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15 Reasons Why Brunch Is The Best Meal Of The Day!

Forget breakfast.... get in early on lunch. Combining these two meals together opens up infinite possibilities for culinary and social delight. Read on to see why brunch is the most important meal of the day

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2. It's a good way to get family or friends together at home

A brunch party at home can be a fantastic get-together. Home brunches are often communal affairs where everyone helps out with the cooking, a great way to enjoy each other's company and bond.

3. If you want to go out there's lots of choice of cafes and delis

Brunch at Bonjour Brioche Cafe

Few places open early enough for breakfast, but by brunchtime, you'll find lots of options to suit a range of budgets.

4. Easy to travel too

You can miss the rush hour traffic and still be on time

6. And inexpensive

It depends, where you go, but generally speaking, eating brunch out won't hit your purse nearly as hard as lunch will.

8. You're having fun while other people are working

A weekday brunch is best for this There's something wonderfully self-indulgent about enjoying a social event while others are chained to their desks!

9. Diet Friendly and time saving!

You're combining two meals into one. That has to mean you're eating less and using your time more efficiently....doesn't it?

10. Brunch is the perfect post party meal..

When you've been up till the wee hours brunch is like a really good breakfast, but you're awake to enjoy it.

12. And a great time to catch up with friends

You get to sit down together over a whole range of your favourite foods and catch up on the gossip.

14. You still have the whole afternoon ahead of you

Brunch starts earlier than lunch does, so you'll probably finish earlier, leaving you with time to get a few jobs done. If your brunch does stretch out to fill the day the chances are you've had a wonderful time and laid down some great memories. And that's much more important than the chores.

15. You can eat what you like

Typically brunch menus combine savory, sweet, meat and vegetation dishes.

Bonus: What's a Typical Brunch Menu?

What makes a good brunch is lots of variety. For most people that means an egg dish or two, a choice of meats, some vegetarian options, fruit, lots of coffee and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And desserts. That's what separates brunch from breakfast, you can have desserts! Sticky cakes and puddings and cream and...remember you're combining two meals, so you owe it to yourself to do justice to them both!

Bonus: Brunch Party Ideas

A family brunch is a great way to celebrate a teenage birthday, leaving the rest of the day free for your teenager to hang out with mates. A brunch with friends is a fabulous way to mark a promotion, driving test success, exam results, or anything else you want to share and celebrate. Or just use the brunch itself as a reason to meet up. The own real rule is that you surround yourself with good company and good food and enjoy both to the full.

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