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These 18 Hilarious Viral Tweets By Women Will Improve Your Entire Week

"Do you get jealous when your Lyft driver has a new ride added to their queue when you're still in their car, or are you normal?" —@meg_it_happen

The world is a chaotic place, and life's been tough for a lot of people recently. But if you survived the week without exploding, you're doing great (relatively speaking).

ABC / Via Twitter: @anylaurie16

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I'm walking with my chihuahua and a guy on the street said "yo, Taco Bell dog got a hot mom" and that's the only catcalling I will tolerate.

Twitter: @hellolanemoore


“what that mouth do?” complain

Twitter: @embreoo


Twitter: @HannahMichaelaM

Person 1: "saw biden in dc. anon pls"

Deuxmoi: "Likely place for him to be"


do you get jealous when your lyft driver has a new ride added to their queue when you're still in their car or are you normal?

Twitter: @meg_it_happen


My almost 3yo knows we are house hunting and he told me “we are going to buy a house with four rooms, one for me, one for Winnie, and then you and Dada can have your own room” He thinks we share a room bc we don’t have enough rooms.

Twitter: @clhubes


one time i was going to a show and they were doing bagchecks. the security guy saw my pills on my bag and said "what are these" i said yk uhh these are my estrogen pills he looked at me for a sec and went: ohh these are for, like, enhancing your femininity? like a bodybuilder?

Twitter: @Daramgaria


Twitter: @1followernodad

Person 1: "Girls, does anyone wanna do a soul cycle class lmao. And before you say no, keep in mind! It could be fun and exciting"

Person 2: "No"


women weren't even allowed to have a credit card in their own name until 1974 so it's actually super empowering of me to have three maxed out credit cards

Twitter: @_chase_____


my boyfriend (who doesn’t watch succession) said “only white people can have a show where none of the main characters are hot” and i need a minute

Twitter: @marinashutup


“can you explain the gaps in your resume?” yes that was when I worked really weird jobs that I don’t want you to know about

Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


Add a pair of Doc sandals that weigh 90lbs and a baby ringer tee and I am thirteen and looking stupid as hell https://t.co/lc7kzSsK5u

Twitter: @sarahdvojack


Learning to read was a mistake https://t.co/hsafrHuCDK

Twitter: @kylietcheung


I love going to parties, always nice to get out of your house and see that your peers are equally unmoisturized and unwell

Twitter: @emily_murnane


I was born in the wrong generation (would have thrived in an era where if you don’t get invited to a party you actually don’t hear about it later)

Twitter: @hannahjonescool


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Twitter usage is down so much that I posted a tweet with a typo and not one man corrected me

Twitter: @ginnyhogan_


The kids asked if we'd rather have butts for ears or ears for butts, so Matt and I gave it some serious thought and agreed we'd both choose butts for ears. Kids all looked at us like we're sickos and said "We would choose neither." Got played.

Twitter: @missmulrooney


My favorite Ed Sheeran song is the one where he’s like “personally, I’m a multimillionaire super star, but I really miss the shitty town I grew up in. Here’s a list of how shitty all my extremely poor friends are doing right now.”

Twitter: @clhubes