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    10 Early ’00s MTV Shows You Had Forgotten About

    You think you know. But you have no idea.

    1. Becoming

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    There was NOTHING BETTER than this show in which MTV rounded up "super fans" who also vaguely looked like celebrities to recreate music videos for no reason.

    2. Say What? Karaoke

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    Contestants on this show took karaoke both more and less seriously than what would seem appropriate. Celebrity judges gave them scores based on "accuracy," "style," and "performance," or, more simply, how foolish they made themselves look. Say What? Karaoke had nothing whatsoever to do with singing. Anyway, this was a ridiculous show.

    3. 2ge+her

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    Made for TV movie chronicling the rise of fictional boy band 2ge+her. It featured the musical masterpiece "U + Me = Us (Calculus)" and was pretty much an important moment in TV history.

    4. Rich Girls

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    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT reality show about Ally Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy) and her best friend Jaime Gleicher and their dippy but well-meaning teen socialite existence on the Upper East Side. Highlights: when Ally said, "My dad invented cargo pants"; when they tried to start a charity that donated old mattresses to Africans who are "so malnutritioned."

    5. Dismissed

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    Two early '00s girls wearing low-rise jeans and platform flip flops would go on a date with one puka shell-wearing early '00s guy (or vice versa) and fight dirty for his affection. No there was nothing else to this show.

    6. The Assistant

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    The Assistant was a reality TV spoof in which Andy Dick tortured twelve contestants who were competing to become his assistant. THIS SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE.

    7. Sorority Life

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    The amazing part of this show was that the MTV producers forced upperclassmen who had no female friends or interest in Greek life to rush a sorority and GUESS WHAT they didn't really fit in with the existing sisters!

    8. I Want A Famous Face

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    On I Want A Famous Face crazy people got tons of plastic surgery in order to resemble celebrities. One of them was an Elvis impersonator whose goal was to be "seductively nude" on the cover of Playgirl. This show was TERRIFYING.

    9. Carmen and Dave: An MTV Love Story

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    This was a reality show about Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro being Hot Topic goths who were super #dark and also in love.

    10. Mandy

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    Tragically the only video documentation of Mandy Moore's daytime talk show is this grainy video of 3LW's performance on the show. But Mandy EXISTED and it was AMAZING. Moore would wander around making small talk with her audience, generally a bunch of stragglers from around the MTV Beach House. She would conduct brief, awkward interviews with celebrities. She would have musical guests who always seemed vaguely put out about having to perform on a makeshift stage for random beach bums but what, were they going to complain??

    Also kudos to the only youtube commenter on above video:

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