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    14 Things Taylor Swift Is Doing Right Now

    "Not a lot going on at the moment."

    1. Having a picnic with herself

    2. Wrestling a hipster

    3. Drinking songwriting juice (Diet Coke)

    4. Getting a perm

    For real, this hair was Designing Women-worthy.

    5. Being ethereal

    6. Kissing on Demi Lovato

    Are they at Coachella? Why the flowers in her hair? Why so sweaty?

    7. Writing a song in a prom dress

    8. Becoming an emo kitty

    feeling a little sensitive right meow

    9. Hanging out in a meadow

    10. Embarrassing herself

    11. Rocking this hat

    12. Channeling Marianne Faithful

    13. Enjoying gym class

    14. Not a lot. At the moment.

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