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    23 Things From ModCloth That You Never Knew You Needed (But Totally Do)

    There's more than just clothes, y'all!

    1. A velour pullover that'll be a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe. It's comfy enough to lounge around in, but is way more chic than the hand-me-down sweater you're probably rocking right now.

    2. A Broad City colouring book that's packed with activities, maps, mazes, quotes, and — of course — colouring pages. It's illustrated by Mike Perry (the artist who designed the show's iconic title sequences), so expect some wacky kaleidoscopic designs.

    3. These cow print earrings that are udder-ly adorable (don't worry, I hated that pun, too). They're made of resin, so they won't drag your lobes down like weighty metal alternatives.

    A person wearing the earrings with a leather jacket and cami

    4. These knee-high socks that'll keep your gams from freezing off when you're sporting a skirt or dress in below-zero weather. They'll also save your thigh-high boots from rubbing against your skin, which is obviously a major plus.

    5. This chunky knit cardigan that feels more like a blanket than a sweater (but is way more stylish than any of your throws). it hits below the bum, so you won't show off your underwear when you're rocking your sheerest leggings.

    6. These ultra-stretchy leggings that are great for working out, running errands, and everything in between. They have cute tie details at the ankles, so you won't be adding another pair of plain black leggings to your collection.

    7. This daisy-covered fanny pack that you can wear around your waist or over your shoulder (like the hip kids do). It's the perfect size for your phone, wallet, and keys, so you can always keep your essentials on you.

    8. A Dolly Parton coffee mug for anyone who needs to stay caffeinated when they're 🎵workin' 9 to 5🎵. It'll inspire you to live each day like the quirky country legend and make your morning a little more colourful, too.

    The Dolly Parton mug against a blank background

    9. A knot-tie headband with sequin detailing that'll add a little sparkle to your look. Whether you want to distract attention from your messy bun or add something extra to your styled tresses, this will do the trick.

    A person wearing the headband with their hair in an updo

    10. This cheetah sleep set, if your apartment heating is so powerful, sleeping in sweats is not an option. TBH, you could totally get away with wearing the top out and about, too.

    11. A denim jacket that'll become a wardrobe staple once spring has sprung. You can layer it with cozy sweaters and jackets, if you want to wear it when it's still heckin' cold outside, too.

    12. A wooden goat-stacking game that's the perfect desktop distraction for when you're making work calls. If you've always wanted to do goat yoga, but haven't taken the plunge, this is basically the non-commital version.

    A person playing the goat-stacking game

    13. These high-rise tie-dye palazzo pants that are equal parts comfy and fashionable. They have a ruffled hem and a stretchy drawstring waistband, so you won't have to mess with any zips or buttons.

    14. Or these lounge shorts that are the perfect alternative to sweatpants, if you run hot. They have a stretchy waistband and won't hug your body like Spandex shorts, so they're great for kicking back and relaxing.

    15. This double-breasted fluffy jacket that'll be your go-to transitional piece when the snow starts to thaw. It's super cozy, but has the fit of a biker jacket to give ya a little dash of edginess.

    16. These heart-dotted socks that are way cooler than the ratty cotton pairs you wear every day. They'll look awesome with strappy sandals and sneakers, and give you a bit of extra coverage when you're wearing your summer shoes in the colder months.

    17. This pair of statement U-shaped earrings with pearl details that'll class up any outfit. They're the perfect mix of modern and vintage, so you can wear them with just about any ensemble.

    A person wearing the earrings and a headband

    18. This reversible crossbody tote that's basically two bags in one. It comes with a removable zippered pouch that you can use as a makeup bag or to organize the treasures that normally float around the bottom of your bag.

    19. A graphic tee that'll apologize to everyone for your pre-coffee sass, so you won't have to do it yourself. It's got a longer hemline, so you can rock a French or full tuck.

    20. This set of scratch-and-sniff cards that are a serious step up from your boring old stationery. Each card smells like a different dessert and features a vintage-inspired illustration of a cute confection.

    21. This mini faux leatherbackpack that's as stylish as a tote, but a lot more practical. It has a hidden compartment in the back that'll keep your phone and wallet safe and two compartments inside to keep your stuff organized.

    22. A set of date night dice that'll help you figure out what to do on your next romantic rendezvous (even if you're just staying in). They feature foods, movie genres, and sex positions — just shake 'em up to determine the fate of your date.

    23. And finally, a Central Perk notebook where you can jot down your Friends fanfic (or school notes).

    You strutting to your room with all your new purchases:

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