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The Worst Things That Can Happen When You're Walking Your Dog

You think it's going to be a relaxing walk. Then these things happen.

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Your dog steps on their own poop.

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You step on another dog's poop.

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Your dog slips out of their collar.

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A loud sound interrupts your dog's poop session.

Your dog decides to just stop mid walk.

Your dog keeps sniffing a stranger's crotch.

Your dog just won't stop barking at a stranger.

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Your dog humps a stranger and/or their dog.

Your dog is just not having it with your commands.

You ran out or forgot to bring poop bags.

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Now you're that dog owner.

Your dog decides they don't want to walk in the same direction as you.

But as mad or annoyed as you are, seeing that tail wag back and forth makes it all worth it.

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