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    22 Awesome Things From Indigo That Made Me Think, "I'm Adding That To My Cart Immediately"

    Heck yes, I need all of them.

    1. A hot air popcorn maker that'll help you craft you the perfect movie theatre snack with the touch of a button. It comes with a measuring cup that doubles as a butter melting tray, so your topping will be ready right when your kernels are.

    The popper making a bowl of popcorn

    2. A pack of erasable markers that you can easily buff away when you make a mistake. Now you won't have to worry about ruining your masterpiece if you accidentally colour outside the lines.

    Several markers surrounding the words, "erasable markers!"

    3. A smartphone-controlled Ember mug that'll help keep your drink warm with the help of a free app. Now you won't be stuck sipping on tepid tea or coffee halfway through the day.

    A person holding the Ember cup in their lap

    4. A wooden spoon with little cutouts that'll help you separate your egg whites from your yolks. It can also be used to drain wetter foods, if you need help in that department.

    The spoon resting on top of a bowl with an egg yolk in it

    5. A handy can holder that'll stick right to the wall of your shower or bathtub, so you can sip while you get sudsy. It can fit everything from a mug to a wine glass, and it can suction onto tile, glass, and mirrored surfaces.

    A beer can in the shower beer holder

    6. A five-minute journal, if you have trouble holding onto memories, but don't have the time or energy to start your own DIY journal. It has quick prompts for every day, so you won't have to fuss over what to write about before putting pen to paper.

    A person holding the journal and a pen

    7. A cushy yoga mat that's super grippy, so you won't slide around when transitioning from a plank to a downward dog. It's designed to stop sweat from pooling up, meaning you won't be stuck working out in a puddle.

    8. A pack of organic cotton facial rounds that'll help you rid your face of makeup when the day is done. They're machine washable, so you can use them over and over again.

    A person holding several pads

    9. A Kobo eReader, so you can just download your reading material, instead of filling your apartment with a ton of books. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but if you have a hard time making out words, it’ll let you magnify the font and change the boldness of the text.

    A person reading on their Kobo

    10. A pair of weighted Bala bands that'll make any workout a little tougher. Because they can be strapped to your wrists or ankles, you won’t have to cling to them with sweaty palms (like you would with regular free weights).

    A person wearing a band and holding their hand in front of a flower bush

    11. An herb chopper and stripper that'll make prepping your rosemary and thyme so much easier. It comes with a tiny bamboo cutting board, so you won't need to dirty your massive chopping block just to hack a few leaves off your bundle of parsley.

    The herb chopper being used to dice up herbs

    12. A bottle of Nellie's wrinkle releaser that'll remove any unwanted pleats from your clothing. It smells like lemongrass, so it'll give your pre-worn stuff a bit of a refresh, too.

    A person spraying a shirt with the wrinkle releaser

    13. A happy face-covered Baggu tote that'll add a dose of positivity to your day. You can fold up into a tiny square for easy storage when you're not rocking it on your shoulder.

    The tote laid out on a tablecloth

    14. A Casper mattress, because you've probably been sleeping on the same mattress since your teen years and it's time for an upgrade. It arrives packed in a box, so you won't have to struggle to get it into your apartment.

    The mattress on a bedframe

    15. A clip-on book light, if you're a night owl who does your best reading after the sun goes down. The flexible neck allows you to bend it to hit your page at just the right angle.

    A person reading with the light on their book

    16. A trio of bottle top herb planters that'll help you turn your empty wine bottles into herb propagation stations. Just pack each spike with soil and seeds, pop 'em into water-filled vino bottles, and let them work their magic.

    A person holding three herb planters

    17. A minimalist laptop stand that'll keep you from slouching over your screen while you work. It folds up, so you can take it with you on all your adventures.

    18. An essential oil diffuser that'll mask any unwanted scents in your apartment and look good doing it. It's a non-toxic alternative to candles and will pretty up any plain shelf.

    19. A glass salad jar that'll help you put together a balanced meal without any extra containers. It has measurements for dessing, veggies, protein, and greens, so you'll always have the perfect ratio.

    The jar on a table

    20. A Pixie Mood jewelry case that'll keep your baubles from getting tangled. It has hooks for your bracelets and necklaces, snaps closures for rings, and a perforated strip that you can punch your earrings through.

    21. A pair of silicone mats to replace your rolls and rolls of parchment paper. They’ll keep food from sticking to your pans (without the help of cooking spray) and are super easy to clean.

    A person using the baking sheet on a baking tray

    22. And finally, a sleek grow light that'll brighten up any dark corner or cranny in your home, making it ready for indoor gardening. You can even connect it to a free app to control your lighting situation from afar and set up a schedule for your plant babies.

    The grow light above two plants

    You looking at all the amazing things on this list:

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