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    If You're Officially Stumped When It Comes To Picking Out Presents, Let Me Show You These 55 Stellar Gifts

    It's officially December, so you best be ordering your gifts soon.

    1. A versatile Keurig coffee maker they can use to brew a whole pot or a single cup, giving them the 🎶best of both worlds🎶. Now they'll be able to make all the java they need with the quick touch of a button.

    The coffee maker on desk surrounded by gadgets and holiday decor

    2. A pair of plush cow slipper that are waaaaaay more fun than the boring ones they're wearing right now. They're so plush and puffy, they'll feel like they're walking on a cloud.

    A person kicking their feeet up while wearing the cow slippers

    3. A Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette that's packed with matte, sparkly, and shimmering shades. They're all super pigmented and blend like a dream (I can attest to this, I own it!).

    The palette on top of holiday gifts

    4. An OLED Nintendo Switch if gaming is their passion. It'll bless them with even better graphics and resolution than the OG version, and it's small enough to pop in their bag so they can take it with them on all their trips.

    The switch on a table

    5. And a copy of the new Pokémon Violet or Pokémon Scarlet that'll be their new obsession. They'll get explore the wide-open world of Pokémon, discover (and catch) new creatures, and battle it out.

    6. An acrylic monitor riser that has four built-in USB ports so they can charge their devices at their desk without loading up their computer with wires. It'll also keep their monitor at eye-level, so they won't be straining their neck all day long.

    The monitor stand with devices plugged into its side

    7. A pack of crew socks featuring characters like Boba Fett, C-3PO, and R2-D2 so they can low-key rep Star Wars every day of the week. It comes with 12 pairs, meaning they'll even have backup.

    All the socks laid out

    8. A deck of non-cheesy affirmation cards that'll give them the dose of positivity they need to keep on truckin'. Reviewers say that they're simultaneously inspiring and hilarious, which is a combo I can get on board with.

    A bravery card from the deck

    9. A copy of Journal 29 if they've never met a puzzle or riddle they didn't love. They can check that their answers are correct by scanning QR codes with their phone, so they'll know when they're ready to move onto the next phase.

    A person writing in the journal

    10. A chess and checkers board if they love classic games more than those newfangled complex board games. It even has a built-in storage drawer where they can stash their pieces when they're done playing.

    11. Or a pair of noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Max if they think earbuds are, to quote Hilary Duff, 🎶so yesterday🎶. Reviewers say they're the best wireless headphones they've ever used and that the padding is so comfy, they can wear them all day long without irritation.

    A person wearing the headphones while working on a computer

    12. An RFID-blocking card case that's slim enough to tuck into their back pocket. It's equipped with a slider mechanism so they won't have struggle to get their Visa out.

    A person holding the case with five cards popping out of it

    13. A hanging luggage scale that'll help them pack like a pro (and skip being faced with extra charges when they get to the airport). It's small enough to fit in their backpack or carry-on bag, so they can bring it with them on their adventures, too.

    A person holding a suitcase with the luggage scale

    14. A glittery shoulder bag that's everything their canvas tote wishes it could be. With this, they can take a page from Taylor Swift's book and make the whole place ✨shimmer✨.

    A person holding up the bag

    15. A pair of U-link hoops from Jenny Bird that are a bit chonkier than their slim go-tos and huggies. Now they can make a statement without wearing dangly bling that gets caught in their hair.

    A person with wearing the hoops with a bun in their hair

    16. A deck of nature-inspired meditation cards that'll help them chill the heck out and find some inner peace. Reviewers say that the prompts are super insightful and love that they help them set intentions for their hikes and outdoor activities.

    The deck outside in a garden

    17. A double salt cellar that'll naturally remove moisture from their salt. It'll look so much cuter on their counter than a shaker and comes with a wooden spoon, so they won't have to use their fingers like Salt Bae (though they totally can if they want to).

    The salt cellar on a marble counter

    18. A celestial photo album that they can use to store all their family photos. It can hold up to 800 pictures, so it might fit all those treasured mems they have lying around on film.

