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    23 Things From Amazon Canada That'll Probably Improve Your Entire Existence

    Clicking "add to cart" on all of these.

    1. A Brothboxx that you can use to freeze your tasty soup bases into gigantic, long-lasting cubes. Each section can hold up to one cup of broth, so you can easily defrost single servings.

    The Brothboxx with soup in it on a cutting board surrounded by veggies

    2. A pack of pastel crocodile clips that'll help you section off your hair for styling. Thanks to their extra-large size, they can even hold buns and ponies in place.

    3. A tablet stand that'll keep your group chat in full view and put less strain on your neck. It's also great for FaceTime calls, Zoom meetings, and binge-watching episodes of Love Island while you attempt to get some work done on your monitor.

    A tablet on the stand on a end table

    4. A pack of Jelly Belly drink mixes that'll make all of your beverages taste better. Whether you're whipping up cocktails or messing around with your SodaStream, these are sure to come in handy.

    The four drink mixes in a line

    5. A poop bag pouch that comes equipped with 20 bags, so you'll never be stuck without something to clean up your dog's business. It also has a lil' hook at the bottom that you can use to tote full bags so you won't have to commit your one free hand to toting poop.

    The holder on a leash in front of dogs paws

    6. This Sally Hansen nail serum that'll transform your weak talons into long 'n' strong claws. It's packed with vitamins A, C, and E and will keep your cuticles from fraying, too.

    A person holding the bottle up to their nails

    7. A pack of iron-on denim patches that'll save you from prematurely throwing out your fave jeans. They come in four different shades, meaning you won't be stuck fixing up your stuff with a patch that stands out like a sore thumb.

    A before photo of jeans with holes by the crotch and an after photo with the patches on those holes

    8. This Umbra mirror that'll take your outfit selfies to the next level. It has a ladder on the back where you can tuck away extra throws or towels, too.

    The mirror in a bedroom next to a window

    9. An SPF 50 Neutrogena sunscreen stick that'll keep your sweet lil' visage from getting singed by the sun. It's sweat- and water-resistant, so you can go for a dip and not worry about it washing away with the waves.

    The stick surrounded by summer accessories and a popsicle

    10. A four-pack of glass hanging vases that you can turn into mini propagation stations. They're also great for displaying floral bouquets if you're more into camellias and carnations than pothos and philodendrons.

    Two pothos propagations in two vases on a wall

    11. A set of glitzy shower hooks that'll make your dollar store shower curtain look a little more stylish. Reviewers love that the double-hook design allows them to hang both a curtain and liner and say they glide like a dream.

    The hooks holding up a spotted shower curtain

    12. A microwave pasta cooker that'll help you whip up a full spaghetti dinner in mere minutes. It has a built-in strainer so you can easily dump out the water post-boil.

    A person using a fork to mix spaghetti in the container

    13. A Carhartt car organizer that'll save your backseat from turning into a sea of chaos. It has eight cargo pockets, giving you plenty of room to stash water bottles, gadgets, and whatever else lives in your car.

    The organizer on the back of a car seat

    14. A set of adorbs margarita glasses that you can use to serve up frosty cocktails or dips at your next fiesta. Thanks to the textured cacti stems, they're easier to hold onto than traditional cocktail cups.

    three margarita glasses filled with dip in front of a chip bowl

    15. An over-the-sink drying rack if you're seriously lacking space on your kitchen counters. It'll balance on the edge of your sink without taking up the entire basin and has a cup for soaking gunked-up flatware and utensils.

    The rack with mugs on it and utensils soaking in the cup

    16. This rustic coffee table that looks chic as heck and has hidden compartments galore. If you need a work surface in your living room, simply flip the top and you'll have the perfect makeshift desk.

    The coffee table in a living room with books inside its hidden compartments

    17. This nylon chopping tool that you can use to de-clump your meats, veggies, and more. Reviewers say it mashes their culinary creations into a finer texture than a wooden spoon would and love that it doesn't scratch up their cookware in the process.

    18. A rolling laundry hamper with three separate laundry bags that you can use to separate your lights, darks, and delicates. It also has a handy hanging pole that you can use to dry all the stuff that doesn't get along with your dryer.

    The laundry hamper filled with clothes in a laundry room

    19. A set of four dinner plates in a mix of muted tones that'll make your dinner table look like it belongs in a magazine. You can grab some matching bowls if you wanna complete your set.

    20. This heart-shaped neon light that'll pretty up any naked wall in your house. It comes with a dimmer so you can easily adjust how intense your lighting sitch is.

    The light hanging on a wall next to a plant

    21. A tea bag station that'll keep your sachets of Earl Grey, English breakfast, and orange pekoe organized and in one place. You could also use it to hold sweeteners or seasoning packets if tea isn't your jam.

    Several tea sachets in the carousel

    22. A Cuisinart melting dome that'll help turn that limp slice of cheese on your burger into a layer of ooey-gooey deliciousness. Reviewers say it's also great for keeping food warm before serving.

    The melting dome on a grill surrounded by burgers

    23. And finally, a wireless keyboard that you can bring with you to class, on coffee shop adventures, and beyond. It's backlit (with seven colour options to rotate through), so you'll even be able to make out your keys in dark lecture halls.

    The keyboard on a desk in front of a tablet

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