21 Reasons Spanish Is The World's Weirdest Language

    "Oh, you're studying Spanish? Good luck."

    1. Spanish is a language in which attention to detail is incredibly important.

    2. It allows you to refer to any point in time with the utmost precision.

    3. But it's also a language in which a single word can be used to mean a million different things.

    4. Screw what the rest of the languages do. Spanish does whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

    5. But despite its quirks, Spanish is also an extremely useful language. It doesn't matter what you want to say, there's a word for almost anything.

    6. And Spanish insults can be quite... creative.

    7. Spanish is a language in which you can form logical sentences using the same word five times.

    8. But sometimes, somewhat difficult problems arise, too.

    9. And Spanish has some pretty questionable names for things.

    10. And some of its words have hidden meanings that you may never discover.

    11. Sometimes, it makes life a whole lot easier.

    12. But other times, it can be unnecessarily extra.

    13. Spanish is enough to make Google Translate's head explode.

    14. And anyone who has traveled in Spanish-speaking countries before will tell you that as soon as you go from one Spanish-speaking country to another, you won't understand half of what they say. It's twenty different languages in one!

    15. Words in Spanish tend to sound a little bit different.

    16. "Estar" and "ser" are two wonderful verbs that Spanish invented just to fuck with foreigners.

    17. The "eñe" is incredibly important and must always be respected.

    18. Otherwise, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

    19. Correct use of commas saves lives.

    20. And the rolled 'r' is just another test to ensure that only a chosen few can speak Spanish.

    21. Oh, and just in case you don't already know, no, it won't be easy to learn.

    This post was translated from Spanish.