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    I've Got Good News, These Amazon Canada Gifts Are All On Sale Right Now For Cyber Weekend

    Save big on presents for all your fave people.

    Black Friday is over and Cyber Weekend has officially arrived! Lucky for you, a ton of gifts are on sale on Amazon Canada so you can get your holiday shopping done before December 1st.

    1. 23% off The New York Times Crossword Page-A-Day Calendar that'll bless them with a new puzzle every day.

    The calendar on a blank background

    2. 22% off a microwave popcorn popper that'll help them make movie theatre-level snacks in the comfort of their own home. It has a butter melter built into the lid, so they won't need to dirty any extra dishes to elevate their kernels.

    The popcorn popper filled with popcorn

    3. 27% off a Bose portable speaker that they can take with them on all their adventures. It comes with a tear-resistant silicone strap, so they can attach it to their bike, treadmill, or anywhere else they wanna listen to their beats.

    The portable speaker on a bike

    4. 25% off a Conair foot spa that'll give their tootsies the TLC they deserve. It has massaging foot rollers, a bubble setting, and it even heats up.

    The foot spa on a blank background

    5. 30% off a Vitamix immersion blender they can use to ~smooth out~ their soups 'n' sauces.

    A person using the immersion blender to make pasta sauce

    6. 27% off a pair of adjustable dumbbells if curls, rows, and RDLs are their jam when it comes to working out. They can be levelled up from five to 52 pounds so they won't have to keep adding new ones to their collection as their guns grow.

    A person putting a dumbbell into its case

    7. Or 20% off an adjustable kettlebell they can use for all their twists, pulls, and presses. It can be amped up from eight pounds all the way to 40 pounds so they can customize the weight to the exercise they're doing.

    8. 18% off a Monopoly Deal card game if they love to travel, but hate that they can't bring along their fave game. It has all the fun of the full-sized version, but only takes about 15 minutes to play.

    Several cards laid out on a beach towel

    9. 31% off a pair of plush slippers that'll save them from freezing their feet off this winter. Thanks to the textured rubber sole, they can even pop out and grab the mail while wearing them and not end up with sopping wet feet.

    The slippers on a faux fur blanket

    10. 30% off a velvet meditation cushion that'll help them on their quest for zen. Annnnd, when they're not searching for inner peace, they can use it as an extra floor cushion when they have pals over.

    A person meditating on the cushio

    11. 32% off a bottle of IGK Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum if their mane is their main concern. Reviewers say it's not heavy at all and that it helps detangle their tresses, too.

    The bottle of serum on a swatch of product

    12. 27% off a Wilton bake pan set that they can rejig to create different numbers, letters, and shapes. Reviewers love that it saves them from buying a ton of novelty pans and from attempting (and failing at) freehand designs.

    A cake pan on a counter surrounded by baked goods

    13. Or 22% off a cookie press set if they'd choose biscuits over cake any day. It comes with 12 disks with different patterns, so they won't have to do any freehand shaping.

    14. 11% off a screaming goat figurine because they could probs use some more shrieking Bovidae in their life. It comes with a 32-page book of goat facts, so they'll probably learn something new, too.

    The screaming goat in its box in front of a gift bag

    15. 28% off a wearable heat pad that they'll be thankful for when their back is acting up (and when they're heckin' chilly). It's made of super soft material and has six heat settings, so they can adjust it to suit their needs with the click of a button.

    A person wearing the heating pad while sitting on the ground

    16. 30% off a Solo Stove that'll make their backyard party central 365 days a year. It's designed to burn with almost no smoke, so they won't have to play musical chairs as they roast their marshmallows.

    17. 20% off a classic game of Guess Who? that has truly stood the test of time. When they've gotten a handle on the rules, they can ditch the instructions and play the subjective version of the game (if they have TikTok, they'll know what I mean).

    The box with the Guess Who? board on its cover

    18. 31% off a candy melting pot that they can use to coat their sweet treats. Reviewers also love using it to make fondue, if that's more their jam.

    A person dipping a marshmallow into the pot filled with chocolate

    19. 31% off a Bissell carpet cleaner that'll help them get all their rugs and upholstered stuff clean. It has a rotating brush that'll help them get deep into the fibres and scrub out any gross stuff.

    A person using the carpet cleaner in their car

    20. 50% off a 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help them learn more about their family tree. They'll even be able explore traits, like their freckles and hair colour, and learn what their DNA has to say about their preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    21. 22% off a Rock 'Em Sock Em Robots that'll have them battling it out with buff androids. The game is as simple as they come: be the first to knock your opponent’s block off — yes, it's just that easy.

    Two kids playing with the game on a wooden coffee table

    22. 23% off a marble salt cellar that's waaaay cuter than the plastic shakers they got at the dollar store, so they'll actually wanna leave it on display.

    the cellar filled with pink salt

    23. 25% off a Panasonic hair dryer if they're straight-up tired of waiting for their tresses to dry. Since it has an oscillating head three heat settings, they can customize their blow dry sesh.

    The dryer surrounded by hair products

    24. 30% off a Barbie unicorn that'll light up and make sounds when they brush its hair (or press the button on its body) — so much cooler than a plain ol' pony.

    A kid playing with the Barbie unicorn

    25. 35% off a desktop humidifier that'll add a lil' moisture into the air when things are feeling dry. It has a colourful light if they want some ambiance, and reviewers say it's nice and quiet, too.

    the humidifier on a stump of wood

    26. 50% off a 4K Fire TV stick that'll let them access all of their fave streaming platforms in one place. Since it's Alexa-enabled, they'll be able to pause, play, or simply search for a show without having to scroll for ages.

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    27. 20% off a bubble backpack that'll let their kitten see the world while they trek to the vet. It's totally transparent and comes with a plush pillow that's just as comfy as their fave lounge spot at home.

    A cat inside a backpack

    28. 22% a Hot Wheels garage that'll give them a place to play with (and store) their impressive collection of itty-bitty automobiles. They can race down the dual tracks, but will have to steer clear of the dino — it might munch their racer if they're not careful.

    29. 16% off a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera so they can snap candids of their fave moments and have a physical copy in a matter of seconds. It's great if they're a sentimental person who loves to scrapbook or create photo albums for the sake of ~nostalgia~.

    the camera on a desk beside instant photos

    30. 20% off a bamboo monitor riser that'll keep their screen at the perfect height and save them from slouching. But it's not just a one-trick pony — it has one drawer and two cubbies that they can pack with tech accessories and stationery supplies to declutter their desk.

    The monitor riser with a monitor on it on a desk

    31. 20% off a pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds that won't pop out when they least expect them to (like in the middle of a run). Reviewers say their noise-cancelling power is unparalleled and that they're so comfy, they can even wear them to sleep.

    Alice holding the earbuds in their case

    32. 15% off a COSORI air fryer that'll give them all the joys of fried food without having to mess around with spattering oil. If they don't wanna stick around the kitchen while it gets down to business, they can pair it with the companion app — it'll allow them to monitor their cook time and switch up the settings remotely.

    The air fryer and a phone monitoring its progress

    33. And finally, 20% off classic Jenga if tower-building (and destruction) is their fave past time.

    A person taking a tile out of Jenga tower

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