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    29 Amazon Canada Products That TikTok Is Downright Obsessed With

    Home decor, kitchen gadgets, and more.

    1. A 12-pack of bottle tops for your canned drinks that'll make them easier to sip, pour, and store. The pack includes six different colours so you can easily figure out which drink belongs to whom when you're hosting a party.

    2. A game-changing phone charger that can be used as a stand, flat wireless charger, and portable power bank. It has two USB ports so you can use it to juice up multiple gadgets at a time.

    3. A tiny earwax-removing tool with a built-in camera that's disgustingly satisfying to use. Reviewers love how gentle yet effective it is and say that it works wonders on impacted wax.

    4. A bestselling Battery Daddy (great name) that'll keep those pesky stray batteries from going MIA in your home. It comes with a tester to make sure everything you keep inside is fully functional.

    A person putting a battery into the Batery Daddy

    5. A self-sealing and self-changing electric trash can with a built-in motion sensor so you won't have to lift a finger to toss out your garbage. Reviewers say it's more effective than a Diaper Genie so you may wanna get your hands on it if you have a little one.

    The open trash can next to a kitchen island

    6. A pair of fancy-schmancy wine glasses that you'll be thankful for when you uncork your next bottle of vino. Reviewers love how big they are and say they're the perfect dupe for Crate and Barrel glasses.

    A glass filled with wine in front of a plate of appetizers

    7. An egg carton of beauty sponges that is equal parts adorable and useful. Reviewers say the quality is comparable to more expensive alternatives and that the container makes it great for travelling.

    The case filled with sponges

    8. A chic pole lamp with three adjustable heads that'll help you illuminate every corner of your space. Each head has its own switch so you can create the perfect mood lighting sitch when it's time to wind down.

    The pole light next to a couch in a living room

    9. A faux leather tissue holder that you can strap onto your car visor for easy access. TikTokers use it to hold spare protective masks, too.

    The tissue holder attached to a car visor

    10. A handy LED alarm clock that doubles as a mirror so you can do your makeup while you're still in bed. It has two USB ports on the side, meaning you can use it to charge your devices, too.

    The clock being used in various different areas of a home

    11. A stylish acrylic coffee table that'll make your living room look 100% more bougie. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and that it's a must-have for small spaces.

    The coffee table with decor accessories on it in a living room

    12. A gigantic time-marked water bottle that'll encourage you to drink more H2O so you'll stay hydrated all day long. It fits almost four litres of water, meaning you won't have to refill it every single hour.

    A person holding the water bottle

    13. Or a reusable flat water bottle that'll slide effortlessly into even your slimmest clutches. It has a textured frame that'll save it from getting damaged if you drop it or knock it over during yoga class.

    14. A travel-sized UV toothbrush sanitizer that'll keep your bristles clean as a whistle. It'll also protect the top of your toothbrush when you're travelling so it won't get bashed around amongst your toiletries.

    15. A pack of glittery drinking straws that'll make sipping your frosty beveraginos a more magical experience. Because they're extra-long, they'll be able to reach the lids of your tallest tumblers.

    Six straws in a stainless steel tumbler

    16. A banana ice cream maker that'll magically churn frozen fruit into delicious soft serve. You can also use it to make aesthetically-pleasing smoothie bowls if you want to take your breakfast game to the next level.

    A person making raspberry ice cream with the Yonanas machine

    17. An adjustable desk that you can use seated or standing. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and that it transitions smoothly so you won't have to worry about your office gear knocking over.

    The desk covered in bits and bobs

    18. A Philips Hue starter kit that'll help take your smart home to the next level. It comes with four bulbs that can be controlled by your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant, making it easy to adjust the colour, tone, and brightness of your lighting situation.

    A phone adjusting the colours of the lights in a home

    19. A tub of TonyMoly blackhead solution that's packed with a blend of marine plant extracts and black mud to help unclog your pores. Reviewers say it gets rid of the buildup in their noses and cheeks in no time.

    A person taking the cap off the octopus-shaped blackhead solution bottle

    20. A divided cutlery holder that'll stack your forks, knives, and spoons on top of each other. It only takes up a fraction of a drawer, which is great if you need more room for other knickknacks.

    The utensil holder with spoons, forks, and knives inside

    21. A colour-changing shower head that'll make you feel like you're at the coolest club in town when you're scrubbing yourself down. It'll fit onto most standard shower hoses so you won't even need to call a plumber to install it.

    The lit up shower head with water coming out of it

    22. A three-speed portable fan that looks like a perfume bottle so you'll actually want to keep it on display. It comes with a lemon-scented tab that you can stick to the center if you want to get in a lil' aromatherapy sesh while you cool down.

    The fan beside a laptop

    23. A wishbone dining chair that'll make you feel like you're eating at a luxe restaurant, even when you're chowing down on microwave ramen. Reviewers say they're comfortable, sturdy, and look way more expensive than they actually are.

    Two of the chairs at a table

    24. A paper towel holder that'll free up some space on your kitchen counter. It has an adhesive backing so you won't need any tools to install it (you're welcome, landlord).

    A roll of paper towel on the rack above a sink

    25. A drying rack that you can use to air out your beauty tools and keep your vanity free of clutter. Reviewers love that it saves them from flipping their brushes a hundred times to get every bristle dry.

    A drying rack filled with makeup brushes

    26. A nonstick bar baking pan that'll bless all of your baked goods with the crispiest edges possible. Reviewers love that it takes the guesswork out of cutting even portions, too.

    27. A genius reusable notebook that can make electronic copies of everything you jot down with the help of a free app. Using it is simple: when you're done writing, just hold your phone above the page. The free app detects and captures each page, creating a digital copy that looks identical to your handwritten notes.

    A person writing in the reusable notebook

    28. An expandable colander that you can stretch over your sink to strain pasta or veggies. You can also use it to dry dishes if you don't have the counter space for a traditional dish rack.

    A person washing strawberries in the colander

    29. And finally, a cold therapy ice roller that you can use for a full-body cooldown when the sun gets too spicy. I also use mine to combat migraines and it works better than any pain-relieving technique I've tried.

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