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  • Eminence: The Skin Care Products You Probably Don’t Know But Really Should

    I’ve always been interested in skincare products, specifically sun protection as I like to maintain a porcelain complexion as well as defend against aging. I’ve tried almost every skincare product out there, from drug store brands to overly expensive brands like La Mer. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to meet Dita Von Teese that I discovered what I’ve come to consider my skin care miracle: Eminence Organic Skin Care.

  • Pups Rescued In Afghanistan To Be Reunited With American Saviors

    US special elite forces came across a horrifying sight in Afghanistan – a group of Afghan men had shot a dog who had just given birth, and were starting to shoot her barely week old puppies one by one. Appalled, the US forces immediately intervened and rescued the two surviving pups who they later named Rommel and Blitz. They took the pups to their base camp and raised them as canine comrades.

  • Ruh-Oh! Dog Coughs Up Wedding Ring Lost FIVE Years Ago!

    Yep, you read that correctly – Five. Years. Tucker the 10-year-old pooch was on a mischievous streak and sneakily stole a popsicle from his owner’s granddaughter. He paid for it later when he started vomiting, but to everyone’s amazement, his human’s wedding ring that had been missing for the past five years was found in the mess! The vet believes the ring was stuck in Tucker’s tummy all this time and the popsicle stick helped somehow dislodge it.

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