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    29 Incredibly Satisfying Things Any Crafter Will Recognize

    Mmmmm... straight lines.

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    1. When you open a fresh pack of anything.

    2. When you see pretty much anything color-coordinated.

    3. Or a neatly organized craft station.

    4. Or things that fit perfectly into one another.

    5. When scissors glide without a hitch as you slice through something.

    6. When you cut a perfectly straight line...

    7. ... or a perfect circle...

    8. ... and hear the sound it makes.

    9. Mixing paint.

    10. Successfully threading the needle on your first try.

    11. Using that 50% Off Michaels coupon on the expensive thing you've been eyeing.

    12. Popping those pesky air bubbles.

    13. When the heat gun transforms the embossing powder.

    14. Watching calligraphy videos.

    15. Also watching flourishing videos.

    16. And watching paint mix with water.

    17. Peeling glue off anything, especially your hands.

    18. Finally getting to touch something that's been drying for 24 hours.

    19. Spray painting anything.

    20. When you stamp something and it goes on perfectly and evenly.

    21. When you see something you made someone actually being used.

    22. When you get the last item and it's the color you want.

    23. How about the feeling of cutting clay?

    24. Or when you finally find out how to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do.

    25. Finally getting to unmask what you've painted.

    26. When you lift the paper and all the glitter falls off to reveal the masterpiece.

    27. Nailing a DIY Pinterest project and it looks exactly like what it's supposed to look like.

    28. Being able to say you made it yourself when someone compliments it.

    29. And that rush of inspiration when you see something new you want to make.