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15 Words That Have A Different Meaning When You Get Fit

But do YOU lift?

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1. Crunch

Used to mean: The lovely sound a biscuit makes as it gives way between your teeth.

Now means: The reason that coughing, laughing and indeed all movement is agony the day after an abs session.

2. Ripped

Used to mean: An unfortunate occurrence for pairs of tights.

Now means: The perfect state, from the curve atop those biceps to selfie-sational abs. One day you too will be as ripped as the hotties on your Pinterest #fitspo board.

3. Gym Kit

Used to mean: A baggy old ‘Team Building Exercise ‘99’ t-shirt and leggings you soon discover are see-through on the bum.

Now means: A virus taking over your wardrobe and draining your bank account. Those designer leggings are wicking, sculpting and apparently now acceptable to wear to bars so the cost per wear is really pretty reasonable right?

4. Avocado


Used to mean: Expensive, slightly weird fruit.

Now means: The love of your life. The soul of a creamy smoothie and the heart of a healthy chocolate mousse. Your breakfast bae.

5. Rest


Used to mean: A nice sit down, preferably with a cup of tea.

Now means: Precisely 60 seconds between sets. Just enough time to choose the perfect next song and a selfie or two. Well, with #gains like this...

6. Shake


Used to mean: What Taylor Swift does when the haters hate.

Now means: A drink stacked with protein and thus mightier than any which came before it. And you learned the hard way to wash the protein shaker cup on the side IMMEDIATELY to stop it stinking worse than a zombie horde.

7. Laundry

Used to mean: One of the easier chores you did maybe once a week.

Now means: An epic battle akin to the painting of the Forth Bridge. Where does it all come from, and why does it never end?

8. Core


Used to mean: Molten ball at the centre of our planet.

Now means: Molten pain at the centre of your workout.

9. GI


Used to mean: Shaved head. Dog tags. Something about nylons and chocolate.

Now means: Forget calories, this is the number you wanna know before you tuck in. More 'higher or lower' tension than an episode of Play Your Cards Right With Bruce Forsyth.

10. Tupperware


Used to mean: Something your mum bought at parties in the 90s.

Now means: Something you have on your person at all times, filled with chicken or nuts.

11. Lift


Used to mean: Use physical force to pick something up.

Now means: Source of precious endorphins, hard-earned definition and the litmus test for all new friends, acquaintances and partners: "Do you lift?"

12. Stretch


Used to mean: What you do as you yawn, before dragging yourself out of bed.

Now means: The expensive yoga habit or cool-down routine that stops you moving like the Tin Man the day after a workout.

13. Dates


Used to mean: A romantic evening with the object of your affection. Wine! Candlelight! A shared strand of spaghetti!

Now means: Wrinkly fruit you purchase by the kilo to make treats like Vegan Raw Coconut and Cacao Bites

14. Sports Bra


Used to mean: Probably at the back of your wardrobe. Probably about as supportive as two Tesco bags tied together with string.

Now means: THE SOURCE OF ALL YOUR POWERS. With a well-fitting bra, you're Supergirl and Wonder Woman (erm how did she kick that much arse in a strapless bra) all rolled into one.

15. Endorphins


Used to mean: Some kind of chemical? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now means: Where that goofy sweaty smile comes from. The happy hormone, the "runner's high", the free joy on tap that keeps you looking forward to your next workout.