases. As an added bonus, they won't dry out, even if their caps are left off for hours.

    Three pastel highlighters on a floral doodle

    44. A leather key pouch that has enough space for your essentials, so you no longer have to carry around a bulky wallet. It's equipped with six key rings and two slots where you can keep cash and cards.

    45. A set of adhesive pockets that'll come in seriously handy if you don't own a nightstand. They're able to stick to most hard surfaces and have enough space to hold glasses, remotes, books, phones, and more.

    Adhesive pockets holding glasses, a calculator, a phone, and other trinkets

    46. Bars of solid shampoo and conditioner that are cruelty free and compostable. One shampoo bar is equal to three bottles of liquid shampoo and one conditioner bar is equal to five bottles of liquid conditioner, meaning they'll last you a lot longer than whatever you normally buy at Shoppers.

    47. A pack of glass meal prep containers that are safe to put in the microwave, oven, and freezer. The tops have hinged locks to keep them firmly attached, so you won't face any surprise spills in your bag.

    a salad, meat and rice, and salmon inside meal prep containers

    48. A lightweight corduroy tote that's pretty enough to wear as a purse, but practical and large enough for grocery shopping. It has two pockets inside where you can keep go-to items like your phone, wallet, and keys.

    49. A double-decker toilet paper holder that holds two rolls at once, so there's always extra within reach. It also clips right to your toilet's water tanks, so it takes mere seconds to install.

    A double-decker toilet paper holder clipped to a toilet

    50. A bestselling Anker portable speaker with over 25,000 positive reviews. It has a 24-hour battery life, so it won't die on you mid-bop (just remember to charge it every few days)!

    The Anker speaker sitting on concrete

    51. A pair of stainless steel tongue scrapers that'll rid your mouth of toxins and bacteria and make your breath smell nicer, too. Reviewers say they're super durable and gross, yet satisfying, to use.

    A pair of tongue scrapers and their packaging

    52. A roll of marble-patterned duct tape to make even broken things look beautiful. Whether you're crafting, fixing a busted pipe, or repairing your tent before a camping trip, this stuff will never not be useful.

    Three rolls of marble patterned duct tape and two planters decorated with it

    53. A pair of mini makeup spatulas that'll help you get every last bit of product out of your makeup containers. Gone are the days of throwing out half of your $72 holy grail foundation before it's even done.

    54. A set of sheet clips that'll keep your fitted sheet in place, so that you don't wake up tangled in your covers after a few tosses and turns. Reviewers say they're even good at gripping slippery silk sheets.

    A sheet clip holding onto the corner of a fitted sheet

    55. A microwave popcorn bowl that requires zero oil, so all you need are the kernels to get the job done. Reviewers love how they no longer create extra waste with popcorn bags and say it's a cinch to clean and use.

    A person putting the popcorn bowl in a microwave

    56. An anti-fatigue mat that'll help support your tired arches when you're working at your standing desk or tackling a mountain of dishes. It has a soft foam interior and anti-slip exterior to keep you both comfy and vertical.

    A person standing on an anti-fatigue mat

    57. An