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    31 Genius Products From 2020 That Made Me Scream, "Don't Care How, I Want It Now!"

    Dusting off my credit card right now!

    1. A pack of LED strip lights that'll brighten up the dark corners of your home and give your lighting situation a serious upgrade. They're remote controlled, and you can change the colour, mode, and brightness with just the touch of a button.

    2. A set of colourful silicone exfoliation brushes that are super gentle and will scrub your pout to perfection. They can also be used on your schnoz, if you have some annoying blackheads that need dealing with.

    Five lip brushes next to a magazine and lipstick tube

    3. A gift wrap organizer, if your countless rolls and ribbons are taking up way too much cupboard space. It has a long centre compartment that fits full rolls of paper, a smaller section for ribbon, and zippered pockets for accents and accessories.

    The gift wrap organizer filled with gift-wrapping supplies on a fuzzy carpet

    4. A bendable facial hair epilator that removes hair at its root, instead of shaving it off, so your peach fuzz will grow back thinner and less coarse. Reviewers love that it's a more budget-friendly option than waxing and say it's pretty painless, too.

    5. A flexible squeeze-and-pour spatula that's flat like a traditional spatty, but easily bends to become a scoop for your batter. Now you won't have to dirty multiple tools to get your cupcake mix from the bowl to the pan. Cheers to doing fewer dishes!

    A person squeezing the spatula and scooping cupcake batter into a muffin tin

    6. A pair of performance thumbsticks for your gaming controller that'll give you increased accuracy and a better grip on your device. Reviewers say they make their controller more comfortable, and are awesome for shooter and racing games.

    A person holding the camo controller with textured performance grips on it

    7. A water bottle station that'll keep your countless tumblers from knocking over and creating chaos in your cupboard. The shelves have little dips that keep your water bottles firmly in place, so they won't bump into each other. Oh, and it's also great for storing DIY supplies, like rolls of ribbon and balls of yarn.

    A three-tier bottle station filled with canteens

    8. A gritty double-sided foot file that'll scrape away all the dead skin from your tootsies and leave them feeling silky smooth. The bumpy side is great for removing callouses and the smooth side works to maintain softness and stimulate blood circulation.

    9. A plush microfibre toilet mat, so that your feet don't have to touch your cold ceramic tiles while you're doing your business. It has an anti-slip coating on the bottom, meaning you won't slide across your bathroom when you stand up.

    The toilet mat surrounding the base of a toilet

    10. An illuminated collar charm for your dog that'll keep them visible when the sun goes down. It's weather resistant, so you don't have to worry about it fizzling out in the middle of a rainstorm.

    A golden retriever with the collar charm attached to its harness

    11. A trio of denim waistband extenders that'll make your jeans, shorts, and skirts fit perfectly. Kiss the days of doing a full-blown workout routine to button up your pants buh-byeeee.

    12. A dishwasher freshener that'll neutralize the gross odours inside your appliance and replace them with a lime and green tea scent. It'll clip right to the upper basket, so you won't have to mess around with any extra hardware to install it.

    The dishwasher freshener clipped inside a dishwasher

    13. A pack of dual-ended erasable gel pens that are perfect for anyone who's prone to making mistakes (aka me whenever I do a crossword). Reviewers say they're comfortable to hold, making them great for taking notes during lengthier lectures.

    A person erasing part of an owl doodle

    14. A handy tea bag tool that'll keep your drink hot while it's steeping. It'll also help you wring out and hold your tea bag after your drink is finished brewing, so it's not just a one-trick pony.

    15. A budget planner packed with bill-tracking spreads, spending logs, and budget-savvy checklists. It'll help you track your saving and spending, and map out your financial plans for the future.

    The inside pages of the budget planner

    16. A rubber broom that'll rid your carpets of pet hair, squeegee your windows, and clean up spills on your floors. Reviewers love that it does multiple jobs and say it works better than any regular broom they've tried.

    17. A pair of chopping scissors that'll make throwing together gourmet-level salads and stir fries a cinch. They can easily cut through fruits and veggies, so you can craft healthy meals with minimal effort.

    A person chopping a tomato into a bowl of salad with the scissors

    18. A cordless deep tissue massage tool that'll knead out your knots and make your aches and pains melt away. It has an extra-long handle that'll make it easier to get at hard-to-reach places (like the middle of your back).

    A person using the tool on various parts of their body

    19. A heat-resistant silicone mat that doubles as a travel pouch for your heat tools. Reviewers say it's saved their countertops and that it keeps their straighteners and curlers from rolling around.

    20. A set of flannel sheets that'll keep you warm on the coldest of nights. They material is moisture wicking, so you won't end up sweating up a storm when your thermostat kicks in.

    A pair of flannel sheets on a bed

    21. A time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more water, because you'll probably forget to drink your H2O when you're busy working. It has an extra-sturdy handle, making it easy to tote around while you're on the go.

    A person holding the water bottle, it's filled with cucumber and lemon slices

    22. A handy surge-protecting outlet that has a trio of three-pronged sockets and three USB ports, so you can keep all your gadgets plugged in at once. It has a convenient lil' shelf at the top, so you can keep their gizmos out of harm's way while they're charging, too.

    The surge-protecting outlet with a phone plugged into it

    23. A magnetic dry erase menu board, so you'll know exactly what you'll be eating and when you'll be eating it. It has sections for each day, as well as space for groceries and additional notes.

    24. A can of Dr. Scholl's Odour Destroyers Sneaker Treater, which will banish all stinky odours from your favourite footwear, no matter how sweaty your feet got in them earlier.

    A bottle of the sneaker spray, with a pair of un-stinky sneakers in the background

    25. A transparent universal knife block that'll keep your pointiest cooking tools safe, sharp, and organized. Reviewers love that it doesn't take up a ton of counter space, but can hold over a dozen knives at once.

    The transparent knife block on a counter filled with blades of different shapes and sizes

    26. A bottle of CND cuticle oil that's packed with jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep your nails looking and feeling their best. Reviewers say it strengthens their nails like none other and helps them grow, too.

    A person applying the cuticle oil to their nails

    27. A set of multi-tiered pant hangers that'll save you from stuffing your mom jeans, trousers, and leggings into your drawers. They're coated with anti-slip material, so your clothes won't slither off them when you're not looking.

    Several scarves hanging on the hangers

    28. A mini pet hair detailer that'll get every last bit of fluff off your furniture (even the stubborn bits that your vacuum can't pick up). Its teeny-tiny size allows it to get into every nook and cranny, so you won't miss any stray pieces.

    A person using the detailer on a car seat

    29. An expandable colander that you can stretch over your sink to strain pasta or veggies. You can also use it to dry dishes, if you don't have the counter space for a traditional dish rack.

    Several veggies on a cutting board and in the colander

    30. A set of collapsible silicone funnels that you can use to decant your holy grail lotions and potions into more aesthetically-pleasing bottles. Reviewers say that they're super easy to clean, so you don't need to worry about them getting gunked up after one use.

    Funnels being used to pour beauty products into pretty bottles

    31. And finally, a set of handy push hooks that'll make your hand and dish towels easier to store (and grab). Thanks to their peel-and-stick backings, you won't even need to bust out a screwdriver to install them.

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