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    Tips to Have Your First Male-Female-Male (MFM) Threesome

    Well, a male-female-male threesome may not be as familiar as the rest of ménage à trois. People are more used to lesbian threesomes, and men mostly get to enjoy the joy of having two females in a room. Not to mean that MFM threesomes do not happen in the first place.

    Ever thought of having another man invited to your most sacred of rooms? You must admit that it is easier said than done. Not so many partners will be comfortable with this: men’s jealousy is usually on another level. But, you might be lucky to find someone who is more than willing to explore all the sexual fantasies with you.

    Getting your husband to agree to this kooky idea is by itself a tough task, let alone trying to find a third and to get things going. It should, however, not get in the way of you having some little fun with your lover. The following tips will assist you a long way in finding your way around implementing this fantasy.

    Consider cuckolding

    Cuckolding is one of the most practical ways you can think of, of being in a male-female-male threesome. What is cuckolding exactly? It is where your partner sits back and gets pleasured by watching you being pleasured. Mostly a bull or an alpha male is invited to play the role, and he should have sexual superiority in comparison to your partner. If you have not had such a relationship before, it is worth sitting down with your partner and discussing it before surprising him with one. Cuckolds are a great way to keep things in your bedroom hot: if jealousy does not get in the way, that is.

    Talk about it

    After mentally going through all your fantasies, it is decent for you to discuss them with your partner and know how he or she feels about it. You do not have to let it out all at once, but you can take advantage of the time that you feel most open with each other, like after having sex or hitting a blunt.

    It is at this time that you will know if you are going to fulfill your fetish in the first place.

    Find a third

    Was your partner’s response positive? Good for you! That is the first step. It is now time to find a third. The internet would be the most suitable place to find one. Remember that your profile speaks a lot about your character. It should, by all means, show your potential third that they can feel safe around you and that you respect them.

    Also, you should put your partner’s suggestion on where to find a third into consideration too. Doing it together will help you strengthen your bond.

    Have a plan

    Planning is crucial in anything and everything. You need to have a bright idea on how you expect things to go down, the activities that should be taking place. It will help in steering you away from boundaries set.

    Also, note that planning on the aftermath will spare you from awkwardness. Things such as whether your new friend will stay the night or leave after a given time are crucial. Do not fail to communicate, if anything makes you uncomfortable feel free to speak up.

    Practice safe sex

    Whatever you do, safe sex is a must, and have an extra pack of condoms if you can. Remember that threesomes are meant to be enjoyable. No need to get worried about STIs and pregnancy, after all, is said and done.