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How Photo Row Works

Instructions on how to use the new Photo Row feature. Commit them to memory!

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What is Photo Row?

Photo Row is a new type of image subBuzz that lets you put two or three images or gifs side by side in a post. Here are some examples.

2. Select the appropriate row height and layout

When you add the images, the Photo Row will default to the options that it thinks best suits your images. If you'd like to change the row height or layout, open the dropdown and select something different.

4. Reposition images

If the image is larger than the cell, you can reposition it by dragging. Side note: If anyone knows how to make my gif not have that weird blown-out pink/yellow bright spot on the cat photo, please let me know. I'm bad at Gif Brewery.

5. Replace images

To replace an image, either delete it and upload a different one, or drag an image from your desktop over the image you want to get rid of. The replace icon will appear to indicate that the image you're dragging will replace the existing image when you let go of the mouse.

6. Swap image order.

If you want to swap the position of images in the photo row, click and hold until the image you want to move shrinks down to a thumbnail size. When you drag the small thumbnail over a different cell of the Photo Row, the "switch" icon will appear on the target position. Let go and the photos will swap places.

The future of Photo Row

- We're changing how credits looks so they look like credits on the rest of the site.

- We're adding a way to add photos from Wire Search.

- We're thinking about a more seamless way to transition from a single image into a Photo Row.