    19. A Kérestase duo that'll bless them with the silky tresses of their dreams. It comes with the 8H Night Serum and the Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil that'll work together to strengthen, hydrate, and dre-frizz their mane.

    Alice holding the two hair products

    20. A glass birdfeeder that'll beckon winged pals to their apartment balcony. It also looks like a piece of art, making it perfect for anyone who is all about their home's ✨aesthetic✨.

    The feeder filled with bird seed

    21. A reading logbook that'll help them keep track of all those novels they're planning on reading next year. It has space for their reviews, how long it took them to read each book, and more. It even includes challenges if they're looking to become an even better bookworm.

    22. A COSORI air fryer that'll give them all the joys of fried food without having to mess around with spattering oil. If they don't wanna stick around the kitchen while it gets down to business, they can pair it with the companion app — it'll allow them to monitor their cook time and switch up the settings remotely.

    The air fryer and a phone monitoring its progress

    23. A Disney villains tarot deck that'll help them figure out what's in store for their future without the help of a magic mirror. The set includes a guidebook, so they won't have to be a seasoned pro to use it.

    24. A lil' Shakespeare plant pot that'll give their favourite leafy baby a home and keep them inspired while they click-clack away on their computer. They could also store their pens, pencils, and stationery doodads in the bard's head if their desk is looking a little cluttered.

    The plant pot on a table with a snake plant inside of it

    25. A copy of Midnights on vinyl if they're a self-proclaimed Swiftie and haven't stopped listening to it since it was released.

    The cover of Midnights

    26. A fondue set because bubbling cheese and chocolate will woo just about anyone. It comes with everything they'll need for the ultimate experience — six stainless steel fondue forks, an adjustable burner, a stainless steel pot for meats, and a ceramic insert for the ooey-gooey stuff.

    The fondue set on a table with glasses, plates, and a tray dips and veggies

    27. A copy of Ring Fit Adventure for their Nintendo Switch that'll have them exploring a fantasy world, defeating enemies, AND working up a sweat. If they love gains and gaming, this will probably be right up their alley.

    28. A bottle of Moroccanoil dry body oil that'll bless their parched skin with some serious moisture. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave them feeling greasy and say that it smells, like, stupid good.

    A person holding the bottle of body oil in front of a textured wall

    29. A National Geographic crystal kit that'll have them crafting dazzling gems in their own home. They come with an illuminated base so they can use them as a rad night light situation upon completion.

    The completed crystals in front of their box on a blank background

    30. A dessert-decorating device with four different icing tips (as well as two couplers and one fill tip) that'll take their piping skills to the next level. Reviewers say it's a lot easier to use and way less messy than a traditional piping bag.

    A person using the tool to pipe frosting onto a cupcake

    31. An Apple Watch stand that looks like their favourite '90s gadget. They'll still be able to use their touchscreen through the cutout, and it's made of flexible silicone, so they won't need to worry about it damaging their device.

    A person holding the stand with an Apple Watch in it

    32. A Lolë belt bag that'll be perfect for those days when they don't wanna lug around a gigantic tote. It has two compartments and an adjustable strap (so they can wear it crossbody or around their waist).

    33. An Instagram-famous Always Pan that they can use to braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, serve, AND store (she ain't just a one-trick pony). It's also so pretty, it'll probably be a regular feature on their grid.

    The pan on a dish towel

    34. A Buddha Board so that they can find their zen through art. It's basically an adult Etch-A-Sketch — they can create masterpieces with the included brush in water and their doodles will disappear as the water evaporates.

    A person painting a flower on their Buddha Board

    35. A portable Bluetooth speaker that looks like a lil' vintage radio. Reviewers say the sound is impressive for the size and love that it has a mic, so they can take hands-free calls on it, too.

    Five speakers stacked in a pyramid

    36. A tofu press that'll squish all the liquid out of their soy bricks, saving them from using about a thousand paper towels every time they want to make a stir fry.

