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16 Of The Most Dramatic #2012vs2018 Transformations

Talk about a glo up

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1. To all queer kids: it gets better

to all queer kids: it gets better. #2012vs2018

2. No more braces

#2012vs2018 ...i don’t even know what to say

3. Just look at that glo up

4. Out and proud

#2012vs2018 i wish tiny 2012 me could see me now. im out, im proud and im starting hormones in 3 months 🙏💗

5. Incredible scenes

#2012vs2018 A bunch of shots and one surgery later

6. My jaw dropped

#2012vs2018 let’s just celebrate THAT

7. Stunning transformation over here

#2012vs2018 I guess I look mildly different

8. Healthy and happy

#2012vs2018 - 2012 i was tube fed, in a back brace 24/7 with 0 movement in my legs. 2018, no longer wear a brace, rely on being tube fed AND with movement in my legs💪🏼

9. He did THAT

10. True colours

#2012vs2018 From introverted nerd -> introverted nerd but with pink hair

11. Embrace who you truly are

12. Those brows though

#2012vs2018 I could swear there’s worse pictures of me from 2012 but I’ve deleted everything off of Facebook in efforts to forget about those times

13. Definitely a glo up

I’d say a glow up maybe? #2012vs2018

14. Incredibly slick

if we’re gonna start talking glow ups, then please, allow me #2012vs2018

15. That sultry stare

16. Make up game SO strong

#2012vs2018 6 years can really teach a person some things. Like how to smile with genuine happiness behind it. ❤️✨

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