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    29 Amazon Canada Products That'll Help You Survive Living With Roommates

    You know what's great? Not hating the people you live with.

    1. A sliding dishwasher magnet that'll save you from brawling with your roommate about throwing their pasta-covered plate in with your fresh, beautiful dishes.

    The slidable magnet on a dishwasher set to dirty

    2. A starfish-shaped drain catcher that’ll trap your stray strands of hair before they get into your pipes, keeping them free of clogs. It may actually save you from hiring a plumber and fighting with your roommate over who's going to clean all of the gross stuff out of your bathtub (a win-win in my book).

    A person lifting up the edge of the drain catcher

    3. A coat rack that'll make your entryway situation so much more functional. It has hooks where you can hang coats and bags, shelves where you can store accessories, and a seat that you can fill with more stuff (or sit on when you're tying up your laces).

    The coat rack next to a velour chair

    4. And a console table with a built-in shoe rack that won't take up much space in your entryway, but will give you plenty of room to store your joint collection of kicks. It also has a slim drawer where you can toss all the stuff you need to grab before you go out the door, like your keys and wallet.

    The rack filled with shoes

    5. A six-port charging station that you can use to power up all of your devices at once, meaning you won't have to take turns occupying the last available outlet. Each charging port will light up when a device is charging and stop glowing when it's reached 100% battery so you won't have to play any guessing games.

    Several devices in the dock

    6. An adorbs label maker that you can use to mark your territory (buzz off, roommates) and keep your entire pantry organized. Just connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and you'll be able to print out cute lil' labels that'll make your storage boxes, meal prep containers, and everything in between more Pinterest-worthy.

    The label maker with a cartoon bear nose and labels stuck to its side

    7. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro that'll block out the sound of your roommate doing the dishes, belting out Beyoncé in the shower, or "entertaining" a guest. They'll last for nearly five hours on a single charge, meaning they won't die on you in the middle of the day.

    8. And a pair of reusable earplugs for when you want to call it a night but your roommate is still wide awake and making noise. They'll adjust to the shape of your ears so you'll barely feel like you're wearing them.

    A person with their hair tucked behind their ear wearing an earplug

    9. A portable door lock that won't require any tools to install and will make you feel safer in your home. If you've got a nosy roommate who won't mind their own business, this little doodad is calling your name.

    A  portable door lock wedged into a door beside the handle

    10. A remote control holder that'll attach right to your light switch so you'll always know where your clicker is. Gone are the days of digging through your sofa cushions every time you want to stream a show.

    The holder attached to a light switch with a remote in it

    11. A three-level water bottle station that'll keep your countless tumblers from knocking over and creating chaos in your cupboard. The shelves have little dips that'll keep your canteens firmly in place.

    A person placing a bottle in the holder

    12. A plastic bag holder to store all the random plastic bags you and your housemates have accumulated. Yes, this will somehow happen, even if you use your own reusable totes on the regular.

    The plastic bag holder on the door of a cupboard

    13. A magnetic key rack that'll conveniently stick to anything made of metal and help you organize your entryway without having to add a big ol' piece of furniture. The tray at the top is the perfect spot for sunglasses, lip balm, and other tiny essentals.

    14. A little deodorizing diva that'll remove odours from your microwave, oven, or refrigerator (because your roommate somehow always leaves funky messes behind). Using it is simple: Just fill it with vinegar and water, pop it inside your appliance, and let it do its thing.

    A fridge-deodorizing diva on the shelf of a fridge next to eggs and tubs

    15. A metal shower caddy that'll attach right to your shower head and provide enough space for all your holy grail products. Now you won't have to dance around shampoo bottles and soap bars while you go through your routine.

    The shower caddy filled with products

    16. A pack of adhesive door bumpers that'll muffle the sound and impact of slamming drawers and doors. They can also be used as feet on appliances to protect your countertops and floors.

    A door bumper protecting a wall from a cabinet door

    17. A jar of odour-absorbing beads that'll take zero effort to put into action and will stop your shoes from stinking up your entire apartment. Reviewers love that it leaves their space smelling fresh, instead of just masking it with another scent (like most sprays do).

    The odour-absorbing beads in a shoe closet

    18. A magnetic dry erase board where you can scrawl your shopping lists and chores or map out your schedules. It comes with a marker that conveniently clips to the top, meaning you won't have to go fishing in your drawers to find a writing tool.

    The magnetic board mounted on a kitchen wall

    19. A set of acrylic bins that'll help you keep your food separate and divide your fridge real estate evenly. They'll also keep gunk from building up on your fridge's shelves so you won't have to deep clean it as often.

    A fridge with the organizer bins holding fruits, cans, jars, and more

    20. A toilet paper cloud that'll turn your extra rolls into a work of art, while freeing up space under your sink. Now you'll never wonder whether you're running out of toilet paper, 'cause the answer will be right in front of you.

    21. This multi-hook coat rack that'll keep jackets from piling up on your chairs. The five hooks can be flipped back into the base when you're not using them, leaving it looking chic and streamlined when it's not holding your gear.

    A bag and jacket hanging from the rack

    22. A bottle of Poo-Pourri spray that'll make sharing a bathroom less unpleasant. Even if they don't remember to turn on the fan, they might remember to fill your loo with the luscious scent of the tropics.

    A person holding the bottle of Poo-Pourri spray

    23. And a bestselling gel toilet stamp that'll clean away stains and rings with every flush so you won't have to battle over whose turn it is to scrub down your porcelain throne. It leaves behind a fresh scent so it'll keep your place smelling 💯, too.

    24. A slim slide-out rack that'll turn the gap between your sink and toilet into valuable storage space. You can also use it in your laundry room to tuck away your stash of cleaning liquids and dryer sheets.

    A person rolling out the cart

    25. A set of ceramic coasters with cork bases that'll remind everyone to take care of your furniture, because there's a good chance they'll forget otherwise.

    The coasters next to a computer

    26. An adhesive slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s), because you never know whose turn it is. Now your fur baby won't miss out on a meal or get chonky from being double fed.

    The slidable tracker next to a lightswitch

    27. These fabric bins that'll give all those random doodads that don't have homes a place to live. They have detachable wooden handles and can easily be folded down when you're not using 'em.

    The three bins filled with random goodies

    28. An itty-bitty storage rack that'll keep your bike from taking over every inch of free space in your shoebox apartment. It'll clip your two-wheeler in place with a single piece, so you won't have to mess around with a ton of straps, bars, and hooks.

    29. And finally, an apology notepad for when you and your roommates get in the occasional heated argument.

    The notepad beside a goldfish

    Now you won't be this kind of roommate:

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