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I'm Positive That Anyone Who Lived Through The 2000s Can 100% Identify If These Quotes Are From "Legally Blonde," "Mean Girls," Or My Angsty High School Journal

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Fun fact: Millennials are required by law to memorize every single line from Legally Blonde and Mean Girls.

The '90s and '00s kids will also recognize the particular brand of teen angst that thrived in the days of the early internet.

So here's the ULTIMATE millennial test: Will you be able to tell which quotes are from Legally Blonde or Mean Girls vs. my angsty teen journal?

Author's note: "My angsty teen journal" refers to me — Alice Lahoda, the author of this quiz — and the journal in which I wrote my angsty thoughts as a teen. It is not a movie. (But maybe it should be??)

Drop the best angsty quotes from your teen journals in the comments!!