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    31 Clever Back-To-School Products That’ll Help You Tackle Schoolwork At Home

    *boots up computer*

    1. A Kindle Paperwhite, so you can just download your reading material, instead of filling your tiny room with a ton of books. Not only is this a more eco-friendly option than a paperback, but if you have a hard time making out words, it’ll let you magnify the font and change the boldness of the text.

    A cat rubbing its face against a Kindle

    2. This pretty braided extension cord that'll give your cables an extra eight feet of length, so you can easily stretch them to your bed or behind your desk. It won't fray as easily as plastic-coated wires because it's covered in a thick, woven fabric.

    Two plugs attached to the braided extension cord

    3. A pack of metallic bands that you can wrap around your textbooks, binders, and planners to keep them closed. Now your books' pages won't get messed up when you haphazardly toss them in your bag (or under your bed).

    Three planners held together with the elastic bands

    4. A faux leather-bound password logbook, if your brain is so packed with knowledge that it doesn't have room to remember passwords. It has spaces for websites, usernames, pins, and any extra notes you may need (like software or license numbers).

    5. This colourful tear-off planner pad, so you'll know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. It breaks down your entire week on one page, so you'll always be able to see what's in store.

    The planner pad surrounded by school supplies

    6. A pastel electric mug warmer that'll keep your coffee or tea warm while you study, so you won't have to throw it in the microwave it every half hour. Reviewers say that it's large enough to fit mugs of all shapes and sizes, and love that it shuts off automatically.

    A mug of coffee on the electric mug warmer

    7. A pair of stylish blue light-blocking glasses that'll help protect your eyes from fatigue, strain, and dryness. If you're gearing up to spend long days in front of your screen, these will be your new secret weapon.

    8. A pack of magnetic push pins that'll help you hang your important school documents on your corkboard, without poking tiny holes in them. They're also great for photos and posters, if you want to do a little decorating.

    A person holding the magnetic piece next to the pushpin piece

    9. A magnetic digital timer that'll help you time out your study seshes. It doesn't make any loud ticking noises and you can adjust the loudness of the alarm, so that you won't wake up your roommates when you're cramming after midnight.

    A person writing on a blackboard that has the timer attached to it

    10. This leopard print loungewear set, because nobody has every written a successful essay while wearing jeans. Reviewers say they're ultra soft and roomy, so you'll probably never want to take them off.

    11. A pack of dual-ended erasable gel pens that you can easily buff away if you make a mistake. Reviewers say they're comfortable to hold, making them great for taking notes during lengthier lectures.

    A person erasing part of an owl doodle

    12. A pack of eco-friendly lined Post-it notes that are made from 100% recycled paper and a plant-based adhesive. They're longer than traditional sticky notes, so you'll have plenty of space to jot down your thoughts.

    Six pads of eco-friendly Post-it notes next to documents with the sticky notes on them

    13. A gold aluminum laptop stand that'll keep your screen at eye level and save you from slouching over your desk while you work. The completely exposed base promotes airflow, so your computer won't overheat (even if you've got, like, a thousand tabs open).

    A laptop on top of the gold stand

    14. A student-focused cookbook filled with quick, easy dishes that you'll have time to make, even during the busiest parts of the semester. Congrats on your diet not being 100% microwavable burritos and instant noodles!

    15. A pack of screen-cleaning wipes that'll make all your electronic gizmos look like they're fresh out of the box. The solution dries super fast and won't leave behind any annoying streaks or lines.

    A person's phone before and after using the screen-cleaning wipes

    16. An expandable drawer organizer with different-sized compartments that you can use to store your notebooks, business cards, and other little bits and bobs. It can be collapsed to fit in smaller spaces or expanded to cover entire desk drawers.

    A desk organizer stocked with thumbtacks, paperclips, sticky notes, breath mints, and more

    17. A 12-month planner that'll keep you on track for the entire school year (and beyond). Not only does it breakdown your weekly schedule, but it also keeps tabs on your personal and professional goals, wins for the week, and habits.

    An inside page of the planner broken into sections for daily and weekly goals

    18. An anchor-shaped book prop that'll hold your textbook open, so you'll never lose your place. It's also flat enough to be used as a bookmark when you're ready to stop studying.

    An anchor book prop holding a book open

    19. A tower-shaped charging hub that'll allow you to power up all of your devices at once. It has eight three-prong outlets and four USB ports, but takes up a lot less space than a traditional power bar.

    The tower-shaped charging hub with several devices plugged into it

    20. A set of floral pencils that are perfect for scrawling notes you're not confident enough to write out in ink (personally, I'd use them for my stats homework). They have erasers on their opposite ends, so you can rub away errors in a flash.

    several floral pencils in a pencil holder

    21. A set of slideable webcam covers to make sure no one is spying on you while you're studying (or watching a Siesta Key marathon at 3 a.m., which is important in its own way). They're super slim, so your computer will still be able to close properly.

    A person with a webcam cover on their laptop camera

    22. A petite glass whiteboard easel that you can scrawl important notes and events on. It comes with a removable clip, so you can easily attach important documents or paper pages to it, too.

    The dry-erase easel on a desk with a marker in front of it

    23. A faux marble angled laptop desk with a cushioned memory foam bottom for optimal comfort. It has a built-in slot for your tablet and a mousepad, so you'll have everything you need to get down to business.

    The angles laptop desk with a laptop, phone, and mouse on top of it

    24. An Alexa-enabled Echo Dot that'll become your electronic personal assistant and answer all your stupid questions when your professor isn't responding to your emails. It's also a speaker, so you can use it to catch up on podcasts or listen to playlists while you study.

    An Echo Dot beside a stack of books on a shelf

    25. A handy habit tracker that'll help you stay on top of your goals, even when your schedule is packed with essays and exams. It has enough space to fit 26 habits on each page, so you can fit everything from drinking enough water to filling out your gratitude journal.

    The habit tracker with a marker on top of it

    26. A pack of spiral cable protectors that'll save your precious charging cords from fraying when they're about to bite the dust. The pack includes a variety of different colours that'll help you identify which cord belongs to who, so you'll never feud with your partner or roommates over stealing your stuff again.

    A spiral cable protector o a phone cord and computer charging cord

    27. A portable bedside caddy, so that you don't have to share your bed with a pile of gadgets, glasses, and books after a late night of studying. No bedside table, no problem.

    A person sliding a laptop into the bedside caddy

    28. A cushy mouse pad with a foam-filled wrist support that'll keep you feeling comfy and supported during long days of scrolling. It has a grippy rubber bottom, so you won't have to worry about it sliding around your desk.

    A mouse on the mousepad next to a laptop

    29. A genius reusable notebook that can make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app detects and captures each page, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes.

    A person writing in the reusable notebook

    30. A submarine bookmark with an itty-bitty periscope that peeps out over the top of your book. If you're always losing your page, this little ship will save you a ton of annoyance.

    31. And finally, a pack of sticky index tabs that you can use to bookmark important pages in your textbooks. They're slimmer than bulky divider sheets and have blank faces, so you can write little notes telling you which pages they'll lead you to.

    A notebook with sticky index tabs bookmarking several pages

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