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    31 Brilliant Products That’ll Make You Think, “I Can’t Believe I Don’t Own That Already”

    They're pretty great.

    1. A handy sofa tray that'll turn your armrest into a table, so you can enjoy your dinner without having to perform a balancing act. Reviewers say that it doesn't move or shift easily, so you won't face an accidental avalanche of food.

    Fries, chicken nuggets, and a drink on top of the arm rest tray

    2. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that's infused with bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil to strengthen your locks and minimize frizz. It's thicker than most hair serums, and delivers some serious hydrating results with just a few pumps.

    3. A cordless Waterpik that's less bulky than the original and waaay more effective than regular floss. It uses H2O to blast away gross stuff between your teeth and below the gum line, leaving you with a seriously clean mouth.

    A person holding the cordless Waterpik over a sink

    4. An ergonomic cauliflower tool that you can use to core and chop your cruciferous veggies. Reviewers say that it's much easier to maneuver than a knife and that it's a great tool for people who suffer from arthritis.

    The cauliflower tool next to chopped up florets of cauliflower and a head of cauliflower

    5. A motivational mirror sticker that'll remind you just how fabulous you are every time you walk by it. If it gets any bubbles in it, just swipe over top of it with a card and they'll come right out.

    The "you are beautiful" sticker on a mirror

    6. A hair-finishing stick and cream that'll keep your wildest flyaways in place. It's like a mascara wand, but instead of combing through your lashes, it slicks your stray baby hairs down (without making them look greasy).

    A person showing how their flyaways are tamed after using the hair-finishing stick and cream

    7. A set of terry cloth pan sleeves that'll save you from burning your palms on a scalding handle. Reviewers say they're especially great for cast iron pans.

    A pan filled with spaghetti and the pan sleeve on its handle

    8. A pack of pointed cotton swabs that'll help you clean up any makeup mistakes (like uneven winged liner), so you won't have to start from scratch. Just add liquid concealer or makeup remover and you've got yourself a mini magic wand.

    A pile of pointed cotton swabs next to makeup brushes, sponges, and a tube of lipstick

    9. A pair of cold therapy socks with ice pack inserts that'll help soothe your tired and aching feet. Reviewers say they’re a lifesaver if your feet get overheated while you sleep, and that they won’t slide off (even through tossing and turning).

    A person wearing cold therapy  socks on their bed while drinking a latte

    10. A genius microfibre comforter with one warm side and one cool side that'll keep you and your partner at the perfect temperatures while you sleep. Now you won't have to fight about whether or not to turn off the fan.

    The warm and cool comforter on a bed

    11. A microwave egg cooker that can make an omelet and poach and scramble eggs, too. Reviewers say that it gets the job done in under a minute, so you won't have to wait long for your breakfast.

    12. A self-grooming brush for your feline friend that can easily be mounted to either a flat wall or corner surface with adhesive strips (they're included!). Reviewers say it works wonders for shedding and that their cats love rubbing their bods against its bristles.

    a cat rubbing its face against the self-grooming brush

    13. A tub of Glamglow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer delivers up to three days of moisture without feeling heavy. It's also great for skincare newbies who don't want to pack on layers of serums and oils, because this baby does it all.

    A person with dots of the moisturizer on their face

    14. A pack of dual-ended erasable gel pens that you can easily buff away if you make a mistake. Reviewers say they're comfortable to hold, making them great for taking notes during lengthier lectures.

    A person erasing part of an owl doodle

    15. A pack of soft silicone guards that'll save you (and your kids) from bumping your bods against sharp corners in your home. Reviewers love how easy they are to install and say that they won't leave behind sticky residue or damage furniture when you remove them.

    A corner guard on the corner of a table

    16. A bottle of intense nail treatment that'll help your talons grown long and strong, so you won't have to keep covering them up with acrylics. It protects against cracking, braking and splitting, and will make your nails feel smoother, too.

    A person applying a coat of the intense nail treatment to their nails

    17. A 4-in-1 patching tool that'll help you make minor repairs to your apartment walls, without enlisting the help of your landlord or a handyperson. It includes spackle, primer, a putty knife, and a sanding pad, so you'll have everything you need to get the job done.

    A person applying spackle to a hole in their wall with the tool

    18. A pack of eco-friendly lined Post-it notes that are made from 100% recycled paper and a plant-based adhesive. They're longer than traditional sticky notes, so you'll have plenty of space to jot down your thoughts.

    Six pads of eco-friendly Post-it notes next to documents with the sticky notes on them

    19. A retractable travel lint roller that'll help you defuzz and defluff while you're out and about. Reviewers say it's ultra sticky and effective, and doesn't eat up too much space in their bags (it's about as small as a highlighter).

    20. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners, so that you won't have to clean your entire appliance every time you make soup or stew. They're super durable and won't break, even if you're making a huge batch of something.

    A slow cooker with two slow cooker liners inside of it

    21. An adjustable hot and cold therapy mask with gel beads that will help you sleep like a baby. You can heat it up in the microwave if you want a relaxing rest, or cool it down in the refrigerator to conquer aches and pains.

    22. A pack of plantar fasciitis insoles with deep heel cups and an arched design that’ll stop aches and pains in their tracks. They also help distribute weight during activities and absorb shock for added protection.

    A pair of the insoles on a gym floor next to running shoes

    23. A jewellery-cleaning brush that'll keep your trinkets and treasures from getting dull and dingey. Reviewers say the brush tip makes it super easy to get all up the tiny crevices of your baubles.

    24. A magnifying mirror that suctions to any hard surface, so you can get up close and personal when you're popping your pimples or perfecting your eyeshadow look. Reviewers say that it's also great for tweezing your brows, because you can see every little hair.

    A person doing their eyeshadow in the magnifying mirror

    25. A set of durable non-stick utensils that'll clip right to your pots and pans, saving you from covering your countertop in sauce splotches. They're designed not to damage cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick cookware, so you won't need to stress about scratches.

    Three  non-stick utensils clipped onto pots and pans

    26. A magnetic glasses holder that'll keep your specs where you can see 'em and won't poke holes in your clothes. They work on backpacks and purses, too!

    27. A pack of Pantene intense rescue shots that are like the hair equivalent of an elixir shot at a juice bar. They have Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and natural glycerin that'll bring your dry tresses back to life.

    Two Pantene rescue shots leaning against a bathroom wall

    28. A full-length cotton apron with cooking guidelines, a conversion table, and a measuring table etched right onto it, so you'll never have to consult Google mid-recipe again. It'll also save you from covering your clothes in ingredients, which is obviously a plus.

    29. A press-operated soap dispenser that pumps the perfect amount of soap onto your sponge with just the touch of a hand. It also works as a sponge holder, so it'll help declutter your countertop, too.

    A person pressing a sponge onto the soap dispenser

    30. A pack of stovetop-cleansing sheets that are basically makeup-removing wipes for your kitchen appliances. They work on both glass cooktops and gas burners and have built-in scrubbers that'll easily remove stuck-on food.

    31. And finally, a portable drink holder that you can clip to almost anything. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for morning commutes and public transit journeys.

    If these products could talk, they'd say:

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