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    • alicel19

      We can’t thank you enough, David Tuller, for your excellent reporting on this horrid disease of ME/CFS. The most unfortunate thing is that — this life-altering, life-stealing disease is spreading globally—and this is going to be for generations to come—because of the ‘chronic’ disregard and abuse given by government health agencies. There are mannny mannnnny questions to be asked as to WHY ME/CFS has been ignored and disregarded for decades. WHAT are ‘they’ hiding … ‘back then’ AND ‘now’ ?? Those tactics actually ensured the spread of ME/CFS—the disease did NOT disappear. Why all this secrecy and ignoring the statements and advice of the ME/CFS Experts and Researchers as they are getting close to groundbreaking discoveries and biomarkers?? Hmmmmm … ME/CFS is fraught with politics, neglect and abuse to very sick people/citizens of the U.S. and globally. It is time this abuse stops and we get the answers and truths to ME/CFS—no more lies; no more cover-ups. We want our lives back with a cure!! Thank you to the wonderful dedicated doctors worldwide that are working so hard to help us get to the biological answers of ME/CFS and who are abundantly adhering to the code of medical ethics ‘Do No Harm.’

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