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    I Literally Can't Stop Laughing At These 26 Incredible Workarounds Toddlers Came Up With To Describe Words They Don't Know

    "My grandchild wanted to sing the song about people eating dirt ('Another One Bites the Dust')" —@deedledood

    If you spend any time around young children, you've probably noticed how they haven't completely grasped all the nuances of language yet — but they have clever ways of finding the words they're looking for.

    So when author/editor/parent Kristen Mulrooney tweeted about what her three-year-old calls cough drops, it totally resonated with people.

    The best thing about 3-year-old's is the way they do what they can with the words that they know. My daughter doesn't know the word "cough drop" so she is requesting medicine beans.

    Twitter: @missmulrooney

    The replies to Kristen's tweet were filled with parents sharing all the hilarious little substitute words their kids use to get a point across. These are some of the best replies:


    @missmulrooney My then three year old, referring to a bra, once asked me why I wore a “chest mask.”

    Twitter: @LeaAnn28


    @missmulrooney My nearly 3 y.o soon had a sore throat and headache and the only way he could describe it was"my head has bees." Made perfect sense.

    Twitter: @StillFunMum


    @missmulrooney My son used to call the pantry the pantreat because that’s where the treats are. 🥹

    Twitter: @alovelydai


    @missmulrooney 3yo was looking for the word “tomorrow” and came out with “nexterday” 😳

    Twitter: @tracesthings


    @missmulrooney My three year old niece called the backyard deck the cat hider.

    Twitter: @NTacke


    @missmulrooney “Blueberry raisins” for dried blueberries. We should call them that tbh.

    Twitter: @loganzinman


    @missmulrooney I have always enjoyed the "PortChildteaus" (my made up word for toddler mash up words). Mine used to use "hanitizer" and duh, that just made sense!

    Twitter: @clairedloon


    @missmulrooney We used to call cereal Breakfast Soup!

    Twitter: @stacie_burrows


    @missmulrooney My son used to call a laptop a ‘tummy work’ when he was really small 😭

    Twitter: @katie_rose_o


    @treadpath @missmulrooney Mine called it an underwear sticker. She thought it was a prize for going potty.

    Twitter: @redjen910


    @missmulrooney My grand-tot wanted to sing the song about people eating dirt (Another One Bites the Dust)

    Twitter: @deedledood


    @missmulrooney My kid calls the Lego manual the “constructions” instead of the “instructions”… and honestly, I think he’s right.

    Twitter: @canadasaurus


    @missmulrooney My youngest says long-sleeve shorts instead of pants

    Twitter: @BiblioRaccoon


    @missmulrooney My 3yo nephew didn’t know the word “icing”, so while decorating cookies, he asked me to pass him “the Christmas glue”. ❤️

    Twitter: @JulieD_ON


    @missmulrooney Ha my son didn’t know the word for ankles one time and referred to them as “leg wrists” when he was about 4 😂

    Twitter: @nurseange75


    @missmulrooney My daughter called my husband’s basketball jersey his “basketball dress.”

    Twitter: @HosteenKristen


    @missmulrooney Mine called ice cubes cold rocks and rivers were snake puddles 😀

    Twitter: @JoanRob22255664


    @missmulrooney One of my favorite memories is of my then-toddler calling an ambulance a "boo boo bus!"

    Twitter: @MarkMendola


    @missmulrooney Today, 5-year-old couldn’t find his piano book and asked for “the music menu.”

    Twitter: @RetkaGWD


    @missmulrooney My favorite example of this was when my daughter referred to 'question marks' as 'mysteries'.

    Twitter: @ElleRen31


    @missmulrooney My kid had a pop tart at daycare and it blew his mind. But didn’t know what it was called. He came home and asked for a donut cracker.

    Twitter: @modernmaryjane1


    @missmulrooney Today my boy referred to a carousel as a horse tornado.

    Twitter: @jasonmicahross


    @missmulrooney My son wanted a knife and asked for a kitchen sword

    Twitter: @JimbobTweetin


    @missmulrooney I used to refer to my godfather as "spoon-headed" because I couldn't remember the word bald.

    Twitter: @MVSBaltimore


    @missmulrooney My grandson asked for a “chee” which to him was one piece of cheese. 🤣🤣

    Twitter: @CandaceHeckard


    @missmulrooney My nanny kid was trying to remember something and said "hold on, I have to look for it in my brain"

    Twitter: @ineedmeabackrub

    H/T @missmulrooney

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