12 Embarrassing Songs People Wrote About A Crush That They're 100% Regretting Right About Now

    "My love for you is like a tree, growing every day / I wish that you would notice me, before we go away."

    Recently, we asked our BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most embarrassing song or poem they've written about a crush — and the response was incredible!

    These lyrics and stanzas are raw, emotional, and embarrassing AF — they're also super hilarious!

    1. "Your hair is as soft as eraser dust."

    A heart around the man from "Eraserhead"

    2. "I cannot help but stop and look at the undying devotion / Are you upset by how immortal it is?"

    Heart-shaped bread

    3. "If you just go by looks and you don't even try / Then you're gunna miss out on a lot of worthwhile guys"

    A man dressed in a suit next to a wood-paneled wall

    4. "I deleted the playlist yesterday / The one I made when I first started liking you / I used to lay on my floor / With that playlist singing me to sleep / It's not a very long playlist"

    A man tearing at his headphones

    5. "You've never asked yourself who I am / You've never asked yourself what I think / You've never asked yourself where I'm going / You've never asked yourself where I come from

    A woman looking shocked at her phone

    6. "My heart beats like a river! / It roars in my ear! / I don’t know if my lips will quiver / As I overcome my fear

    "Sorry :( "

    7. "The girl always fell for the wrong kinda guys / The prince had a history all full of lies / She couldn’t see he would only break her heart / Though everyone told her right from the sta-art"

    Screenshot from an animated film showing a man looking up

    8. "I think you were my Advil when my pain was on the rise / I think you were my camo when I needed a disguise / I think you were my cover when I told all of my lies / But I think that I need glasses 'cause I see you with different eyes"

    A man with binoculars in the bushes

    9. "I swear I don't overthink 'bout you all the time / I swear all these lyrics are just rhymes / I swear all of this ain't for one guy"

    A woman writing in her notebook

    10. "My love for you is like a tree, growing every day / I wish that you would notice me, before we go away

    A woman hugging a plant

    11. "So I've thought it all over and I've had a breakthrough thought / Maybe what this seems on the outside is really all it's not / The time we shared was valuable, we did so many things / For once in my life I felt free, I finally spread my wings"

    A window with a lantern on the sill

    12. "The capitol of the world is wherever I am / I can't begin to explain soulmates if you don't understand / Wherever you are, no matter the time / When you fall in love with me, you'll learn to love your life"

    Hands joined into a heart

    What embarrassing things have you written about a crush? Drop them in the comments below so we can share one big group cringe! 🫶👇