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    • alialasandras

      @christina — Guess what its not YOUR choice to agree or to dis-agree. We who are trans do not CHOOSE who we are from birth. No one would subject themselves to the thingsatrans person goes thru weather M>F or F>M. comparingagender change to that of your skin’s pigment, really this is what you come up asacomparison. When you get to the point in your life where it is suicide or repair ofabirth defect then come back and share. This has zero to do with other people as you imply, it has everything to do with how we see ourselves,Ifor one don’t givearat’s butt what others think of my transition.Ihave to live inside of myself, I’m the one every night considering the knife over life. For one who seems to be inaposition of somewhat importance, it is with disdain for youIfeel you should resign your post, you do the post and those who you representahuge dis-service.

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