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    If Common Words Were Spelled Like New England Towns

    "Pearcesson" ("person") is the best word to use when you don't know if someone's pronouns are he/him, she/her, or theheigh/thaham.

    The best part about living in New England is all the little quirks you encounter daily: the 57 Dunkins on your commute, each native's unwavering commitment to dropping every single "r," and the fact that almost no town is pronounced the way it's spelled.

    Worcester is pronounced "WUHster," Leominster is "LEMinster," Isle Au Haut is "I'll-uh-HO," etc. I can't help but wonder how New England would spell other words we use on a daily basis.

    So I New England-fied the spellings of 15 super common words in the English language — and the results are just as ridiculous as you'd expect.

    shirt that says boston with flag and Massachusetts spelled wrong

    1. Ketchup → kettuchepps

    bottle of ketchup

    2. Bowling ball → bowelingham bayle

    map of Massachusetts imposed on a photo of bowling

    3. Lemonade → leominaide

    glasses of lemonade

    4. Taylor Swift → Tallior Souwifett

    taylor swift tickets

    5. Semester → sormeicester

    college kids outside studying

    6. Man → mahan

    restroom sign that says mahen

    7. Woman → wormahan

    restroom sign wormahen

    8. Person → pearcesson

    sign that says all gender bathfrum

    9. Strawberry → storrowbury

    bowl of strawberrys

    10. Government → gouveranamount

    capitol hill post card

    11. Turntable → terntabisle

    vinyl playing on a turntable

    12. Tennis → tanness

    woman playing tennis

    13. Avril Lavigne → Averhill Louveanough

    avril lavigne

    14. Reflection → reighfullechoun

    swan boats in the lake

    15. BuzzFeed → BorcessFeouced

    new logo that reads BorcessFeouced

    Drop New England spellings of your favorite people, places, and things below!

    What do you think?