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    26 Signs Spain Can't Explain To The Rest Of The World

    If you don't speak Spanish, you just won't understand.

    1. This poster which plays fast and loose with the laws of space and time.

    2. This innovative spin on the protest banner.

    3. This sign, which must be how people got dates before Tinder existed.

    4. This sign, which proves McDonald's just gets you.

    5. This craft project which you won't find on Pinterest.

    6. This section of road, presumably designed for those who don't know how brakes work.

    7. This enticing special offer.

    8. This shop sign, which proves that irony is dead.

    9. This important clarification.

    10. This sign that represents us all.

    11. This glitch in the matrix.

    12. This door, which clearly has magical properties.

    13. This sign in a clothes shop that has no fucks left to give.

    14. This dental clinic, which looks more like a fertility clinic.

    15. These road markings.

    16. This attractive offer for teetotalers.

    17. This reminder in a post office, which suggests its customers have not yet joined the 21st century.

    18. This sign, obviously, because Spain.

    19. This refreshing display of honesty from a market trader.

    20. This street food stall that combines two awesome things in one sign.

    21. This important reminder for Spiderman.

    22. This geographically confusing guidebook.

    23. This pun, which is so bad it's good.

    24. This note, written by someone who despite bitter experience refuses to give up hope.

    25. These "gardens".

    26. And finally, these delicious "Ferrero Rocher".