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    8 Lebanese Innovations From DES Madrid 2016

    May saw the debut of the Digital Enterprise Show, an event dedicated to showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology, focusing on practical business applications. Some of those came from what might be considered unlikely places. Lebanon, for example, is an emerging start-up powerhouse in the Middle East. The UK Lebanon Tech Hub , which fosters some of the most promising Lebanese companies in a six-month accelerator programme based in London’s Tech City, and they have recently taken some of their rising stars to unveil their products in Madrid. Here’s the scoop:

    1. Smarke

    Smarke turns your phone into a key. The smart device is linked to the iOS or Android app, allowing the user to open and close doors, grant and withdraw access to others and monitor who’s coming in and out of their property in real time. With most phones now enabling payments, this means that you can just grab your phone on the way out of the door instead of ever worrying about forgetting your wallet and keys. It also means you could grant emergency access to a neighbour in an emergency or let the delivery man in to leave a package inside the door. Ultimate convenience with enhanced security. Yes please!

    2. Slidr

    This is a new way to shop that combines the fun of bargain hunting with the convenience of online retail. The Slidr marketplace is a treasure trove of high-end products which are offered at guaranteed reduced prices due to an unique crowd-discounting model. You pay a small amount (£1) to reveal the price, and have 10 seconds to decide whether they take that bargain or hold off for an even better one. It’s an addictive but rather safe gamble, since whatever you do you’re guaranteed a good deal compared to RRP.

    3. Referd

    If you ever felt that you were missing out on potential business opportunities, you’re not alone. Most of us have professional networks in places like LinkedIn but don’t quite know how to go about making the most of them. Often they’re too broad and people are hesitant to make introductions because they don’t know you very well. Referd is an elegant solution that plugs into your existing network and helps you organize and prioritize your connections based on trust metrics. Combining the power of personal referrals with the broad reach of social media means supercharging your network.

    4. EasyCat

    We’ve all been there: Walking around trade shows accumulating a ton of catalogues and brochures which will just end up in the recycling, their useful information locked in an out-dated analogue model. Surely it’s time there was an app for that? Good news for tired arms and the forests of the world comes with EasyCat, which offers intuitive interface for users to create or upload their catalogues in just a few clicks, then and easily share them with specific people, as well as using the platform to reach a much broader audience.

    5. Skoolee

    A free mobile app for 13-18 year olds that lets students build an academic profile they can share with teachers, colleagues and university recruiters as well as track their progress and compare it with that of their friends or other students around the world. Schools can use the platform to communicate more effectively with students, parents and teachers; companies and organisations can promote opportunities for training and internships; teachers can better support students and address their individual needs, and because pupils can share information directly with universities, this will allow Admissions Officers to make much more informed decisions about which candidates they select.

    6. SilexPro

    We all have multiple smart devices these days, and companies invest a lot of their resources in presentation and teleconferencing facilities, yet we’ve all been in frustrating situations where you’re waiting to start a meeting while someone struggles to connect their laptop to a projector, or a remote participant can’t dial in. When the meeting does get started, everyone typically has to divide their attention between the presentation and their colleagues, try to keep up and engage while making their own notes, and then figure out how to best synchronize all that input into actions. Silex connects those dots, and with its solution any content can be shared from any device, and sessions can be recorded keeping the video, the audio, the shared content and the annotations.

    7. Infosysta

    INFOSYSTA is a fast-growing Software Development and Consultancy Firm with offices in Beirut, London, Dubai, Paris, Riyadh and Cairo. Their mission is to provide companies with advanced development and consultancy expertise across a range of fields. One of their most popular products is App4Legal, a Legal Practice Management Software designed by lawyers for lawyers. As well as abiding by international best practice, it enables greater collaboration flexibility, which has seen it adopted by major organisations around the world such as banks, large law firms and telecommunications companies.

    8. BIM POS

    Running a business is extremely demanding and time consuming, but BIM POS, the one-stop portal for the food and hospitality industry, is here to help streamline the process. It takes less than an hour to get a multi-chain restaurant setup on the system, and for the entire team, from front-line staff to managers, to start taking advantage of their customized planning, marketing and operational tools. Restaurants, takeaways, nightclubs, pubs and a whole host of businesses of all sizes can benefit from flexible features like recipe design, menu engineering, integrated reservations management systems and smart inventory and purchase management.

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