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    • aliced7

      I fedafamily of six for seven years on $300 month plus occasional runs to the food bank. It can be done but it takes planning. Making menus and lists and sticking to them. Checking out sale flyers before shopping. Staying away from convenience foods. Using portion control. Except for fresh items like produce and dairy, shop foramonth atatime. And be flexible. You never know what in-house sales there may be. SNAP recipients should have to go throughayearly class that teaches the above skills. And beingalittle grateful for anything you get free, from taxpayers, would make your food taste better too.Istood behindawoman using WIC coupons at the store one day. She was in an argument with the clerk aboutaparticular brand of cereal she had gotten. The clerk was trying to explain to her that there wasagreater savings for the program by using the brand they would pay for. The woman’s response? “Why doIcare about saving them money? It’s not my money.”

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