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    27 Very Cool Things From Adidas Canada That Made Me Think, "I Need That In My Wardrobe"

    Out here living my best three-stripe life.

    1. A matching hoodie and jogger set, if you want to feel a bit more stylish when you're lounging around the house. It's made of velour, so it'll bring you right back to the early aughts.

    2. A corduroy dungaree dress that you can pair with your favourite tank, tee, or turtleneck. It has three pockets (two on the hips and one on the chest), so you can keep your lip balm, keys, and phone on you at all times.

    A person wearing the dress with a turtleneck

    3. This Stella McCartney x adidas sports bra that'll keep your boobs from bouncin' all over the place, even when you're doing high-intensity activities. The adjustable straps will keep your tatas in place, and it has removable pads, so you can choose just how much coverage you want.

    A person wearing the sports bra outdoors

    4. A pair of adidas Superstars, a timeless classic that will never go out of style. They were designed to be worn on basketball courts in the '70s, but they'll do you just as good when you're picking up groceries.

    A person holding up a shoe

    5. A cropped spaghetti strap tank that you'll want to wear every single day. It's great for layering and pairs perfectly with mom jeans and sweats.

    6. A pair of 7/8 leggings that'll replace that ratty pair you've had in your closet for ages. They're super high waisted and will make your booty look like the peach emoji without even trying.

    7. An vintage mini bag with an adjustable strap that you can use to tote around your essentials. It has two zippered pockets that'll help you keep your stuff organized.

    8. This cropped adidas hoodie that'll look 💯 with all of your cold-weather looks. The higher hemline makes it perfect for pairing with high-waisted bottoms.

    9. This zip-up sports bra that's designed for people with bigger bazongas. It has a soft underband and padded straps, making it more comfortable than most boob-strangling bras.

    A person wearing the sports bra while running

    10. A pair of performance stretch shorts that are easy to move in and are perfect for when you don't want to be weighed down by fabrics. They're also great to wear under skirts or dresses, if you want a little bit more coverage.

    11. A pack of three-stripe crew socks that you can wear with your kicks or your slides (socks and sandals are in, y'all).

    Three socks against a blank backgroud

    12. A cozy half-zip fleece sweater that'll keep you warm until the weather decides to play nice again. It fits loose, so you can layer up underneath it, too.

    13. A corset top that's the perfect blend of Bridgerton and Sporty Spice. It zips up at the back, so you won't need to enlist the help of your roommate to lace you up.

    14. These adidas Sleek shoes that you can easily dress up or down. If the chunky sneaker trend isn't for you, these classics will be right up your alley. Plus, they're monochromatic, so they'll match with everything in your wardrobe.

    A person wearing the sneakers in a car

    15. A pair of compression leggings with a funky pattern, because why fit in when you were born to stand out? They're made out of recycled materials, so they're a little easier on the environment, too.

    16. This witchy long sleeve shirt with a palm reader design on the back for anyone who's into mystical gear. The loose cut makes it perfect for lounging in, but it'll also look stellar tucked into jeans.

    17. A pair of cozy drawstring joggers that are the perfect pants for restorative yoga, running errands, and everything in between. They're made of recycled fleece that won't weigh you down, but will still keep you warm in the winter months.

    18. This leopard print satin pant and button-up shirt set that'll make you feel a bit fancier during your next Netflix binge sesh. They can also be worn as separates, if you want to jazz up a look with a more basic top or bottom.

    19. This puffer jacket, because winter isn't over (even though I want it to be). It has a turtleneck-style collar, so you won't even need to wear a scarf to keep your neck warm.

    20. This cropped hoodie with shimmering details that'll make you feel a bit more glam. Reviewers love that it isn't too cropped, saying it hits right at the waist, and love that the material is heavy enough to keep them warm in the winter.

    A person wearing the hoodie with track pants

    21. This relaxed-fit cropped tee that'll have you lookin' cute and feelin' comfy. Its made of lightweight, breezy fabric, so you can rock it in the summer months, too.

    22. A pair of pastel patterned training tights that are so cute, you'll want to wear them for every workout. They're made of anti-odour fabric that'll save you from getting stinky (even when you're sweating up a storm).

    23. A transparent backpack that'll save you from rifling through your bag to find what you need, because you'll be able to see it all! It has a loop inside that you can string your keys through, so they won't get buried at the bottom of your bag.

    24. This slouchy bomber jacket with an adjustable collar that'll be your favourite layering piece when spring has sprung. Reviewers love that it's equal parts stylish and comfortable.

    25. These Ultraboost sneakers that have extra cushioning on the soles to protect your joints while you sprint. They're made of a breathable, knit material that'll keep your feet from getting super sweaty.

    26. A pair of compression leggings with mesh cutouts for extra ventilation. They're made from upcycled ocean plastic waste, so you'll be doing Mother Nature a favour while amping up your workout wardrobe.

    27. And finally, this supportive sports bra with a high neckline that'll save your boobs from popping out while your move from upward to downward dog. It's made of an ultra-absorbent material that'll keep you comfortable from the beginning of your flow right through Savasana.

    You looking at yourself in your new clothes:

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