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    19 Fitness Tips For Lazy Girls From A Personal Trainer

    By a reformed lazy girl.

    As a personal trainer and website editor of Women's Health UK, I know a thing or two about how to get fit. Yes, even if you're super lazy. Here are my best pointers:

    1. Workouts can be easy or short, but not both at once.

    2. You don't have to break a sweat.

    3. The best workouts kill two birds with one stone.

    A challenging yoga style (such as Vinyasa flow) will make you stronger as well as saner. Those chaturangas the teacher keeps dropping in? They're tricep press-ups in disguise. Sneaky.

    4. Make exercise part of your social life, and you won't even notice you're working out.

    5. Always have a goal. Preferably one that scares you a bit.

    6. Commutercise.

    7. Make a regular appointment with the gym. RSVP compulsory.

    8. Give yourself a gold star.

    9. Walk, walk, walk.

    10. Pay someone to kick your arse.

    11. Don't get up. No, really.

    12. You can work out while watching TV.

    It's time to swap drinking games for workout games — and there's one for pretty much any show you can think of, from Made in Chelsea to X Factor (which at its current running time of over two hours is basically running a marathon).

    13. Make the most of spare moments.

    14. Get up get up and get down.

    Know this one thing about me: I will not stop talking about Peripheral Heart Action (PHA). Swapping between upper and lower body exercise supercharges your workout. It gives you a stronger, longer metabolism boost and forces your heart to work harder, which adds a cardio element to weights workouts. And you don't need to spend a second longer in the gym!

    Here's an example: Do an upper-body weights set, then an interval run on the treadmill.

    15. Eat right, spend less time working out.

    16. Lay out your gym kit before going to bed.

    17. Work out at lunchtime.

    18. Use a fitness tracker.

    19. And have a good night's rest.