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Lost City Of Atlantis Writing Contest

Here is a view of the first and last book of Atlantis. It was written by Apollo and was called his Apollo's Maxims. Later they were to be known as the Delphic Maxims when he presented them to the Oracle of Delphi. with that said... Here is your chance to finally express what Atlantis means to you over the ages. The winner selected by me will get an 8x10 print of this mailed to them. In order to participate the comment must be placed where i have *Imagining Atlantis* in competition for a grant to publish and exhibit this work. This work is not about jumping on any bandwagon but is something that started with discovering my first Cemetery statuary at the tender age of 4. Fifty years later after travelling around the world three times and almost dying three times, I find that indeed I am most inspired by the ancient Statuary of the world and how this art form lasts forever in our memories, shaping our lives in small degrees and furthering our understanding of ourselves through their immortality as sculptures. In ancient Greek Mythology people also came from from the rock and were created from the rock after the great deluge by children of the gods. But thats just me and with that said, if you read this and feel the same way, you can finally do something towards these ideas and express them with clarity of thought to enhance this world for others as it has inspired you. Now this contest is only for folks at Buzzfeed, so put BF at the end of your post. The link to view the images for this show is here:

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Lost City of Atlantis writing contest.

Win an 8x10 image mailed to you of this image.

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