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    12 Valentine's Day Reads If "It's Complicated"

    Let's face it, there's nothing straightforward about being in love, in like, or otherwise. This Valentine's Day, put your drama on the back burner and enjoy these literary entanglements.

    Anna Karenina & Count Vronsky from ANNA KARENINA

    Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester from JANE EYRE

    Macon & Sarah from THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST

    Newland & Countess Ellen from THE AGE OF INNOCENCE


    Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

    Anastasia Steele & Christian Grey from FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

    Heathcliff & Catherine from WUTHERING HEIGHTS

    Nick & Amy Dunne from GONE GIRL

    Bridget & Mark & Daniel from BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY

    Romeo & Juliet from ROMEO AND JULIET

    Lolita & Humbert from LOLITA