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    20 Amazon Canada Products That Made Me Think, "Huh, That's Pretty Useful"

    IDK about you, but I love handy things.

    1. A personal alarm that'll make you feel safer when you're out and about. Simply click the button and it'll make an ear-piercing noise that'll scare away anything (or anyone) lurking in the shadows.

    A person with the alarm clipped with their bag and a person holding the alarm on their keychain

    2. A tube of PanOxyl Creamy Acne Wash that'll have you saying hasta la vista to your pimples. It's gentle enough to use every day and won't dry out your skin while it gets down to business.

    A person holding a tube of PanOxyl wash

    3. A bag of Miracle-Gro water storing crystals that'll swell to absorb H2O and save you from under- or over-watering your plant bbs. If you don't know if your leafy friends need a spritz or a full bucket of water for optimal ✨health and happiness✨, these are bound to come in handy.

    A person spooning crystals into soil in a plant pot

    4. A heating pad if you've got aches and pains that desperately need tending to. It has six heat settings (so you can choose what suits your bod best) and it's totally flexible, meaning you can wrap it or roll it to fit around any part of your body.

    A person wearing the heating pad on their stomach while lying on a couch

    5. A bottle of Dr. Scholl's foot powder you probably need if you suffer from stinky feet. Reviewers use it both in their shoes and on their feet and say that it *dramatically* reduces stank while keeping their tootsies dry.

    A bottle of Odour Destroyers beside a person putting on flip flops on a dock

    6. A stackable pill organizer that'll keep your daily doses in order. Each case is labelled with a day of the week and has four compartments, so you won't accidentally swap your a.m. pills for your p.m. ones (IDK about you, but I don't wanna be drowsy right after my morning coffee).

    The pill organizer on a blank background

    7. A faux leather AirTag case that'll keep your precious tracker safe from bashes and smashes. It has a clip you can use to attach it to your keys, luggage, or dog's harness with ease.

    A person showing the back and front of the AirTag cover

    8. A bottle of jojoba oil that'll do wonders for your tresses, skin, and nails. Reviewers especially love using it as a pre-wash hair treatment before they shower to keep their hair soft and shiny through the winter months.

    A person applying the jojoba oil to their nails

    9. A closet organizer that'll give you extra space for folded clothes and accessories. It has four ~spacious~ compartments, plus six mesh pockets where you can store your itty-bitty clutches and sunglasses.

    The organizer hanging inside of a closet

    10. A pair of silicone wine stoppers that'll keep your vino tasting fresh days after you open it. Unlike traditional rigid versions, these ones will expand outward to create an airtight seal when they're popped in and will automatically unseal when you pull their tops.

    11. A pack of mint-flavoured floss picks that'll help you get into the nooks and crannies of your smile. Regular floss? Leave that for the peasants.

    alice holding up a pair of the flossing picks

    12. A humidifier if your apartment is feeling drier than ever and you're straight-up over it. It's small enough to keep on a bedside table, so it won't take up any floorspace in your already crammed bedroom.

    The humidifier on a wood table in a living room

    13. A travel makeup bag so you can actually keep your toiletries organized on your next adventure. It has a ton of pockets and compartments for all your goodies and can lay flat once opened, so you'll actually be able to see everything inside.

    14. A box of extra-thick poop bags that won't bust open mid-walk (my worst nightmare). They're also odour-blocking so you won't be stuck sniffing anything less-than-rosy until you find a trash can.

    A person holding up a poop bag next to a box of poop bags

    15. A phone stand so you won't have to hunch over your phone to watch videos or keep an eye on your group chat. It's collapsible, so you can fold it down and tuck it in your bag or drawer when you're done using it.

    16. A clip-on tuner that'll have you hitting all the right notes when you're strummin'. The screen will change colour based on whether your note is flat, sharp, or in tune, so you'll know when changes need to be made.

    A person using the tuner on their guitar

    17. A set of Pyrex measuring cups because measuring with your heart sometimes isn't the way. You won't have to be gentle with them, either — these babies can go in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

    The three measuring cups filled with various ingredients

    18. An extra-long bath liner mat that'll keep you from slippin' and slidin' around in your tub. It's covered in lil' drainage holes so you won't have to worry about water pooling on top of or underneath it (no mould here, pals).

    The mat in the bottom of a bathtub

    19. An under-cabinet paper towel rack that'll keep your roll from eating up precious space. Now you can fill your counter with even more fun kitchen gadgets, since you'll have some extra real estate.

    The paper towel holder underneath a cabinet with a roll on it

    20. And finally, a mitt and boot drying rack that you can place over any forced air grate in your home to get your stuff from sopping to toasty and dry. I'm officially done with wearing wet winter accessories, and I'm sure you are, too.

    A pair of skates on the drying rack

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