    A brick of tofu on a place beside the tofu press

    37. A Dungeons & Dragons starter set that'll pry their eyes away from House of the Dragon for a hot sec. It comes with five pre-generated characters and an adventure book that'll help them kick off their quest.

    The box, rule book, and dice laid out on a blank background

    38. A gel bike seat cover that'll give their booty a lil' extra cushioning when they're scootin' around town on their two-wheeler. It'll slide right over their existing saddle, so they won't have to bust out any tools to install it.

    The bike seat cover on a bike seat

    39. A fleece crossbody bag from lululemon that I'm pretty sure they're gonna wanna wear every day. Bonus: the fluffy texture will pair perfectly with all their cozy knits and sherpa jackets.

    A person wearing the bag with sweatpants and a sweater

    40. A sloth colouring book if shading in cartoons of rainforest-dwelling mammals is their idea of a good time.

    41. A portable espresso maker that'll have them brewing rich, delicious coffee, whenever, wherever. It's compatible with Nespresso capsules, meaning they won't have to order completely different pods for their coffee gadgets.

    42. An egg carton of beauty sponges that is equal parts adorable and useful. Reviewers say the quality is comparable to more expensive alternatives and that the container makes it great for travelling.

    The case filled with sponges

    43. A copy of The New York Times Crossword Page-A-Day Calendar that'll bless them with a new puzzle every day.

    The calendar on a blank background

    44. A 1,000-piece pastel puzzle that'll leave them with a new piece of art to show off. Reviewers say it's challenging (even for seasoned puzzlers) so it'll keep them busy for days.

    The lid off the puzzle box surrounded by puzzle pieces

    45. A hand-powered veggie spiralizer for when they want want to have their pasta and eat their veggies, too. They can use it on everything from beets to zucchini so they can have a different take on noods every night.

    46. A memory foam massage mat that'll take them right to relaxation station by kneading out their entire bod and keeping them toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can easily customize their massages with the remote.

    A person lying on the massage mat on a couch

    47. A copy of 52 Lists for Calm that'll get them in tune with their mind and body (and give them some useful tips along the way). It'll take less time to fill out than a traditional journal thanks to the short format, and reviewers say it's a great tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

    48. A circular cheese board that they can use to create aesthetically-pleasing fromage platters for all their events. It has a hidden drawer that fits the four included knives perfectly, so they won't need to order their own tools.

    Two knives and a wheel of brie on the board

    49. A copy of the original Catan base game that'll have them trading and building their way to victory. They'll be so busy creating cities and settlements and vying for the coveted "Longest Road" card that they won't have a chance to get bored.

    The game laid out on a table

    50. A 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help them learn more about their family tree. They'll even be able explore traits, like their freckles and hair colour, and learn what their DNA has to say about their preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    The 23AndMe box

    51. A kombucha kit so they can create their own naturally fizzy beverages and get those probiotics in without spending a small fortune. Healthy gut, here they come.

    The components of the kit displayed on a counter top with a glass of kombucha

    52. A lettering and calligraphy notebook that'll teach them how to turn their chicken scratch writing into beautiful, loopy letters. Reviewers love that it's packed with mini projects and encouraging messages that hype them up while they're learning.

    A letting and calligraphy notebook on a table with a pen and paper clips

    53. A wax seal kit that they can use to give their cards and gifts a personal touch. It comes with a floral stamper, plus five different colours of wax — they can even mix them together to create a marbled effect.

    54. A copy of Carrie Soto Is Back if they're a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan (I mean, who isn't these days). The book follows the story of the titular character, a retired tennis player, who is returning to the game to reclaim her record. Obviously, because it's written by TJR, there are plenty of emotional backstories and personal dramas involved.

    The book on a tennis court surrounded by rackets and balls

    55. And finally, a Conair foot spa that'll give their tootsies the TLC they deserve. It has massaging foot rollers, a bubble setting, and it even heats up.

    The foot spa on a blank background

    Them after opening their gifts:

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