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    29 Awesome Products That You'll Wish You Bought, Like, Yesterday

    They're useful, too!

    1. A charcoal odour catcher to keep your bag from getting stinky when you're toting around gym gear, wet clothes, or anything with a strong smell. They're packed with activated charcoal that prevents the buildup of harmful mould, mildew, bacteria, and fungi to keep your stuff safe and germ free.

    2. A set of waterbottle decals that'll make your canteen stand out in a sea of boring bottles. The set comes with a whopping 30 different stickers, so you're bound to find a few that really suit your style.

    3. A copper-lined wrist support brace that'll help heal injuries, aid arthritis pains, and relieve pretty much any other aches your hands may have. Reviewers say it offers a solid amount of support and is super comfortable to wear while playing sports and typing.

    4. This legendary blood red peeling solution from The Ordinary that you've probably seen on TikTok, Instagram, and every other social media platform. It'll clean out your congested pores, deeply exfoliate your skin, and make your skin super smooth (AKA everything you want and need).

    5. A pack of glass meal prep containers that are safe to put in the microwave, oven, and freezer. The tops have hinged locks to keep them firmly attached, so you won't face any surprise spills in your bag.

    6. A rainbow fidget ball for when you're too bored to function, or just need to occupy your hands. All you do is scramble the coloured balls inside, then figure out how to get them back into their matching slots. It may sound easy, but it takes some practice to get right.

    7. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that'll cleanse hard-to-clean bottles, thermoses, and cannisters without the help of any fancy tools. Just add water, drop one in, and let it do its thing.

    8. A bottle of boot stretching spray with over 2,000 positive reviews that'll soften and stretch your tight-fitting shoes. Using it is simple: spray those tight areas down, toss on your thickest socks, and pop on your shoes or boots — after it dries your feet should fit better than ever.

    9. An egg piercer that'll punch a tiny hole in your oeufs before you boil them. It'll help prevent breakage during cooking, and makes peeling the egg a heck of a lot easier.

    10. A fully-adjustable skipping rope that you can lengthen or shorten to perfectly fit your height. It has non-slip handles, making them easy to grip so you don't cause any accidental injuries by flailing it across the gym.

    11. A reversible duvet cover and pillowcase that's marble patterned on one side and solid grey on the other. It's also wrinkle resistant, so you don't have to worry about ironing your sheets (because let's be honest, you won't).

    12. A tea-steeping llama that you can pack with your favourite loose-leaf blends, so that you don't need to buy single-use tea bags every again. Congrats, you just got a little more eco-friendly and your cup of tea just got a lot cuter.

    13. A memory foam massage mat that'll take you to relaxation station by kneading out your entire bod and keeping you toasty warm. Reviewers say it's their secret weapon for back pain and love that they can customize their massages by using the remote.

    14. A pack of anti-slip glasses pads that stick right onto the bridge of your specs to make them more comfortable. They'll eliminate pinching and keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, even when you're sweaty.

    15. A plastic baking knife that can be used on nonstick material, so you don't mess up your bakeware to get that perfect slice of brownie. One reviewer says it's strong enough to cut through apples, so it'll work with even your densest desserts.

    16. A bottle of CND cuticle oil that's packed with jojoba oil and vitamin E to keep your nail beds looking and feeling their best. Reviewers say it strengthens their nails like none other and helps them grow, too.

    17. A felt succulent making kit because you can't seem to keep your plants alive, but still want your home to have that greenhouse vibe. This little display is super easy to assemble and is a crafty solution for your lack of a green thumb.

    18. A pack of textured sneaker cleaner wipes that will get all the gross gunk off your kicks in just a few swipes. They come individually packaged, so you can throw a few in your bag if you're travelling.

    19. A pack of colourful cord protectors that'll keep your wires in place and save them from fraying when they're on their last legs. The different colours will help you identify which cord belongs to who, so you'll never fued with your partner or roommates again about stealing your cables.

    20. And a cord organizer that'll keep all your wires and electronic doodads in order so that they don't turn your junk drawer into a sea of chaos. It's also great for travelling, if you like vacationing with all your gadgets.

    21. A pack of dangly portrait earrings that'll take any look from meh to amazing. They're hypoallergenic and made of gold plated brass, so you don't have to worry about them bothering your lobes.

    22. A set of robot salt and pepper shakers that can actually wind up and waddle across tables. Every meal is about to get a lot more enjoyable with these bad boys around.

    23. A secret travel pouch that attaches to your bra and will keep all your essentials safe. Reviewers say it's comfortable to wear in hot climates and is even great for nights out when you don't want to carry a bag around.

    24. A corgi mousepad with a padded booty that'll give your wrist the support it needs for a long day of scrolling. The little pillows create the perfect rest so you'll never leave your desk in pain again.

    25. A bottle of peppermint foot cooling spray that'll refresh your tired, achy tootsies and make them smell great, too. Reviewers say its also a super effective bug deterrent and can repel raccoons from garbage cans, too.

    26. A set of mini makeup spatulas that'll help you get every last bit of product out of your makeup containers. Gone are the days of throwing out half of your $72 holy grail foundation before it's even done.

    27. A pair of waterproof ankle boots that are both fashionable and functional. One BuzzFeed writer says they're a staple in her wardrobe because they're lightweight, super comfy, and great for all types of weather.

    28. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has killer sound quality and can withstand even the snowiest and rainiest conditions. It floats in the water, so you don't have to stress if it takes an accidental dip in a lake when you take it camping or cottaging.

    29. And finally, a deck of non-cheesy affirmation cards that'll give you the dose of positivity you need now that you're back to your daily grind. Reviewers say that they're simultaneously inspiring and hilarious, which is a combo I can get on board with.

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