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    20 Scammers Who Honestly Could Have Put A Bit More Effort Into Their Cons


    It's the year of our Lord 2022, and the scam economy is ✨thriving.✨

    Most scammers are obviously predatory scum, but a few are so incompetent that we simply cannot help but laugh.

    So take a break from the chaotic world to sit back, relax, and laugh your ass off at these incompetent con artists.

    1. A serial killer *and* assassin? In this economy?!

    a person saying they thought they were worth more in response to a threat from a "hitman" saying they were paid $20,000 to terminate them

    2. It's your old friend, Deadman Hitman.

    an email threat from someone saying they were paid $150,000 to terminate the recipient

    3. "Ok, kill him."

    a person's story that their mom is now skeptical of scammers and told someone there was a ransom for her brother to go ahead and kill him

    4. Def fake, but the tedious-customer-service-job-keyboard-smash is a mood.

    a bunch of random letters and numbers

    5. "You have received $5 from"

    PayPal message that someone was sent $5 accidentally and needs to pay it back

    6. Have you ever heard about bitcoin?

    a person trying to scam someone and then asking, "Have you ever heard of bitcoin?"

    7. Quick, before it's too late! Tell me your bank account details..........................

    an email supposedly from the IMF asking for a bunch of person details

    8. Hi! 🚶‍♂️

    text saying someone has been selected for a job

    9. We interrupt this program for an essential massage.

    fake email with the word "massage" instead of "message"

    10. When someone tells you "I'm legit," believe them.

    a person trying to scam someone with a fake Zelle email

    11. Ah yes, everyone's favorite email domain ""

    fake PayPal email

    12. From: USPS™️

    email from a fake USPS account

    13. "I'm recruiter manager."

    a person sending a job listing and saying they're "recruiter manager"

    14. Oh, to be beautiful, gentle, and financially pretty good.

    an offer to marry someone's friend who is "beautiful, gentle, and financially pretty good"

    15. "Check #exposed" (no creeps!)

    scam message on Discord

    16. "Your Apple ID has been locked. We have locked your Apple ID."

    group message that an Apple ID was locked and it "will be automatically unlock"

    17. It's summer, and you know what that means — time to relax with some nice, cool LIPTON ICED TEA DRINK.

    text about Lipton "iced tea drink"

    18. At your earliest convenience, please purchase a car so that we may more effectively scam you in the future.

    a message to pay a toll bill sent to a person who doesn't even have a car

    19. Does anyone know where I can find my long lost gurlfren? I seem to have misplaced her.

    a picture of a girl and a message that she misses the person


    a fake email from the First Lady full of spelling errors

    H/T: r/Scams