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    29 Products You Need If Breakfast Is The Only Meal You Care About

    Here's a toast to the most important meal of the day.

    1. A microwave egg cooker that makes a fluffy lil' omelet that's the perfect size for an English muffin, so you won't have to leave your house for a breakfast sammy ever again. You can use it to poach and scramble, too, if that's more your style.

    2. A bottle of highly-rated truffle hot sauce that's a little bit fancier than Tabasco or Cholula (not knocking those, they're amazing). If you want to spice up your frittatas and scrambles, this is the best way to do it.

    3. A mini donut maker that bakes seven donuts in less time than it takes to get to Tim Horton's. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it's a great little appliance for kids.

    4. A pancake batter mixer that makes whipping up flapjacks so easy that you'll probably make them for every meal. All you do is add your ingredients, throw in the included BlenderBall, and shake it up to mix everything together.

    5. A bagel guillotine that'll make you feel like Sandy Cohen and give you the perfect cut every time. Now all you have to do is master the cream cheese schmear.

    6. A 20-piece set of airtight storage containers that you can use to hold your cereal collection. They take up a lot less space than the boxes and bags they're packaged in and will make your cupboards look like Pinterest goals.

    7. A cast aluminum pancake pan that makes uniform stacks that are too pretty not to photograph (hello, #foodporn). It makes seven at a time, so you can fill your brunch spread in just a few batches.

    8. A versatile Keurig coffee maker that you can use to brew a whole pot, or a single cup. Reviewers love how it gives them the best of both worlds and saves space on their countertops.

    9. An drop-in egg timer that'll make sure your eggs are perfectly cooked every time. The device absorbs heat and changes color based on temperature, so you'll know just when to take it out.

    10. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that splits, pits, and slices. This handy tool will save you from incurring any avocado-related injuries and make whipping up your morning avo toast a cinch.

    11. A collapsable bread box that adjusts to fit your loaf perfectly and will keep it fresher for longer, so you're never stuck with a stale toast in the morning. The lid also folds down to act as a cutting board, so you don't need to create additional dishes when you want a piece of toast.

    12. A mini waffle maker that can be used make waffles, paninis, hash browns, and more. No more sad cereal bars or microwave scrambled eggs.

    13. A set of porcelain egg holders that are big enough to hold extra-large eggs. If you want to pretty up your basic breakfast, these will do the trick.

    14. And an egg-cracking doodad that cleanly cuts the top of the eggshell so that you can easily pop it off. Reviewers love it because it's cleaner than tapping it open with a knife or spoon.

    15. A set of tin muffin rings that'll help you create a batch of uniform english muffins. Reviewers recommend spraying them with oil before using them so that none of your dough sticks.

    16. An engraved spoon that'll show everyone who opens your cutlery drawer how obsessed with cereal you are. If you eat Cheerios for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you probably need this.

    17. A personal-sized Ninja blender that has the power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables, and ice within seconds. It has built-in blender programs, so you don't have to guess how long your bowl or beverage will take to blend.

    18. A colourful glass tumbler so that you can easily take your morning juice or smoothie with you on the go. Now you might actually be able to resist the urge to spend $8 on a cold-pressed beverage (no shade, we've all been there).

    19. An rapid egg cooker that'll whip you up a protein-packed breakfast in mere minutes. It doesn't need to be monitored, so you can take a shower or do your makeup while it gets down to business.

    20. A set of handy toaster bags so that you can make a Monte Cristo without dirtying any pans. You can also use them to heat up leftovers, like egg bites (providing your toaster has enough space).

    21. A cast iron crepe pan so that you can master the art of French cooking in the comfort of your own home. Reviewers say it's also great for savoury dishes like eggs and grilled cheese.

    22. A copper french press that requires zero paper filters and will make your kitchen counter a whole lot cuter. It brews the perfect cup in four minutes, so it'll be a real lifesaver for those days when you don't have time to stop for coffee.

    23. An ice cream maker that churns frozen bananas into delicious soft serve. Now you can eat dessert for breakfast (who doesn't want that?).

    24. An egg poaching pan that'll make getting the jammy yoke of your dreams a reality. Reviewers say that their eggs come out perfect every time and that clean up is a breeze.

    25. A cereal bowl with a dedicated section for milk. Soggy breakfast? Not in your house.

    26. A glass cold brew maker that'll save you a fortune on iced coffees and won't take up a ton of fridge real estate. The filter can handle even the finest ground coffee, and you can use it for iced tea, too.

    27. An omelet pan with a sloped edge that'll be your BFF if your flipping technique isn't exactly on point. Reviewers say it's the perfect size for a single serving.

    28. A Star Wars toaster that's perfect for any member of the Rebel Alliance. A good breakfast, you will have.

    29. And finally, a breakfast sandwich maker that's the breakfast solution we all want and need. The instructions are simple: pile in the ingredients, let them cook for a few minutes, then slide out the plates to assemble the sammy.

    You to anyone who says they don't care about breakfast:

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