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    26 Gifts To Give Yourself Because Life Is Stressful And You Deserve A Present

    I'm hitting "Add to Cart" on everything on this list.

    1. A pack of OG Lip Smackers that'll bring you back to your youth and keep your lips from cracking all winter long. TBH, they probably smell better than whatever $20 lip balm you're rocking right now, too.

    2. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that's the perfect combo of spicy and sweet and tastes so heavenly that you'll want to drizzle it on everything

    3. A metallic Fujifilm camera that prints out classic square polaroids that you'll want to cover your entire apartment with. There's a tiny mirror right next to the lens, so you'll be able to nail your selfie on the first try.

    4. A deck of user-friendly yoga healing cards that'll help you deal with aches and pains through simple stretches. The cards include pictures and detailed instructions so that you don't accidentally injure yourself trying to find your way into a pose.

    5. A portable drink holder that sticks right to the wall of your shower or bathtub so that you can caffeinate (or pregame) while you get clean. It can fit everything from a mug to a wine glass, and can suction on to tile, glass, and mirrored surfaces.

    6. A cast iron tortilla press that'll give your Taco Tuesday celebrations a serious upgrade. Reviewers love how heavy-duty it is, and recommend that you use parchment paper to keep your station from getting gunked up.

    7. A bottle of salon-level hair serum that’ll save your dry, damaged hair and give you that silky shine you’ve always dreamed of having. It also fights frizz and protects your hair from blasts of heat.

    8. A speech bubble pet food mat to save your floor from getting covered in kibble every time your four-legged friend dives into their dinner. It has raised edges that block any morsels from escaping.

    9. A bamboo steamer basket to help you master the art of Asian cooking. They can also be used to reheat takeout, if you're not exactly a gifted chef and would prefer to let the pros handle your dim sum.

    10. A set of holographic microtweezers that'll help you get at hard-to-grab hairs. They're super tiny, so you'll be able to squeeze them into almost any bag, pouch, or wallet.

    11. A bottle of anti-residue shampoo that'll cleanse your luscious locks and leave them feeling silky smooth. Reviewers say it fights frizz and is great for greasy hair, so you'll no longer have to deal with an oily mess in the morning.

    12. A massive tarot tapestry to give your "meh" bedroom a makeover without any nails or hooks (you're welcome, landlord). You can also use it as a table cloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to give your table some witchy vibes.

    13. A set of stackable tiki shot glasses that are cute enough to display on your bar cart. They're made of thick glass and are super sturdy, so they probably won't shatter into a million pieces if they're tipped over.

    14. A stainless steel storage basket that'll keep your styling tools and products from taking up a ton of precious cupboard and counter real estate. It's heat resistant, so you can throw in your curler or hair dryer while it's still cooling down.

    15. A pack of biodegradable face wipes that are great for removing sweat, makeup, and everything in between. They're a blessing for flights and long car rides, so you'll definitely want to pop a couple in your carry-on.

    16. A sturdy universal phone mount that is every lazy person's dream. Clip it to your bed, your desk, or your breakfast tray and hands-free stream or FaceTime to your heart's content.

    17. A stylish, multilevel Caboodle case to hold all your makeup, jewelery, and accessories. This is a gift to your inner '90s girl, and frankly, she deserves it.

    18. A pack of ramen sticky notes so that you can display your love of noods all over your desk and text books. They also might remind you to take a break and eat something (like ramen, idk) when you're in the middle of a cram sesh.

    19. A tube of vegan chai toothpaste that'll make brushing your teeth an actual treat. This is a lifesaver if you absolutely hate the taste of peppermint.

    20. A set of burlap tropical throw pillowcases that'll give your living room a healthy dose of greenery but are a lot easier to take care of than actual plants. No more fern funerals for you!

    21. A bottle of fast-absorbing aftershave that's packed with natural ingredients. It works wonders on sensitive skin and will help combat post-shave irritation and dryness.

    22. A hot air popcorn maker that requires zero oil and will pop every last kernel without burning your batch. Now you won't have to play that risky guessing with your microwave that ends in blackened popcorn or a half-popped bag almost every time.

    23. A pack of colourful rubber gear ties to keep your junk drawer organized. These are ideal for headphones, computer chargers, USB cables, and all your other essentials.

    24. A set of ruled sticky notes so you can attach additional notes on top of your notes. These are great if you want to flag something in a textbook but don't want to write on the actual page (keep that resale value high; you've got student loans to pay).

    25. A drop-in timer that changes colour as your noodles cook, so your pasta never turns out too soft or al dente. It has indicators specifically for lasagna, spaghetti, and angel hair, but you can use it for other varieties, too.

    26. And finally, a handy nail polish holder that can fit bottles of all sizes and will revolutionize the way you do your nails. Now you just need to learn how to paint inside your cuticles.

    You after buying everything on this list: