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    27 Gifts For Anyone On Your List Who Loves Baking

    These are guaranteed to make their life a little sweeter.

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    1. A genius pastry mat that has measurements etched right onto it, so they won't have to bust out a ruler while baking. It can be stored rolled up or folded, so they should have no trouble finding space for it in their cupboards.

    2. A divided pie pan so that they can make two different recipes and only end up with one dirty pan. If they love baking, but hate the whole clean up process (hello, everyone), this pan will be a blessing.

    3. A set of cat-shaped stoneware pinch bowls to hold their pre-measured ingredients in while they tackle a more complex recipe. They're also purr-fect for sauces, dips, and little nibbles at dinner parties.

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer that they've probably wanted FOREVER. Not only will this baby look great on their countertop, but it'll also take the hard work away from their digits, making it easier to whisk, stir, fold, and everything in between.

    5. Or, if they prefer baking the old-fashioned way, a pastel three-speed hand mixer that can beat, mix, and whip just as well (it just takes a bit of extra arm work).

    6. A set of matryoshka measuring cups that'll make their baking endeavors a whole lot cuter. They also won't take up a ton of space in your drawers, since they literally nest inside of each other.

    7. A cast iron crepe pan so that they can master the art of French cooking in the comfort of their home. Now they'll finally be able to make one of those drool-worthy crepe cakes that have taken over Instagram.

    8. A set of bestselling silicone cupcake liners so that they can bake all the goodies they could ever want, without wasting a single wrapper. They're also great for whipping up individual omelettes or egg bites, if they want to prep their breakfasts in advance.

    9. A marble pastry board that can be used to prep heavenly, carb-filled wonders that even Anna Olson would be jealous of. Plus, it can totally double as a cheeseboard.

    10. A set of silicone pastry bags that are a serious step up from flimsy single use bags. Reviewers love how durable they are and how easy they are to clean.

    11. A set of silicone baking ramekins that they can use to make mini soufflés, muffins, and more. Reviewers love how they can easily pop out their creations without leaving half their desserts stuck inside (a common problem with traditional metal pans).

    12. A mini donut maker that bakes seven donuts in less time than it takes to get to get to Tim Horton's. This handy appliance will add a little sweetness to their boring breakfast with barely any extra work.

    13. A compact bread maker that allows them to delay baking time, so they can wake up to freshly baked bread in the morning or come home to a piping hot loaf after work. Now they won't have to make trips to the bakery to get that doughy goodness in their lives.

    14. And Flour Water Salt Yeast, a bestselling bread book that'll help them master the art of making gorgeous, tasty loaves and pizza crusts.

    15. A full non-stick baking set that'll give them the tools they need to bake cakes, cupcakes, loaves, and almost every other confection they can dream up. One reviewer says that they love it because they don't have to grease up the pans before using.

    16. A heavy duty cookie press that crafts perfectly shaped, uniform cookies without using extra moulds or cutters. Now their biscuits will come out looking beautiful every time they bake.

    17. A set of textured baking combs that lightly carve into buttercream icing to create patterns. If your pal wants to take their cake decorating game to the next level, they need these for their kitchen.

    18. A three-tiered cooling rack that's perfect for the person who likes to take on multiple baking projects at a time. It comes with an extra support bar to hold heavier treats like full-size pies and cakes.

    19. An electric pizelle maker that'll make baking traditional Italian waffle cookies a breeze. Reviewers say that it's super easy to use, clean, and that you get a lot of bang for your buck.

    20. A pack of angled cake frosting spatulas that'll help them evenly spread and smooth icing like a true pro. Each handle has a hole on the end, so they can be hung instead of shoved in an overcrowded utensil drawer.

    21. A set of classic Pyrex measuring cups that can be used in the oven, microwave, fridge, and freezer. They have little spouts that come in especially handy when working with liquids (now they'll never miss the bowl when pouring out ingredients!).

    22. A crème brûlée pan so that they don't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy their favourite indulgent dessert. I highly suggest pairing it with a torch so that they can acheive that perfect carmelized crust, too.

    23. A metal flour sifter so that they don't have to mess around with a mesh strainer every time a recipe calls for finely milled flour. It has volume markings written right on it, so they can use it for measuring, too.

    24. A cake pop maker that may become their most used appliance (even if it seems a bit extra). Reviewers love how fast it works and say it's much easier and less messy than trying to craft cake balls by hand.

    25. An adjustable teaspoon and tablespoon so that they can get through a recipe without using a thousand different tools. These make for a great stocking stuffer or add on to any baking gift.

    26. A Tasty cookbook that'll inspire them to make even more sweet treats. The recipes are simple enough to follow that even baking newbies can execute them flawlessly.

    27. And finally, a candle that smells like baked goods, so even when they're not baking, it'll smell like they have a pie in the oven.

    Them after playing with all their new baking gadgets and gizmos:

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