25 Questions About "Jurassic Park" That We Just Have To Address

Wasn't a goat too small a meal for a Tyrannosaurus rex?

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2. And why didn't it eat the leg?

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Keeping in mind the amount of food it appears to be subsisting on, do you really believe it can afford to throw any of it away?

3. Why were there so few employees in that park?

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Yes, of course, many of them have left for the weekend, but still, given the number of things that need to be done, shouldn't more people be around?

5. So people could go to the park and see NOTHING if the dinosaurs didn't bother to come to the fence?

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A trip to Costa Rica, accommodations, and park tickets don't seem to be all that cheap.

8. How could Alan Grant carry a six-inch raptor claw in his pocket for a whole day and still have a leg?

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And why is he like "Hmm, I wonder what that could be poking me in my pocket" when he's in the tree, as if it were his keys and not A HUGE CLAW?

9. Was it necessary for John Hammond to be in every single presentation at the park?

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He's the owner of everything! He's an old man! He invented the dinosaur park! Let him get some rest!

12. And how does the T. rex get into the visitor center for the final scene? Does it duck to fit its head through the door frame?

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"Goodness, not only have dinosaurs learned to open doors, they've also learned how to duck to fit through the doors!"

19. Where the hell is the other half of this helicopter's seat belt?

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Was this the first time it was used? Nobody checked after it was made or before takeoff to make sure that the seat belts had two different parts? And, most importantly, why is everyone laughing at Alan, as if saying, "Look at Alan, being Alan as usual," when it is in no way his fault that the helicopter is defective?

20. What are glasses of water doing on the dashboard of a car?

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Ladies and gentlemen of Jurassic Park, let me give you a new concept to consider: BOTTLED WATER.

22. And why did they carry flares? Weren't they a bit too well prepared for the worst case scenario?

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"The park is completely safe. Here, take these flares, these bullet-proof vests, these AK-47s, and this grenade launcher, just in case you need them at some point."

23. Why did the idea that the dinosaurs could change their sex occur to Alan Grant and not to the scientists who created them?