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    27 Pieces Of Workout Clothing From Amazon Canada That Are Actually Really Cute

    Nothing inspires me to work out like new clothes.

    1. A matching lilac set that'll make you feel put together without even trying. Reviewers say it gives them solid coverage (like, it won't go see-through when you do a squat) and that the fabric is super soft and comfortable.

    A person wearing the set while sitting on a planter

    2. A tank top that's so cute, you'll want to wear it even when you're not breaking a sweat. It has a crossover detail on the back so it's a little more interesting than the plain tops in your current collection.

    3. A pair of 7/8 leggings made of buttery-soft, opaque fabric that won't show off your undies. Reviewers say they feel more expensive than they actually are and love that they don't lose their shape after going through the wash.

    4. A stylish long-sleeve set that's made of fast-drying material so you won't be bathed in sweat when you finish your workout. Reviewers say the waistband stays firmly in place (so you won't have to keep hiking your leggings up) and that it's so flattering, they ordered it in multiple colours.

    5. A pair of bike shorts with pockets that'll have you cycling in style both in and out of the gym. They offer the perfect amount of stretch and compression, and they’re totally squatproof.

    6. A camo longline bra with removable cups that'll give you the amount of coverage you want and need. Reviewers say it stands up to HIIT workouts so you can wear it while doing jump lunges and not worry about a boob breaking free.

    7. A tennis skort that'll keep you looking cool on and off the court. The shorts underneath are equipped with stretchy pockets and there's a third zippered compartment on the booty, giving you plenty of room to store your essentials.

    8. A lightweight zip-up jacket you'll want to wear while hiking, jogging, and running errands. Reviewers love that it has thumb holes on the cuffs so they don't have to worry about their sleeves rolling up on chilly mornings.

    9. A pair of leggings with sheer, gathered fabric from the knee to the ankle to give you a bit of extra ventilation for those ultra-sweaty workouts. Reviewers say the cross waist stops the fabric from digging into their stomachs and that the cut is super flattering.

    10. A pair of bestselling 2-in-1 training shorts that are flowy on the top layer and fitted underneath, giving you the best of both worlds. Reviewers say they're the perfect balance of snug and loose and that the inner lining helps prevent chafing.

    11. An open-back tank with a keyhole design that gives it that extra ~je ne sais quoi~. Reviewers love the loose fit and say that it's a dupe for similar styles from more high-end brands.

    12. A pair of stretchy athletic sweatpants that are lightweight enough that they won't drag you down while you're working out. Some healthcare workers even wear them instead of scrubs 'cause they're so dang comfy.

    13. A sports bra with an intricate strap design that's way more interesting than your boring ol' basics. It has over 5,000 positive reviews and people love that it comes with removable pads so you can decide just how much coverage you want.

    14. These short shorts with ruching on the booty that'll make your caboose look like an actual 🍑. Reviewers love how they accentuate their ~curves~ and say that they're 0% see-through (even when they're doing squats).

    A person wearing the shorts with a jacket and sneakers

    15. A ribbed set that's made of seamless, four-way stretch fabric and will fit you like a glove. Reviewers say the leggings have more of a 7/8 fit, making them great for tall people who love an ankle grazer (or short people who want leggings that actually stop at their ankles).

    16. A medium-impact sports bra with a handy back pocket that'll hold your phone so you won't have to. Reviewers say it keeps bouncing to a minimum and that it's comfortable enough to wear all day long.

    17. A pair of classic leggings that'll replace the ratty, hole-riddled ones you wear almost every day. Reviewers love how breathable the fabric is and say that they don't give them cameltoes when they're doing hip thrusts (a true blessing).

    18. An adorbs cropped tank that'll let you feel the wind at your back when you're doing drills. Reviewers love the airy design, saying that it doesn't stick to their skin during workouts.

    19. A pair of moisture-wicking studio joggers that have flatlock stitching to reduce chafing. They're equal parts lightweight and durable so you'll definitely want these on hand for your next dance class.

    20. These medium-rise running shorts with an elastic waistband that'll make you excited to trade in your leggings for warm weather-friendly workout gear. Reviewers love how deep the pockets are and say they hug all the right curves.

    21. A sports bra top that'll keep your boobs in place and save you from sweating through another top before laundry day. Reviewers say the double straps don't dig into their skin and ease up tension in their traps and shoulders.

    22. A sweet 'n' simple racerback top that'll match with everything in your workout wardrobe. Reviewers love that it has a built-in bra, saving them from layering up on super-hot days.

    23. A pair of high-waisted leggings with pockets that'll save you from sporting an armband when you go out for a run. Reviewers say they offer the perfect amount of compression and that they're stretchy while still being durable.

    24. A seamless set with an asymmetrical top that'll make you stand out in your next vinyasa flow class. Reviewers say it's lightweight, breathable, and stays in place without needing any adjusting.

    A person wearing the set and sneakers

    25. A cropped tank top with a built-in sports bra that'll save you from layering up for your workout. Reviewers love the high neck, saying it keeps everything in place so you won't need to stress about a nip slip when you're jumping rope.

    26. A long-sleeved shirt that's the weight of a tee but will keep you from becoming an ice cube when you're working out in the cold. Reviewers say it's great for those days when the weather is totally unpredictable — it'll keep you warm during the cool hours but won't overheat you when the temperature rises.

    27. And finally, a pair of drawstring joggers that are great for every occasion, from breaking a sweat to lounging in bed. Reviewers say they're so comfy, you'll want to wear them 24/7.

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