What It’s Like To Move Into Your First Apartment

Whether you move out of the dorms or out of your parents house, getting your first apartment can be tough.

1. It’s time to move out and find your first apartment!

2. Time to gather up some friends and find a place to live!

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3. After what feels like years of searching…

4. …You finally find the place!

5. Signing the lease sounds like fun….but then an hour passes by and you’re still signing papers

Disney / Via uoldays.tumblr.com

“Okay, just sign 20 more times and you can get your keys!”

6. Suddenly you realize how much freedom you have!

7. RAs can’t break up your parties anymore!

Marvel Studios / Via assbutts-of-assgard.tumblr.com

But the cops can…

Sony Pictures / Via stonelykos.tumblr.com

8. The first few nights with your roommates will be like a never-ending sleepover

9. And your first night alone, without your roommates will be terrifying

10. You have to start from scratch with EVERYTHING

I already know I need to get things like furniture and dishes but no one said anything about condiments, spices, or medicine!

11. That means it’s time to go grocery shopping

Whoa! Who knew groceries could cost so much!

12. Note to Self: Only buy sale items

OVO Sound / Via wifflegif.com

13. And when you finally fill the fridge, trying to find your food will become a scavenger hunt

“There’s three containers of yogurt in here, which one is mine?”

14. Cooking your own food will feel amazing!

Disney Pixar / Via alessia1995.tumblr.com

No more dorm food!
You decide what to eat and when to eat it!

…Until you get lazy

15. And you actually have to clean now

I’m still waiting for the apartment cleaning staff to come….

16. Dirty dishes will cause more roommate disputes than anything EVER

17. Just as you start getting used to things and thinking apartment life is easy…

20th Century Fox / Via pandawhale.com


Columbia Records / Via lemmeupgradeu.tumblr.com


Nickelodeon / Via imgur.com

19. WATER B—- wait didn’t we just pay that one last week?

20. “OHMYGOODNESS! The oven is broken! What do we do?!”

No you can’t fix it. Call the repairman

21. You start to wonder if moving out was a bad idea

Hub Network / Via bronysquare.com

22. But then you realize that this is YOUR space!

Well, you and your roommate’s

23. And you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world

MGM / Via weheartit.com

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